Trimble Family Cemetery

There is a small burial plot located on the John Trimble place a short distance from Hereford. It is on a hill just above the Trimble house and a short distance north of the Unity Hwy (Hwy 245, formerly Hwy 7).

This small cemetery is on a high sagebrush bench and is not visible from the highway. The land was donated by John Trimble, a pioneer rancher of the Hereford country.

Graves are cared for only by the Trimble family. They bear wooden markers which are no longer discernable, the first grave being dated 1 March 1919. Pioneer residents of the area tell of the following burials here:

Burlinggame, Jane (sister of John Trimble, known as "Aunt Jane")
Tibbles, baby (newborn child of a farm hand)
Trimble, John (rancher of the Hereford area.)

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