Mc Ewen Cemetery

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A small cemetery is located at McEwen, about 1/8 mile north of State Hwy 220 (now Hwy 7) east of Sumpter. It is approximately 60 feet by 150 feet and contained about 15 graves. This cemetery was established in about 1895 when they were first logging the area and the railroad (SVRR) was going through.

Most of the graves were marked with wooden headboards on which the writing is now gone. There have probably been no burials here for the past fifty years. There are only 6 graves that are identifiable, two with stone markers and one with a wooden marker. Two graves have individual fences of wood which are still standing. (quoted 1967). There is no maintenance, the main fence is down. Inquiry revealed no records have been maintained of the burials here. The cemetery is in a nice secluded spot in the pines.

Photographs taken in 2000, courtesy of Peggie Longwell

6 graves have identity are as followed:

BARKER, Suzanna                  .. ... 1851     .. ... 1890
COX, Lloyd E.                    .. ... 1900     .. ... 1900
FALLIS, Christena Ellen (Sutton) 23 Mar 1826     06 Jan 1902
                                 wife of Lewis
FREEMAN, John Riley #2           12 Mar 1938     29 Oct 1993
HOLM, John W.                    05 Sep 1890     11 Sep 1897
                                 son of A. & E. HOLM
SELLERS, Frank                   .. ... ....     .. ... 1904

Unknown #1
Unknown #2 (cross)

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