Clatsop County, Oregon, Norwegian Voters In 1914 Who Were Naturalized or Declared their Intent In Other Counties

Compiled by Liisa Penner
April 11, 1995
for The Genealogical Forum Of Oregon

The following material is from two Register of Electors books from 1914 at the Clatsop County Courthouse in Astoria, Oregon, one labeled "Astoria," and the other, "County." The books list all the eligible voters in the county: those who had declared their intent to become citizens and those who had completed the process. (In 1914 those who had taken the first steps toward naturalization were allowed vote.) The list below is only a portion of the total electorate. I abstracted out only those Norwegian voters whose declaration of intent or naturalization had taken place in a location not in Clatsop County. The reason for abstracting these is to help researchers locate naturalization records for Clatsop County residents that can be found in other counties. There may also be some records in Clatsop County. It might be wise to check both places. The original books contain more information than what is given here, such as street addresses in town, and township, range and section numbers out in the country. Also the political party was listed. If any reader would like this information, give me a phone call at (503) 325-7852. Register of Elector books can be found every two years from 1900 to 1914 at the Clatsop County Courthouse.

Abbrev.: Sup=Superior, Co=County, Cir=Circuit, CP=Court of Common Pleas, Pro=Probate, Crim=Criminal, POB=Place of Birth, OCC=Occupation, J. Day=John Day, Y.R.=Youngs River, D/I=Declaration of Intent only (naturalization not completed).

The usual abbreviations for states replaced the originals. Whether the women were born in the United States or not, their citizenship appears to have been dependant upon the status of their husband's citizenship.The men or their fathers were probably actually in the county listed across from their names at one time, but some of the women may never have been in the county listed. In many cases the clerks did not mark whether or not the naturalization had been completed. It appears that the clerks made some errors, as seen in some cases where there is a disrepancy in the information for husband in wife. The handwriting was often difficult to read, so other errors may have crept into this transcription. Some original spelling errors were left in.

Roughly, the Astoria precincts are located as follows: Precinct 1 was at Smith Point at the western tip of Astoria. The precinct numbers increase to the east. Pct. 2 encompassed Astor, West Bond, Flavel, Alameda, etc and 1st Street. Pct. 3, 2nd to 7th streets and 200 numbers on named streets. Pct. 4, 8th to 9th streets, and 300 numbers. Pct. 5, 10th to 11th and 400 numbers. Pct. 6, 11th and 12th streets and 500s numbers. Pct. 7, 12th to 14th streets and 550s. Pct. 8, 14th and 15th streets and 600 numbers. Pct. 9th, 17th to 20th (?) and 700 and 800 numbers. Pct. 10th, 27th to 31th streets and 1200, 1300 and 1400 numbers of name streets. Pct. 11, 33rd to 37th streets and 1500 to 1800 numbers on named streets. Pct. 12 is in the Alderbrook area with streets from 38th to 53rd streets and numbers from 1850s to 2600 in the named streets.

