Fleetwood Family Cemetery

A small closed family cemetery cared by the Fleetwood family about three
miles west of Hereford on old State Highway 7 where only Fleetwoods and their relatives are buried. It is about 7 miles southeast of the Big Flat Cemetery and is easily found as it is right on the highway. It is located on the homestead of Asa Fleetwood.
Abandoned cemetery. Photographs of cemetery and all markers wanted.
FO = Funeral Home Records
DC = Death Certificates
FA - Family Records
FDB = now in Baker, Grant, Harney, Malheur & Union Counties Families Database
OB = Obituary MC = Memorial Cards FLEETWOOD, Asa 10 May 1838 28 Oct 1903 (FDB) FLEETWOOD, Elizabeth 16 Feb 1840 20 Mar 1899 (FDB) wife of Asa FLEETWOOD, Robert 27 Sep 1890 16 Dec 1893 (FDB) 3 yrs 3 mo 19 days son of Asa & Elizabeth KOONTZ, Frank 15 Jan 1878 14 Jan 1891 (FDB) son of O. C. & Ellen grandson of Asa KOONTZ, Mary Lovina 16 Mar 1881 27 Apr 1903 (FDB) dau of O. C. & Ellen granddaughter of Asa

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