Baker County Funeral Home Records

BUCHANAN, Raymond Dean Born Jan 11th, 1894, Oregon Died May 8th, 1919, Halfway, Oregon Age 25 years 3 months 27 days Fathers name, F. A. BUCHANAN, California Mothers name, Lavilla PECK, Kansas farmer, single
BUCHANAN, Raymond D. Born Jan 11th, 1894, Union County, Oregon Died May 8th, 1919, Halfway, Oregon Age 25 years 3 months 28 days Fathers name, Tom BUCHANAN, California Mother sname, Lavilla PECK, Kansas farmer, Single note: see other entry, which one is correct?
BUCHANAN, Theresa Lavilla Born Jan 26th, 1922, Baker, oregon Died March 15th, 1922, Halfway, Oregon Age 48 days Fathers name, Joseph William BUCHANAN, Pine, Oregon Mothers name, Helen STEWART, Missoula, Montana
BUNCH, Samuel Hamilton Born 17 November 1876 in the Muddy Creek community. Died 20 September 1932 at Baker, Oregon. He was married here February 22, 1897 to Florence MORIN. The widow and nine children survive. They are: Mrs. Elmer FERNEY, Durkee; Mrs. Minnie gardner of Huntington, Mrs. Emily KING of Huntington, Miss Lena BUNCH of Portland, mrs. Norma BUNCH of Halfway, Lawrence of Lime, Clifford of Halfway, Eame of Halfway, Willard of Huntington; a brother Rufus BUNCH of Keating; a sister, Mrs. Lena Williams of Baker and 15 grandchildren. He was a farmer of near Halfway and a lifelong resident of Baker County. Interment will be in Mt. Hope Cemetery at Baker, Oregon. Baker Funeral Home
BURGER, Sarah Ellen Born March 6th, 1858, Missouri Died June 1st, 1928, halfway, Oregon Age 70 years 2 months 25 days Fathers name, James LEWIS, Ohio Mothers name, Sarah Ellen BARCLAY, Illinois married
BURNS, Edward Arthur age 70 years 15 days Born 27 Oct. 1874, Kenosha, Wis. Died 11 Nov. 1944, Halfway, Oregon Undertaker, M. E. Baird, Halfway, Oregon Buried Halfway, Oregon Fathers name James BURNS, Scotland Anna WALLACE, England Mothers name Wifes name Sylvin M. BURNS age 64 years Informant Vada WEST (daughter) Occupation Miner & Farmer
BURNS, John J. Born May 14th, 1858, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Died Nov 26th, 1924, Homestead, Oregon Age 66 years 6 months 14 days Fathers name, F. BURNS, New York Farmer, married
BURNSIDE, Bessie M. Date of birth 4 December 1909 Age 29 days Date of death 3 January 1910 at Rock Creek, near Baker, Oregon Buried at Rock Creek Cemetery Charge to J. E. BURNSIDE Vol. 5 West & Co.
BURNSIDE, Bonnie Ruth Birth 5 March 1936 Baker, Oregon Death 5 March 1936 Baker, Oregon - injury at birth Buried 8 March 1936 SW Div. Cleaver Cem N 1 /2 322 Father, R. G. BURNSIDE, born at Fort Steel Wyo., of Sparta, Oregon Mother, Mary ADAMS, born Spokane Wash. West and Co. #19
BURNSIDE, Mrs. Ella Rebecca Born 1 March 1861 in Indiana. Died 2 Apr 1934 at Baker, Oregon. She first came to Baker in the 70's and after living here for a few years moved to Kansas. She returned to Baker in 1903 and spent the remainder of her life in this vicinity. Her husband, Joseph Edward BURNSIDE, died in Sparta 15 years ago. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Elmer WARFIELD of Haines, Mrs. William T. HARDING of Baker and Mrs. John MORGAN of Sacramento; four sons, John S. of Haines, Earl C. of Ogden, Andrew B. of Baker and Roy G. of Sparta. Two sisters; Mrs. Celia McLAREN of Altoona, Kansas and Mrs. Margaret McLAREN of Chenoot, Kansas; a brother, Malin LOSH of Sparta; 29 grandchildren; 8 great grandchildren. Baker Funeral Home
BURNSIDE, Elmer Lloyd Birth 18 March 1915 Richland, Oregon Death 23 October 1946 Baker, Oregon Buried 25 Oct 1946 Eagle Valley Cem. Richland, Or. Divorced. Residence, Halfway, Ore. Hotel Owner Father, Oscar BURNSIDE, born Centralia, Wash. Residence, Richland, Ore. Mother, Pearl McCORD, born in Baker, Ore. Now Richland. Sons: Wayne and Darrell BURNSIDE of Baker, Ore. Daughters: Darlene and Patricia BURNSIDE of Baker, Ore. Sisters: Marjorie HEWITT of Richland, Ore; Geneva SAUNDERS of Richland; and Jane HEATER of Baker, Ore. West and Co. #24.