Name*OCC*Age*POB*Date of Intent*Place Occurred*Court* Resides

Aklestad, Ole teamster 42 Norway 6/2/08 Wahkiakum Co. Sup Warrenton
Akse, Rasmus fisherman 42 Norway 11/10/05 Cathlamet WA Sup
Svensen D Alne, Martin J. laborer 31 Norway 5/16/06 Clay Co SD Cir 11 D
Amundsen, Ben merchant 41 Norway 10/27/97 Cherokee IO Dist 7
Amundson, Anthony clerk 34 Norway 1/9/00 Cherokee IO Dist 7
Anderson, Hans G. laborer 52 Norway 10/4/84 Hennepin Co. MN 8th Dist
Jewell D Anderson, Julius fisherman 60 Norway 11/3/90 Barron WI Cir 11 D
Arwick, George carpenter 29 Norway 3/20/06 Baker City OR Co 11 D
Berg, Anna housewife 39 Norway 5/24/95 Portland Co Vesper
Berg, Daniel farmer 46 Norway 5/24/95 Portland Co Vesper
Berg, John cigar dealer 62 Norway 6/17/91 Tacoma WA Sup 2
Birmstad(?), Thomas merchant 28 Norway 11/2/07 Winnebago IO Dist Svensen
Bjelland, Lars sailor 24 Norway 8/26/12 Unalaska AK Dist 11 D
Blessum, G. minister 54 Norway 3/20/97 Todd Co. MN Dist 11
Bringdale, Andrew A. carpenter 52 Norway 2/12/91 Ottawa IL Cir 3
Burkeland, K.M. fisherman 43 Norway 11/16/03 Snohomish Co. WA Sup 10
Dahl, Beata housewife 33 Norway 3/8/03 Eugene OR Co 10
Dahl, John fisherman 36 Norway 5/8/02 Eugene OR Co 10
Dale, L. H. clerk 37 Norway 12/28/99 Britton SD Cir 5
Ekstrom, Charlotte S. housewife 53 Norway 3/28/07 Portland OR Co 5
Flann, Ole Louis filer 44 Norway 2/8/09 Pierce Co. WA Sup Westport
Garmann, Anton M. fisherman 50 Norway 2/15/92 Tacoma WA Sup 9
Gunderson, C.S. pilot 60 Norway 2/7/76 Chicago IL Crim 7
Haata, Katrina housewife 61 Norway 10/24/87 Kalama WA Dist 11
Haaven, Lewis G. farmer 67 Norway 10/6/73 Chicago Crim Y.R.
Hagen, Carl L. mariner 33 Norway 3/14/08 Seattle WA Dist 5
Hall, Anna housekeeper 34 Norway 11/11/12 Wasco Co. Cir New Astoria
Hall, Jacob lighthouse keep 35 Norway 11/11/12 Wasco Co. Cir New Astoria
Hansen, Anna housewife 43 Norway 1/12/97 Tacoma WA Sup 3
Hansen, George fireman 49 Norway 10/26/00 Portland OR Co 9
Hansen, H.E. hotelkeeper 70 Norway 10/15/72 Chicago IL Cir 8
Hansen, Lena housewife 54 Norway 10/29/94 Great Falls MT Dist 11
Hansen, Severin stonecutter 43 Norway 11/5/05 Clearfield PA CP 11 D
Harem, Ole carpenter 36 Norway 1/26/06 Brown Co. MN Dist 11 D
Holten, Chris rancher 48 Norway 12/18/01 San Fran. Sup Westport
Holthe, Martin G. fisherman 35 Norway 5/8/03 Eugene OR Co 11
Jacobson, O.H. farmer 63 Norway 10/16/83 Portland Cir Elsie D
Johansen, Harold L. bartender 33 Norway 6/6/06 Eureka CA Sup 5 D
Johanson, Anna housewife 56 Norway 9/15/90 Kalama WA Sup 1
Johanson, E.P. farmer 59 Norway 9/15/90 Kalama WA Sup 1
Johnson, Carl J. retired 70 Norway 1/21/01 Vancouver WA Sup 11
Johnson, Ingeberg housewife 50 Norway 9/4/06 Oneida Co WI Cir 11
Johnson, Isaac fisherman 37 Norway 10/30/00 Vancouver WA Sup 3
Johnson, John E. boatbuilder 52 Norway 10/13/04 Alger Co. MI Cir 11 D
Johnson, Meri housewife 61 Norway 10/15/04 Alger Co. MI Cir 11 D
Johnson, Ole G. farmer 58 Norway 2/1/82 Story Co. IO Dist Knappa
Johnson, Simon laborer 25 Norway 5/24/11 Clay Co. S.D. Cir 11 D
Jurma, K.F. laborer 37 Norway 3/23/03 Clarke Co. WA Sup 1
Kalden, Anna housewife 28 Norway 6/17/08 Hallock MN Dist 12
Kalden, Knute carpenter 33 Norway 6/17/08 Hallock MN Dist 12
Klep, Gosefa housewife 39 Norway 4/6/12 Portland OR Cir 3 D
Klep, Ommund foreman 36 Norway 4/6/12 Portland OR Cir 3 D
Koller, Isaac J. fisherman 63 Norway 3/6/94 Bessemer MI Cir 10
Larson, Hans fisherman 62 Norway 9/15/90 Kalama WA Sup 12
