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Family Search: Births, Marriages, Deaths
B - M - D's,  are recorded in Archival Newspapers: Lookups
Chronicling America is Free, so is the
Historic Oregon Newspaper Collection
and  Google Archived Newspapers
Historic Oregon Newspapers

Marriage Records
Marriages: Born in Clackamas County, Married Elsewhere  
[FS Mulitple Databases]
Marriage records, 1850-1935 ; Marriage indexes,
1850-1920 (Clackamas Co., OR)
[Above: Digitized Film
Available at a local Family History Center]
Montana County Marriages: 1865 - 1950
[Born in OR gives this result]

Washington Marriage Records: 1854 > 2013 [Anc]
Cowlitz, Wahkiakum & Skamania Counties were used as the Marriage  License Location.
Unfortunately, the indexers include Portland as a place of birth
when Clackamas County is used.

There were no Dates of birth beyond 1931 in the files

More Vital "Odds can be found here"
Indexes on Google Drive
for example

Divorces from:
Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire & North Carolina
Oregon Divorce Records: 1925-1968
[In Misc Vitals Directory]

Death Records
Deaths: Born in Clackamas County, Died Elsewhere
[FS Multiple Databases]
California Death Index: 1940 > 1997 B: Oregon,
D: San Luis Obispo Co., CA
Lookups: Possible Obits from local Newspapers
or Death Certificates

Coroner & Funeral Home Records
Some are here:

CA, San Francisco County Records, 1824 - 1997
[Coroner Records-FS]
San Francisco, CA Area Funeral Home Records,
1850 - 1931 [Anc]
Note, some images and abstracts may be found here.

Vital records for the Klamath, Modoc and Paiute Indians
at Klamath Agency, Klamath, Oregon, 1930...
[FS Films]

There were 467 obits found in the old Clackamas County Files.
They have been reformatted for easier searching.
Most of them have the name and date of the newspaper.
A > E ~ F > K ~ L > R ~ S > Z

"Oregon Only" Records are Here
Family Search has a lot of obits from various locales.
American Historical Society of Germans from Russia,
1899 - 2012
California, Fresno and Napa Counties, Obituaries,
1974 - 1997 [ID &
CA, Oakland, Alameda Co., Newspaper Record Coll.,
1985 - 2011 and more...
Family Search: Multiple Databases,
'Born in Clackamas County, OR'
Grants Pass Obituaries: Daily Courier, 2007 - Index
Lookups Available or Download from Family Search
Obits: Archival News Databases
1980 - June 2014 & 2014 - December 2020

OR Obits on Google Drive
Idaho Obituary Collection, 1868 - 2013 [Anc]
Idaho Obituaries, 2 FS Databases
[B: Clackamas & Washington Co's]
San Diego, CA Union-Tribune, 1993 - 1994 [Anc]
Obituaries, gleaned from Genealogy Bank,
B: Oregon, Died in San Luis Obispo County [Lookups]

Available on Google Drive
Obituaries from the States of:
AZ, CA, Grants Pass, OR, HI, IL, ID, 
MI, MN, NH, OH, PA, San Diego, CA

"What's New"
US Presbyterian Church Records: 1701-1970
Obits 2014 - 2020 - New - see link above

'Found' in the old Clackamas Files:
The data is from local Newspapers
Birth, Marriage & Anniversaries
The 'Old Queries' also have vital info.

More Vital Record Odds
Available on Google Drive
10,000 Vital Records of Western New York, 1809-1850
Search Criteria: Any Event, State [Anc]
Note: Search Criteria for 'Gleanings' is the Place of Birth or Death.
Records from States & Types of Data

"What's New"
I have access to the Library Editions of
Fold 3, My Heritage &  Find My Past
American Civil War Research Database
Confederate Newspapers
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