BURNSIDE, George, infant son of Isaac BURNSIDE Born 20 January 1908 age 7 days Death 27 January 1908 Rock Creek, Oregon Buried 28 Jan 1908 Rock Creek, Oregon Charge to Isaac BURNSIDE Order given by John BURNSIDE Vol. 4. West and Co. Page 93
BURNSIDE, Mrs. J. M. (Minnie) Age 62 years 9 months 20 days Born Aug 21st, 1862, Linn Co, Oregon Died June 10th, 1925 Funeral ordered by John M. BURNSIDE Buried Haines Cemetery Fathers name James TAYLOR, Indiana Mothers name Elizabeth Ann SMELCER, Knox County, Illinois Survived by husband, five children, J. W. BLIZE, Mrs. May PHILLIPS, Mrs Ida Morin, Mrs Marcel McCOLLOUGH and Mrs Lew ALDRICH. Vol 13 West & Co
BURNSIDE, John b 1829 d 1892 buried Baker, Baker County, Oregon funeral ordered by Billie GREEN Vol 2 West & Co
BURNSIDE, John S. Age 56 years Born Sept 2nd, 1882, Altoona, Kansas Died June 21st, 1938, The Dalles, Oregon Buried Haines, Oregon Cemetery Survived by two daughters, Mrs Lawrence MARTIN, Baker, Ore, Mrs Boyd TURNER, The Dalles, Ore., three sisters, Mrs. Elmer WARFIELD, Haines, Ore., Mrs. Oren STAPLES of California, Mrs. Florence HARDY of Baker, Oregon Wests obt
BURNSIDE, Oscar Benton Birth 5 December 1891 Chehalis, Wash. Death 27 March 1950 Baker, Ore. Skull crushed auto accident Buried 31 March 1950 Eagle Valley Cem. Richland, Ore. Married 1 - Pearl McCORD, who died in 1925, 2 - Lanta GOODWIN, of Yakima in 1927. Father, Isaac BURNSIDE born in Elk County Kansas Mother, Mary MORIN born in Tillamook, Ore. Son, Elmer Lloyd BURNSIDE died 3 years ago. Daughters: Marjorie HEWITT and Genevieve SANDERS of Richland, Ore; Jane HEATER of Baker, Ore. Brothers: John BURNSIDE of Roy, Wash; Francis BURNSIDE of Richland, Wash. Sisters: Truda FLOWERS of Roy Wash; Pearl BUTTZ of Tacoma Wash; Dortha WEIL of Honolulu T.H. (Hawaii). West and Co. #27
BURNSIDE, Pearl Age 28 years 11 months 27 days Born April 8th, 1897, Baker, Oregon Died April 5th, 1926 Funeral ordered by Oscar BURNSIDE, husband Buried Mt. Hope Cemetery Fathers name William McCORD, Oregon Mothers name, Mattie VALENTINE, Oregon Survived by husband and three children, Elmer, Marjory and Geneva. A brother Eldon McCORD, her father William McCORD She used to live at Eagle Valley Vol 14 West & Co
BURNSIDE, Ray Age 14 years Born April 2nd, 1926, Sparta, Oregon Died June 13th, 1940, Baker, Oregon Survived by his father, Andrew BURNSIDE, two brothers, Floyd and Kenneth of Baker, Oregon, two half-brothers, Jimmy of Richland, Oregon and Lloyd of Sparta, Oregon Wests Obt
BUSBY, Alvin Age 74 years 11 months 25 days Born Oct 18th, 1877, Pocahontas, Baker County, Oregon Died Oct 13th, 1952, Unity, Oregon Fathers name Thomas BUSBY, Arkansas Mothers name, Sarah GARDNER Survived by wife, Fannie, Unity, Oregon; one son, Clarence BUSBY, Baker, Oregon; three brothers, David BUSBY, Stevenson, Wash., Joe and Bert BUSBY of Unity, Oregon; three granddaughters, Mrs. Joe BEACH, Portland, Ore., Mrs. Ted BADSKY of California, Mrs Joyce BUSBY of Haines and one great grandchild. He was married in Baker, Oregon in 1904. Buried Unity, Oregon Cemetery West & Co
BUSBY, Sarah Born 14 March 1819 age 89 years 7 mo Death 14 Oct 1908 Baker, Oregon Buried 16 Oct 1908 S.E. Div. Cleaver Ceme. Lot 4 Charge to William BUSBY Vol. 4 West and Co. Page 208
BUSWELL, William Henry Born in Battleground, Washington 18 Oct 1892. Died ? December 1932 at Baker, Oregon. He served during the war in Co. B. 63rd Infantry, enlisting in that outfit 14 December 1917. He came to Baker two years ago. He was never married. He is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Kate ROBERTSON of Portland, and Mrs. Della DUFWIN of California, and a brother, Albert BUSWELL of Woodland, Washington. Baker Funeral Home
