Mining Claims Book Vol. 1, Baker County Clerk's Office

Action of a meeting held by the mines of Blue Canon (Canyon) District
May the 10th 1863

1. Resolved - That all mining claims in Blue Canon District shall be held
untill the 1st of April A.D. 1864 free from the necessityof working the
same. And all laws to the contrary are hereby suspended in their action
for the period herein mentioned.

2. Resolved - That all claims which shall be laid by according to the 1st
Resolution of this meeting shall be worked as laid by in the Recorders
Books and that all claims not so marked shall be considered abandoned.

3. Resolved that the Recorder be allowed 50 cents for each claim laid by
according to the provision of this 2nd Resolution.

Eli Stewart, Pres.
E. C. Brainard, Sect. (Secretary)

Auburn District Vol 1, Baker County
Clerk's Office

At a meeting held by the miners of Blue Canon District on the 14th day of
Sept A.D. 1864 A. C. Loring was appointed President and Eli Brainard Sect
[sic Secretary].

A set of resolutions were then presented by Dr. Gordon which read as

Resolved that the mining claims of Blue Canon Dst be and the same are hereby
laid over and not required to be worked or represented until the 1st day of
next May.

An in as much as there are a great many claims in Blue Canon District that
will not pay sufficient to justify the paying of 25 cents per inch for
water, therefore be it further resolved that no claim shall be considered
abandoned or forfeited or jumpable until water can be obtained to work the
same as low as 12-1/2 cts per inch.

On motion of Mr. Foster to record all claims by parties who wish to lay by,
was carried.

On motion of Dr. Gordon 50 cents was allowed the Recorder for recording each

The motion of Mr. Foster that these resolutions shall take effect from and
after this date was carried.

On motion of Mr. Foster, it was resolved that all laws conflicting with the
resolutions of this meeting are hereby repealed and suspended in their
action until the first day of May A.D. 1865.

Meeting adjourned.

Auburn Sept 14th 1864
A. C. Loring, President
E. C. Brainard, Secretary

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