Rosenberg Hill Cemetery

On the property of Mr Norvall Greener is the oldest burial ground in Pine Valley. The land was originally homesteaded by a Mr. Rosenberg in 1880, however, the cemetery was already in existence at that time. Rosenberg Hill is south of the Clarence Buchanan ranch near the lower end of Pine Valley and the graves on the hill overlook this beautiful valley.

The cemetery is on a high dry plain. The land is now used for grazing cattle and the physical evidence of the graves has been lost, however, in 1953 the late Mr. W. W. Lloyd, well-known historian of the region, erected a marker on the knoll where the graves are supposed to have been. The marker is located 4 miles east of Halfway on the Dry Creek Road, right hand side going east. The spot is plainly marked with a heavy steel plate which is well bolted to a railroad iron post set in two feet of concrete which should last for all time.

Contact W. David Samuelsen for specific information. (If you are related to any of the listed surnames, please supply your contact information to make the link.)

The first deaths in Pine Valley are those buried here.

CUMMINGS, Mr.               .. ... ....     .. ... 1878
CUMMINGS, Susie             .. ... ....     .. ... 1877
GLOVER, George              .. ... ....     .. ... 1878
PERKINS, J.                 .. ... ....     .. ... 1876
                            killed by Bill ALEXANDER
PERKINS, Rilla Jane         .. ... ....     .. ... 1877
SIMPSON, Ed                 .. ... ....     .. ... 1877
                            killed while resisting arrest
SMITH, boy                  .. ... 1857     .. Sep 1876
                            first grave in cemetery, from Elgin

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