BUTLER, Loren A. Born 12 August 1874 in Montreal, Canada. 58 years Died ? December 1932 at Baker, Oregon He came to Baker county when he was 17, farming in the Burnt River country for a number of years. He moved to Baker and for seven years was employed by the Baker garage. He was a member of the Elks lodge. He was a Baker resident for the last 41 years. He leaves no relatives in this country. Baker Funeral Home
BUXTON, Herbert Born Aug 1st, 1914, Cornucopia, Oregon Died Oct 22nd, 1917, Cornucopia, Oregon Age 3 years 2 months 22 days Fathers name, C. A. BUXTON, Lafayette County, Wisconsin Mothers name, L. B. DAWSON, Shullsburg, Wisconsin
CADY, Ulysses Grant Age 87 years 9 months 5 days Born Sept 14th, 1864, Fulton County, Illinois Died June 19th, 1952, Baker, Oregon Fathers name, Robert B. CADY, Illinois Mothers name, Laura STUDAMAN, Chicago, Illinois Survived by wife Emma of Durkee, Oregon, three daughters, Bell FLEMING, Baker, Oregon, Mrs Jesse CARTWRIGHT, Durkee, Oregon, Mrs. Ruby MARTIN, Walla Walla, Washington, 13 grandchildren 17 great grandchildren, one sister, Mrs Anna NEWTON, Bend, Oregon, one brother, Stephen CADY, Springfield, Oregon, a son Lloyd preceded him in death Buried Durkee, Oregon Cemetery West & Co
CALLISTER, Robert Born, no date given, Isle of Man Died Feb 2nd, 1920, Copperfield, Oregon Age 73 years Fathers name, Robert CALLISTER, Isle of Man Mothers name, Margaret TURCKELL, Isle of Man mining and farming, single
CANADAY, E. Virginia Born June 23rd, 1915, Halfway, Oregon Died May 5th, 1916, Halfway, Oregon Age 10 months 11 days Fathers name, John CANADAY, Illinois Mothers name, Nellie M. KINSEY, Montana
CANTWELL, Mrs. Gladys Pauline Age 47 years 1 month 3 days Born Limeville, Iowa, Dec 2nd, 1905 Died Jan 5th, 1953, Baker, Oregon Fathers name, Y. M. MOORE, Decatur County, Iowa Mothers name, Minnie Olive FORBER, Ohio Survived by husband, John CANTWELL, Baker, Ore., a son Wayne CAFER, Tacoma, Washington, two brothers, Wayne MOORE of Moses Lake, Wash., Charles C. MOORE, Baker, Ore., three grandchildren, several nieces and nephews. Buried Milton-Freewater, Oregon Cemetery West & Co
CARDER, Clara Alice Born Aug 17th, 1919, Halfway, Oregon Died Nov 4th, 1922, Halfway, Oregon Age 3 years 2 months 18 days Fathers name, Alva B. CARDER, Missouri Mothers name, Mary WOODELL, Oregon
CARNAHAN, Margaret Clair Born, no date given, Clearfield, Penn Died April 2nd, 1925, Carson, Oregon Age 48 years 9 months 15 days Fathers name, Isaac M. CURRY, Penn Mothers name, May McCRACKEN, Penn Postmaster, widowed
CARNAHAN, Mary Louise Age 97 years 23 days Born 18 May 1842, Adrian Co., Ky. Died 11 Jun 1939, Carson, Oregon Undertaker Baird Funeral Dir., Halfway, Oregon Buried Halfway, Oregon Fathers name Joseph CRAIG, Ky. Mothers name Peachie McGRADIE, Ky. Husbands name Wm McMillan CARNAHAN Informant Mrs. Lola M. Smith, 404 Broadway, Redwood, Cal. Housewife
CARNES, Mrs. George M. Born 1 September 1873 in Demitt, Arkansas. Died 22 June 1932 at Baker, Oregon She was married to George W. CARNES 14 Aug 1897 and the couple moved to North Powder the next year. Mr. Carnes operates a farm at North Powder. Addie Agnes TURNER was her maiden name. Besides her husband, she is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Deidie WILLIAMS of Portland and Mrs. Iris Mae Coles of Prineville; four sons, Clarke, Hallie, Merrill and Kenneth CARNES of North Powder; two sisters, Mrs. Jospeh BOWMAN of Baker and Mrs. Mabel STEADMAN of Cedar Hill, Texas; four brothers, Mark and Robert TURNER of North Powder, William of Houston, Texas, and Richard of Cedar Hill, and five grandchildren. Interment will be in North Powder cemetery. Baker Funeral Home.
