CEMETERY: Love Family Cemetery: Love Bridge, Baker co., Oregon submitted by W. David Samuelsen ************************************************************************ USGENWEB ARCHIVES(tm) NOTICE: All documents placed in the USGenWeb Archives remain the property of the contributors, who retain publication rights in accordance with US Copyright Laws and Regulations. In keeping with our policy of providing free information on the Internet, these documents may be used by anyone for their personal research. They may be used by non-commercial entities so long as all notices and submitter information is included. These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit. Any other use, including copying files to other sites, requires permission from the contributors PRIOR to uploading to the other sites. The submitter has given permission to the USGenWeb Archives to store the file permanently for free access. http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/or/orfiles.htm *********************************************************************** The cemetery Love family burial plot is located 3/4 mile north of the Love Bridge on State Hwy 86, approximately 18 1/2 miles northeast of Baker, between Goose Creek and the Powder River. It is on a farm owned by A. F. Hutton and sons. The farm was previously owned by Avon S. Love who donated a parcel of land for the cemetery in the early days when Baker County was sparsely settled, distances were great and travel difficult. Also a diphtheria epidemic made a cemetery a necessity. This is a family plot. It is fenced and maintained by the family. All are surnamed LOVE. LOVE, Clyde C. 01 Apr 1871 10 Sep 1873 son of David S. & Helen (STEWART) LOVE, David S. 17 May 1828 09 Nov 1895 LOVE, David S. 15 Jul 1895 17 Jul 1895 son of Walter S. & Rosa (BENNETT) LOVE, Grace 04 Feb 1869 30 Sep 1885 dau of David S. & Helen (STEWART) LOVE, Helen 30 Sep 1863 23 Jun 1865 dau of David S. & Helen (STEWART) LOVE, Helen Marion (STEWART) 22 Jun 1835 10 Aug 1873 wife of David S. LOVE, James Ellis 22 Oct 1922 22 Oct 1922 son of C. E. & Ethel (DAVENPORT) LOVE, Lourene 08 Jul 1897 08 Jul 1897 dau of Walter S. & Rosa (BENNETT) LOVE, Marion 18 Jun 1873 11 Nov 1878 child of David S. & Helen (STEWART) LOVE, Mary Belle (ROY) 17 Sep 1870 20 Apr 1950 wife of Norval Cameron LOVE, Norval Cameron 24 Oct 1859 26 Oct 1929 LOVE, Rosa Dora (BENNETT) 12 Feb 1862 08 Dec 1945 wife of Walter S. LOVE, Walter S. 15 Jan 1858 04 Jan 1916 son of David S. & Helen (STEWART)