Big Flat Cemetery

Big Flat Cemetery was located 5 miles west of Hereford on former Highway 7
then 3-1/4 miles north from the highway, between Unity & Hereford. Located
at junction of the north fork of the Burnt River and China Creek, site of
Audrey, a former post office.
Dr. Ulysses Grant Strieby homesteaded the land and donated approximately two acres for the cemetery. He also gave land about 400 feet south of the cemetery for a school, known as Big Flat School District No. 37.
The cemetery is in open sagebrush country. It is fenced with unpainted boards, is not maintained but does not need much care. There are 3 adults and 4 children buried here with 5 named. Photograph of the cemetery is wanted. Oregon Gravestone Photo Project FO = Funeral Home Records
DC = Death Certificates
FA = Family Records, contributed by families
FDB = now in Baker, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Union and Wallowa Counties Database
OB = Obituaries MC = Memorial Cards
AXEL, John               .. ... ....     .. ... ....
                         spent decling years at the Koontz Ranch
                         in Hereford, near 80.
BARNETT, Lemuel          .. ... ....     .. ... ....
                         old miner, about 85, spent last years at Kings
                         Ranch at Audrey.
FLEETWOOD, Asa           12 Apr 1854     28 Jun 1907
                         uncle of Orville FLEETWOOD of Baker
FLEETWOOD, Marshall      .. ... 1906     .. ... 1906
                         brother of Orville FLEETWOOD, lived few hours
FLEETWOOD, Victor Layton 20 May 1917     10 Sep 1918
                         brother of Orville FLEETWOOD
HANBY, Donald Vivian     .. ... ....     .. ... ....
                         son of Mr and Mrs. Hershel HANBY of La Grande, Oregon
MASON, Baby              .. ... ....     about 1905
                         child of Carl and May MASON, parents later moved
                         to Richland, OR
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