CAROTHERS, Charles Armstrong Age 82 years 6 months 15 days Born 26 Nov. 1856, Shelby Co., Mo. Died 12 Jan. 1938, Richland, Oregon Undertaker Baird Funeral Dir., Halfway, Oregon Buried Richland, Oregon Fathers name unknown Mothers name Christian, ? Informant Mrs. Keith ALLEN, Richland, Oregon wifes name Rosa J. CAROTHERS Occupation Stockman
CARPENTER, Delma Aged 3 weeks, Born 9 January 1934. Diesd 25 January 1934 at Baker, Oregon Parents - Mr. & Mrs. A. J. CARPENTER Baker Funeral Home
CARPENTER, Mrs. Eliza Price Born in Missouri 78 years ago. Died (September 1934?) In Baker, Oregon. She came to Baker when she was 22 years old and spent the remainder of her life here. Mr. Carpenter died in The Dalles several years ago. She was a member of the Seven Day Adventist church. She is survived by three sons, Albert, Manley and Lee CARPENTER, all of Baker; three daughters, Miss Sylvia CARPENTER of McEwen, Mrs. Alta CUNDIFF of Baker and Miss Verdie CARPENTER of The Dalles; a sister, Mrs. Alta NORTHORN of Caldwell, Idaho. Interment will be in Mt.Hope cemetery at Baker, Oregon. Baker Funeral Home
CARSLY, John E. Born no date given, Okenongan, Washington Died Jan 14th, 1923, Halfway Fathers name, William CARSLY Mothers name, Jane E. BUNNING age 1 year 14 days
CARSON, Elmira Jane Age 89 years 5 months 27 days Born 29 June 1851, Indiana Died 26 Dec. 1940, Baker Co., rural probably Halfway, Ore. Undertaker Baker Funeral Home, Baker, Oregon Buried Baker, Oregon Fathers name C. H. Clement, ? Mothers name Louonda EGLAND, ? Husbands name Amos CARSON Informant Myrtle BEST, Baker, Oregon
CARTER, Mrs Charles Born in September 1881 in Lansing, Michigan. 53 yrs. Died ? January 1935 at Baker, Oregon. Lillian LUMBERT was married 17 June 1916 in Canyon City. Mr. a& Mrs. Carter lived in Grant county for several years before coming to Baker five years ago. She is survived by her husband; a daughter, Mrs. Lawson RICKETTS of Sacramento, California; two granddaughters, Dorothy and Lillian RICKETS of Sacramento; two sisters living in Chicago and two brothers residing in Lansing, Michigan Baker Funeral Home
CARTER, William Died 7 Jan 1941 Halfway, Oregon Spent 3 years in this community Undertaker M. E. Baird, Halfway, Oregon Buried Halfway, Oregon
CARVER, Joanne Yvonne Born 14 Dec 1931 in Baker, Oregon Died ? April 1933 at Baker, Oregon Besides her mother, Mrs. Pauline CARVER of Baker, she is survived by a brother, Richard, her paternal grandmother, Mrs. Laura CARVER of Baker, and her maternal grandparents Mr & Mrs William QUANTREELE of Yakima. Joane's father, John CARVER, died here in 1932. Interment will be in Mt. Hope cemetery at Baker, Oregon Baker Funeral Home
CASKEY, Joseph F. Age 73 years 1 day Born April 15th, 1880, Wisconsin Died April 16th, 1953, Baker, Oregon Fathers name Stanley CASKEY, Poland Mothers name Urzla KAZLOWKIE Survived by two sisters, Mrs. Ella ANDREWS, Chicago, Ill, Mrs. Anna DRZ..., Scholler, Ill., several nieces and nephews Buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Baker, Oregon West & Co
CASSELL, Clayton Archie Born 21 July 1905 at Gui.. Rock, Nebraska. 48 years 10 mo. 1 da. Died 14 May 1954 at Baker, Oregon Father James J. CASSELL, born Morrison, Illinois Mother Vinnia PALMER, born Red Oak, Iowa Buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery at Baker, Oregon He lived inIdaho several years. Came to Baker about 17 years ago. He was a member of the Presbyterian church and of Baker Masonic lodge no. 4., AF & AM. He was married to Mildred CHOATE on February 3, 1934 in Boise. Survived by his wife, Mildred of Baker; one daughter Carolyn and one son Clyde, both of Baker, also one brother Lloyd CASWELL of San Jose, Calif., sister Lerete HAMLOW, Boise, several nieces and nephews. West & Co.
