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Clatsop County, Oregon
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Clatsop County Resources:

County Offices

Clatsop County Courthouse: 749 Commercial St, Astoria, OR 97103

Clatsop County Courthouse vaults and storage rooms: No public access. Contact the trial court administrator

Clerk, Records & Elections Offices: Clatsop County Public Services Building 820, 820 Exchange St, Astoria, OR 97103

Historical Societies, Museums & Genealogy Societies

Clatsop County Historical Society: 1618 Exchange St, Astoria, OR 97103

Clatsop County Genealogical Society

Oregon Historical County Records Guide for Clatsop County

ClatsopCounty Research Indexes  Additional Lookups for Clatsop County

Miscelanious Links

Martin Ulvestad's - Index of the first Norwegians in each county of Oregon  - Also contains other states, and counties. (In Norwegian)

Register of Electors - Norwegian Voters 1914

Homestead Claims in Clatsop County 1883-1894

Delinquent Tax Sales List from November 1904

Just added 3/17/2016 to the SOS Oregon Historical Records Index, Clatsop County Divorce Records from 1928-1933

Divorces in Clatsop County 1850 to 1913

Declarations of Intent - Finns and Russians to 1888

Naturalizations from the Commissioners Law and Probate Index

Search Oregon Historical Records Index for Records kept in the State Archives

Oregon SOS Inventory of Records (Inventory of Records held in various offices and departments)

Ordering a Vital Record

Newspapers- Astoria and Oregon

BOOK LIST - Books about Clatsop County, people, and places that can be purchased

Oregon Parks & Recreation Department: Oregon Heritage: Oregon Heritage Commission, History Books and Publications written in the last 50 years. Many have the book or pamphlet in PDF format to read on your computer.

Queries and  Message Boards

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