Lerstad, Peter C.A. sailor 35 Norway 12/7/04 San Francisco CA Sup 2 D
Linneberg, Hans A. carpenter 64 Norway 4/26/87 Beadle Co. Dakota Ter Dist 2
Lystad, Lena housewife 46 Norway 3/9/99 Crow Wing Co. MN Dist 11
Lystad, Peter fisherman 44 Norway 3/9/99 Crow Wing Co. MN Dist 11
Moe, Ole foreman 48 Norway 2/9/00 Portland OR Cir 10
Monge, Albert engineer 39 Norway 12/23/13 Portland OR Cir 11
Mortensen, Berntine housewife 63 Norway 9/9/96 Cathlamet WA Sup 11
Mortenson, O.S. fisherman 61 Norway 9/9/96 Cathlamet WA Sup 11
Nass, Chris carpenter 49 Norway 8/26/96 Portland OR Co 11
Nass, Ragna L. housewife 43 Norway 8/26/96 Portland Co 11
Nelson, Ingeborg housewife 45 Norway 10/25/83 San Francisco Sup 9
Nelson, Joseph fisherman 34 Norway 3/7/10 Rhinelander WI Cir 11
Nielsen, Marit housewife 59 Norway 1/21/87 San Francisco CA Sup 11
Niemi, Elise housewife 38 Norway 2/12/06 Houghton MI Cir 2
Oen, A.S. millman 56 Norway 11/1/90 Fargo ND Cir 9
Olsen, Agnes housewife 54 Norway 9/26/06 Salt Lake City Dist 11
Olsen, Andrew farmer 68 Norway 9/4/80 Salona Co. Sup Mishawaka D
Olsen, Lars millman 54 Norway 9/26/06 Salt Lake City Dist 11
Olsen, Peter O. laborer 43 Norway 1/6/96 Marshalltown IO Dist 7
Olson, Annie housewife 30 Norway 9/23/12 Rhinelander WI Cir 11
Olson, N.B. farmer 53 Norway 11/4/89 Oregon City Co Clifton
Olson, Soren B. fisherman 32 Norway 9/23/12 Rhinelander WI Cir 11
Olson, Tollef laborer 25 Norway 6/4/10 Maxmillion(?) SD Cir 11 D
Pederson, Andrew fisherman 29 Norway 9/3/06 Oneida Co WI Cir 12 D
Peterson, Knute laborer 47 Norway 10/11/94 Snohomish WA Sup 8
Pevig, Johanna housewife 29 Norway 2/21/13 Canyon Co ID Co 12
Pevig, Ludwig J. fisherman 30 Norway 2/21/13 Canyon Co. ID Co 12
Price, Ragna housewife 47 Norway 9/5/96 Clark Co WA Sup Seaside
Rasmussen, H.B. fisherman 44 Norway 3/25/99 Clear Lake SD Cir 11
Rogenes, Gunnar fisherman 26 Norway 4/6/12 San Francisco CA Sup 11
Rogh, Carl W. laborer 42 Norway 5/5/11 Chicago Sup 11
Rosendale, Mary housewife 43 Norway 12/1/03 Littsfield MN Dist 4
Satre, George I. fisherman 25 Norway 8/1/10 Vancouver WA Sup 12 D
Semmen, Gilbert A. carpenter 31 Norway 3/4/11 La Moure, ND Dist 10 D
Siverson, Mary housewife 52 Norway 10/7/98 Portland OR Cir 12
Siverson, Theo. fisherman 56 Norway 10/7/98 Portland Co 12
Sorenson, Evind farmer 52 Swe & Nor 9/17/99 Roseau Co. MN Dist Knappa
Svenson, Charley cook 40 Norway 3/9/03 Portland Co 7 D
Thompson, John car repairer 45 Norway 4/18/03 Marshall Co. IO Dist 12
Thompson, Thea housewife 49 Norway 4/18/03 Marshall Co IO Dist 12
Thorkilsen, Thorvald sailor 26 Norway 9/27/12 King Co. WA Sup 10
Thorsnes, A.B. contractor 27 Norway 6/14/09 Bemidji MN 15th Dist 2
Tiberg, John A. fisherman 43 Norway 12/20/09 Snohomish Co. WA Sup 1 D
Togersen, Bernt E. machinist 27 Norway 3/6/08 Philadelphia PA US Dist 11 D
Vige, Anna housekeeper 56 Norway 9/29/81 Clinton, IO Cir 11
Wahlgren, Dina housewife 53 Norway 4/24/02 San Francisco Dist 12
Weidemann, L.A. coldstorage 44 Norway 3/31/09 San Francisco US Dist 9 D
Weidemann, Marie housewife 30 Norway 3/31/09 San Francisco US Dist 9
Wirkkala, Johan fisherman 51 Norway 11/13/94 Vancouver WA Sup 10
Wold, Albert laborer 44 Norway 10/10/96 Seattle WA US Dist 11
Wold, Sophie housewife 40 Norway 10/10/96 Seattle WA US Dist 11
Ystad, Harry P. clerk 31 Norway 4/30/03 Houghton Co MI Cir 10
Ystad, Henrika housewife 58 Norway 4/30/93 Houghton MI Cir 11
Ystad, Peder fisherman 64 Norway 4/30/93 Houghton MI Cir