CATES, Ed E. Age 78 years 4 months 20 days Born 11 Nov, 1852, Ill. Died 1 Apr 1931, Richland, Oregon Undertaker West & Co; Baker, Oregon Buried 4 Apr 1931 Union Oregon Fathers name Spencer CATES, Ky. Mothers name Phoebe CUNNINGHAM, Ind. Married - wife Susie Profession farmer struck by auto accidentally, fracture of skull
CAVIN, Mrs. James Born 1865 Died 13 Nov 1931 at Hot Lake sanitorium She was a resident of Baker fo rmany years. She was a native of Oregon and lived on a ranch in the Pocahontas section for several years after moving to Baker county and 25 years ago located in Baker. She is survived by her husband and a sister, Mrs. Ada PHY of La Grande. Interment will be in Mt. Hope cemetery at Baker, Ore. Baker Funeral Home
CHADWELL, Charles Franklin Age 88 years 8 months 10 days Born July 16th, 1863, Chicago, Illinois Died March 26th, 1952, Baker, Oregon Fathers name, Frank CHADWELL, Kansas Mothers name, not known Survived by two sons, Roy CHADWELL, Newport, Oregon, Raleigh CHADWELL, Baker, Oregon, 4 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren Wifes name, Alice. Buried Haines, Oregon Cemetery, West & Co.
CHAMBERLAIN, Mrs. Clarence Born 24 February 1906 in Charle sCity, Iowa. 26 years. Died 18 July 1932 at Baker, Oregon Audrey E. WILCOX was married ot Clarence CHAMBERLAIN in Baker 26 Mar 1926 and spent the remainder of her life here. Besides her husband, she is survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse F. WILCOX of Aumsville, Oregon; sis sisters, Mrs. Doris CALLAGHAN of California, Mrs. Jeane DAVENPORT of Toledo, Oregon, and Minia, Montana and Madge WILCOX of Ausmville; two brothers, Roy and Asa WILCOX of Aumsville, and her grandmother, Mrs. J. B. JOHNSON of Gillette, Wyoming. Interment will be in Mt. Hope cemetery at Baker, Oregon. Baker Funeral Home
CHAMBERLAIN, Viola Irene (infant daughter) No age or date of birth listed. Died 14 July, 1932 at Baker, Oregon. Parents - Mr. & Mrs. Clarence C. CHAMBERLAIN. Interment will be in Mt. Hope cemetery at Baker, Oregon. Baker Funeral Home
CHANDLER, William Wright Born 16 March 1848 in Leesburg, Ohio Died 23 March 1934 at Richland, Oregon. He came to Oregon when he was 20 eyars old by wa of Cape Horn and San Francisco. He located in Baker as one of the first settlers in this valley. He homesteaded with his brother, Eli, what is now known as the Henry Sass farm in Eagle valley. They entered in the cattle and horse business and in 1886 entered the general merchantile business, known as Chandler Brothers, in Richland. After operating the store for 35 years the brothers closed the store in 1922. He was married to Maggie Kirby 6 May 1886 in Eagle valley. He is survived by his wodow; four daughters, Mrs. James A. KINTREA of Portland, Mrs. Claude BRYANT of Corvallis, Mrs. Arthur MOSELEY of Jerome, Idaho, and Mrs. Gilbert PERKINS of Haines, and a son W. H. CHANDLER of Huntington. Baker Funeral Home
CHEUNG, Len (Tom) Born 8 September 1847 in Canton, China. Died 7 January 1934 at Baker, Oregon. He came to Baker 56 years ago. He leaves a cousin, Young ON, who lives inJohn Day. Funeral services will be held in St. Francis cathedral. Interment will be in Mt. Hope cemetery, Baker, Oregon.
CHING, Lock He was 77 years old. Died 14 March 1933 at Baker, Oregon. He came to Baker county 55 years ago from Canton, China. He has no relatives here. Interment will be in the Chinese cemetery, Baker, Oregon. Baker Funeral Home
CHRISTENSON, Bert Born April 17th, 1893, Willow Lakes, South Dakota Died Jan 30th, 1918, Cornucopia, Oregon Age 24 years 9 months 13 days Fathers name, Marcus A. CHRISTENSON, Denmark Mother sname, Caroline M. LARSEN, Denmark Farmer, single note: buried Pine Haven
CHRISTENSON, Caroline M. Born March 18th, 1861, Lindahl, Denmark Died April 4th, 1926, Halfway, Oregon Age 65 years 26 days Fathers name, ? KLAASEN, Denmark Mothers name, ? JENSON, Copenhagen, Denmark married note: buried Pine Haven
CHRISTENSON, Jens Born July 16th, 1834, Denmark Died Nov 5th, 1920, Carson, Oregon Age 86 years 3 months 9 days Fathers name, Chris CHRISTENSON, Denmark Mother name, ? ?, Denmark farmer, widowed
