Mining Claims Book Vol. 1, Baker County Clerk's Office

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11 May 1863

Auburn Lower Gulch

John Kemp no. 1
This claim commences at the NW corner of claim owned by Graham & Co and
extend east 150 feet thence northerly 150 feet thence southerly 150 & along
the line of Capt. White & thence easterly to place of beginning laid by
according to the law passed May 10th 1863.

11 May 1863
Laid by till April 1st 1864 by Geo. Gunson - 258

27 Jun 1863
Laid by till April 1st 1864 by
Vivian Vance - 1151
Osker Clanharty - 1152
J. H. Quigley - 1153

6 Jul 1863
P. Wait & Foot - 852
This claim was recorded by R. B. Bunch and transfered by him to Mathews who
sold to the present owners. This claim commences at Mathews line and
extended down to Jones & Co 12 feet wide.
Laid by till April 1st 1864.

20 July 1864
These claims commence 300 feet abouve the spring near McClure's house and
extend down the side of the flat 450 feet long and 100 feet wide.
Laid by for want of water till water can be obtained.
Wm. Keil
Frederick Keil
Jacob Sevater
Ganelop Swater

29 Dec 1864
This claim is one furth of the claims known as the claims of the Cambell
estate, located in the year 1862 by Johnson, Wheeler, Donley & Co. Said
claims commence 50 feet from the spring branch known as the Quaking Asp
Spring in lower Auburn and extend along the lower line of Commercial Street
north westerly 600 feet thence southerly 150 feet along the line of ground
known as the Foot Ground, now claimed by Bunch & Co. thence along the line
of the creek claims 50 feet from said creek bed, 600 feet, thence up the
Spring branch, 50 feet from said branch, northerly 150 feet to place of
beginning. I claim this ground by right of location under the law of May
10th 1863 as said claim has been abandoned.

Joseph Brown

Laid by till May the 1st 1865

Joseph Brown

4 September 1862
These claims commence at the south west corner stake of Garrison & Co &
extend westerly 300 feet, thence northerly 300 ft, thence diagonally across
Commercial Street 300 ft south easterly, and thence southerly 300 feet to
place of beginning.
Laid by according to the law of Sept 14th 1864.

James N. Wallace - 1
Joseph McMullin -2
Joseph McGee -3
B. C. White - 4

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