CHRISTENSON, Roy Born no date given, Centerville, South Dakota Died Jan 29th, 1920, Homestead, Oregon Age 28 years 23 days Fathers name, Mark CHRISTENSON Mothers name, Caroline LARSON, Denmark Miner, married note: buried Pine Haven
CHRISTY, Adaline Born 25 September 1932 at Baker, Oregon. Died 7 November 1932 at Baker, Oregon Parents - Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. CHRISTY, Baker, Oregon Interment will be at Mt. Hope Cemetery at Baker, Oregon. Baker Funeral Home
CLARK, Otis Grant Age 83 years 8 months 20 days Born March 30, 1868, Central City, Iowa Died Dec 20th, 1951, Baker, Oregon Carpenter Survived by a sister, Mrs. W. H. WARD, Yakima, Washington a daughter, Violet GRONING, Mullan, Idaho Fathers name, Warren CLARK, Arcada, New York Mothers name, Sarah MELINSLY Buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Baker, Oregon West & Co
CLARK, Vivian June Age 1 year 2 months 22 days Born June 6th, 1951, Baker, Oregon Died Sept 2nd, 1952, Baker, Oregon Fathers name, Walter CLARK, Durkee, Oregon Mothers name, Jessie SUITTER, Durkee, Oregon Survived by her parents, one brother, Walter Wade, Durkee, Ore; one sister, Viola May, Durkee, Oregon; grandparents, Mr and Mrs Home SUITTER, Durkee, Oregon, and Mrs. Ruth CLARK, Prairie City, Ore., a great grandmother, Mrs. Lucy CARROLL, Baker, Ore., a great grandfather, Frank CARPENTER, Tacoma, Wash., Buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Baker, Oregon West & Co
CLEMONS, William Nelson Born 15 February 1858 in Greenburg, Indiana Died 17 Jul 1924 in the Pocahontas district. He was marrie dto Sarah IRWIN 29 April 1887 in Dadeville, MO. He came to Baker county 22 years ago and for the last 19 years had operated a farm in the Pocahontas section. He is survived by his widow; four daughters, Mrs. Jewel RITCHEY of Caldwell, Mrs. Inez ODELL of Granite Falls, Wash., Mrs. Edith ERICKSON of Pinehurst, Wash., and Mrs. Naomi SHANKLIN of Susanville, Ore.; three sons, Otis CLEMONS of Seattle, Lola CLEMONS of Daisy, Wash., and Orin CLEMONS of Baker; a brother, John M. CLEMONS of Roseburg, 25 grandchildren, and one great grandchild. Interment will be in the Wingville cemetery. Baker Funeral Home
COCHRAN, Charles Born April 21st, 1865, Shelby County, Illinois Died Sept 7th, 1919, Halfway, Oregon Age 53 years 4 months 14 days Fathers name, E. L. COCHRAN, Ohio Mothers name, Anna M. LUDETT Miner, single
COFFINBERRY, Egbert Age 69 years 11 months 8 days Born 24 Oct. 1870, Erie, Kansas Died 16 Oct. 1940, Halfway, Oregon Undertaker M. E. Baird, Halfway, Oregon Born Halfway, Oregon Fathers name Corwin Carden COFFINBERRY, Centerville, Mich Mothers name Laura CLATO, Concord, Wis. Wifes name Emma COFFINBERRY (maiden name MEHLHORN) Occupation Blacksmith & Farmer note: buried Pine Haven
COGER, Charles Richard Born 10 November 1866 in Oskjaloosa, Kansas. Died 5 February 1934 at Richland, Oregon. Hge moved to La Grande in 1889 from Kansas. He went to Richland in July 1911. He was married to Jennie H. HOLMES in Weiser, 26 Septmeber 1922. He was a member of the I.O.O.F. and Knights of Pythias lodges in Richland. He is survived by his widow; two step-daughters, Mrs. Walter HEWITT of Baker and Mrs. Roy BUXTON of Baker, and a step-on, William HOLMES of Portland. Funeral services will be held in Richland. Baker Funeral Home
COLTON, George W. Age 70 years 3 months 20 days Born Nov 7th, 1881, Umatilla County, Oregon Died Feb 27th, 1952, Blackfoot, Idaho Farmer Fathers name, W. H. COLTON, Eau Clair, Wisconsin Mothers name, Caroline E. KRAZER, Missouri Survived by Anna of Oreland, Idaho, one son Ralph in South America; one daughter, Mrs. Clayton DOWNEND, Boise, Idaho, four brothers, Charles, Baker, Oregon, John J. of Keating, Ore; William of Medical Springs, Ore., and Daniel of Missoula, Montana four sisters, Mrs. Caroline DUBY, Baker, Ore., Mrs. Elizabeth RICHARDSON, Richland, Oregon, Mrs. Nell SIEG, Baker, Oregon, Mrs. Winifred SCHUMAN, Seattle, Washington, 10 grandchildren, several nieces and nephews Buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, baker, Oregon West & Co.
CONNELLY, Phillip A. Born 14 July 1909 near Cove. Died 18 September 1934 near Hood River. He spent the greater part of his life in the Grande Ronde valley and in Idaho. He enrolled in the civilian conservation corps in Baker in March of this year and was employed in the organization at the time of his death. He is survived by his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ed CONNELLY of Fruitland, Idaho; two sisters, Mrs. B. W. SHAVER of Weiser and Mrs. C. F. PORTER of Fruitland; a brother, Verl CONNELLY of Fruitland, and his great grandmother, Mrs. Martha HARSIN of Medical Springs. Interment was in Mt. Hope cemetery at Baker, Oregon Baker Funeral Home
COOK, Thomas Jefferson Age 84 years 1 month 29 days Born Feb 2nd, 1868, Missouri Died April 1st, 1952, Portland, Oregon Survived by 8 children, May HASKELL, Baker, Ore., William T. COOK, Cheyenne, Wyoming; G. O. COOK, Portland, Oregon; Mary Eva HEARING, Veronia, Oregon; Harvey E. COOK, Salem, Oregon; Curtis D. COOK, Portland, Oregon; Alta CHANDLER, Vale, Oregon, one half-sister, Maud COX, Missouri, 25 grandchildren, 20 great grandchildren, 1 great great grandchild. He married Mary Ellen TILLERY Oct 1st, 1891, who died Aug 2nd, 1924. Buried Haines, Oregon Cemetery West & Co.
COON, Mrs. Oliver Born 29 years ago in Dayton, Washington Died 18 February 1932 at Baker, Oregon Edna CRAIG was married to Oliver W. COON here 12 years ago. She spent practically all her life in Baker. Besides her husband the deceased is survived by a son, Delbert Coon; her mother, Mrs. A. H. MILLER; three sisters, Mrs. Eva MIZELL, Mrs. Bessie SAIN and Mrs. Violet BOYER, and three brothers, John CRAIG, Charles CRAIG and Bert CRAIG, all of Baker. Interment will be in Mt. Hope Cemetery at Baker, Oregon Baker Funeral Home
COX, Archibald James Born Aug 16th, 1872, Montgomery County, Virginia Died Nov 20th, 1923, Halfway, Oregon Age 51 years 3 months 3 days Fathers name, Daniel COX, Montgomery County, Virginia Mothers name ?, Amherst County, Virginia Farmer, married note: buried Pine Haven as James Archibald COX
COX, Mrs. Thomas Born 18 August 1875 in Wisconsin. Died 15 March 1934 at Baker, Oregon. Eula Viola CROWN was married to Mr. Cox at Kimball, nebraska 35 years ago. They came to Oregon in 1921 and located on Muddy Creek five years ago. She is survived by her husband, three sons, Archie of Seattle, Glen and Gene of Muddy Creek, and 10 daughters, Mrs. Violet MILLER, Veronia, Oregon; Mrs. Florence JACOBS, Portland; Mrs. Edith HAYES, Haines; Mrs. Doris KRYGER, Pine Bluff, Wyoming; Mrs. Ethel MOLTON, Nyssa; Mrs. June THOMAS, Twin Falls; Mrs. Josephine PALMER, Weiser; Edith, Velma and Gladys of Muddy Creek; a sister, Mrs. H. H. PARKER, North Powder; two brothers, Chester CROWN OF Mitchell, Nebr., and Edward CROWN of Thermopolis, Wyoming. Baker Funeral Home
COYLE, Herbert Hoover (infant) no age of date of birth listed. Died 15 February 1934 at Baker, Oregon. Parents - Mr. & Mrs. Roy COYLE Interment was in Mt. Hope Cemetery at Baker, Oregon. Baker Funeral Home
CRAIG, Henry Benjamin Born 22 August 1865 in Pennsylvania Died 26 Feb 1933 at Baker, Oregon He engaged in mining in the Eagle mountains for several years and owned property there at the time of his death. He lived in Baker during the winter months of each year. He is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Susie BARTON of Sheridan, Oregon, and Mrs. John STEEL of Bayfield, Colo. He leaves no relatives in this section. Baker Funeral Home
CRAVEN, Minnie B. Age 79 years 10 moths 16 days Born March 19th, 1872, Salem, Oregon Died Feb 5th, 1952, Baker, Oregon Fathers name, Joseph ADHERIA Mothers name, Sarah HIHLER Survived by husband, I. H. CRAVEN, Baker, Oregon, four daughters, Norma BENNETT, Baker, Oregon, Lora YUSKO, Baker, Oregon, Lena BRECKBIEL, Portland, Oregon, Sadie SILVERS, Sunnyvale, California one son, Loren G. CRAVEN, a sister Lora McDOWELL, San Diego, California, 22 grandchildren, 22 great grandchildren, several nieces and nephews. West & Co.
CRAWFORD, Austin Born ? Died 02 Aug 1934 at (Halfway, Oregon ?) Drowned in the Snake river. He is survived by his father, William CRAWFORD of Wildhorse, a brother, Elmer, and a sister, Mrs. Bob CONNELL of Cornucopia. He had been residing at Cornucopia. Funeral services were held in Richland. Interment was made in the Eagle Valley cemetery. Baker Funeral Home
CREGO, Benjamine Age 81 years 3 months 14 days Born 15 Mar. 1860, Iowa Died 29 June 1941, Halfway, Oregon Undertaker M. E. Baird, Halfway, Oregon Buried Halfway, Oregon Fathers name Ralph CREGO, ? Mothers name Adaleide MOREY, ? Informant Emma CREGO (daughter) Wifes name Minnie Ewylin, age 65 years Divorced Occupation cooler
CREIGHBAUM, Frank Born 28 November 1871 in Baker, Oregon Died 26 January 1932 at Baker, Oregon He wa a native resident of Baker and spent his boyhgood days in the Pocahontas district. He lived in the Muddy creek section for two years and operated a small farm northeast of town fo rthe last 10 years. He was married to Anna FERGUSON in Baker 17 December 1895. He was a member of the Odd Fellows lodge #166. He is survived by his widow; a daughter, Mrs. Wellsley CRANE of Baker; seven sisters, Mrs. Harry GOODEVE of Greenwood, British Columbia, Mrs. Millard CROSBY of Dundee, Oregon, Mrs. Ben TONEY, Mrs. Lester TONEY and Mrs. Rozer TONEY, all of Haines, Mrs. S. E. CAVINESS of Pocahontas and Mrs. Frank CAVINESS of Baker, and two grandchildren, Verl and Frank CRANE. Sister-in-law, Mrs. Eva McCORD. Interment will be in the Odd Fellows plot with members (over) Baker Funeral Home
CREIGHBAUM, James Born Aug 6th, 1882, Oregon Died May 14th, 1917, Carson, Oregon Age 34 years 9 months 8 days Fathers name, Joseph CREIGHBAUM, Iowa Mothers name, Rebecca ROBINSON, Penn Laborer, single
CROOK, Abraham Jackson Born April 15th, 1851, Manhattan, Indiana Died June 19th, 1926, Halfway, Oregon Age 75 years 2 months 4 days Fathers name, Henry CROOK, Strawsburg, Penn Mothers name, Margarette JACKSON, Manhattan, Indiana miner, married
CROOK, Christine Born Aug 28th, 1951, Manhattan, Indiana Died Aug 14th, 1927, Halfway, Oregon Age 75 years 11 months 14 days Fathers name, Sam MEYERS widowed
CROPP, James Silas Age 76 years 4 months 4 days Bron Nov 1st, 1876, Whitman County, Washington Died March 5th, 1953, Richland, Oregon Fathers name, Wilbur Fish CROPP Mothers name, margaret Jane WOODY Survived by wife, Anna Jane of Baker, Oregon, five daughters, Agnes WILL of Haines, Ore., Norma SULLIVAN, Ordnance, Oregon., Margaret BEARD, Vancouver, Washington, Adeline GEORGE, Baker, Oregon, Mary CLEMMONS, Richland, Oregon two sons, Wilbur of Summerville, Oregon, Marvin of North Powder, Oregon, several grandchildren and several great grandchildren, three sisters and one brother. Buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Baker, Oregon West & Co.
CROUTER, Stephen Franklin Born 11 July 1860 in Raglan, Ontario, Canada. Died 25 January 1933 at Baker, Oregon He was never married and was a member of the Odd Fellows lodge No. 25 He is survived by two brothers, D. H. of Union and D. W. of Boise. Interment will be in the Odd Fellows plot in Mt. Hope cemetery at Baker, Oregon Baker Funeral Home
CROW, Greenberry Lee Age 76 years 2 months 14 days Born 21 Jan. 1869 Georgia Died 4 April 1945, Halfway, Oregon Undertaker, M. E. Baird, Halfway, Oregon Buried Halfway, Oregon Fathers name Silas H. CROW, N. Carolina Mother sname Sarrah Jane WHITE, So. Carolina Informant P. M. WOODWARD, Halfway, Oregon Occupation miner Single
CRUSON, Claude M. Born 20 February 1882 at Wanton, Iowa. Age 71 yrs. Died 14 May 1954 at Portland, Oregon Buried inMt. Hope Cemetery at Baker, Oregon. Services conducted by Odd Fellows. Lived in Baker from 1903 to 1912. He was a retired engineer. He was a member of Scottish Rite, Portland; Oregon Consistor; Washington Council No. 3, R.A.M.; Sunnyside lodge 163 AF&AM; Al Kader temple; Ancient order of Camel Herders No. 45; The Portland Society of Magicians; Baker City lodge 25, I.O.O.F.; life member of Mt. Tabor lodge 42, AF&AM International Brotherhood; Elec. Workers No. 46, Portland; retired member of International Order of Operating Engineers, local 87; former member of Methodist church at Salem. Survivors are his wife, Leota CRUSON, Portland; daughters (over) West & Co
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