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Table of Cities, Towns, Communities, Populated Places,
Post Office or Census Designated Place

Yach Post Office (historical) Tillamook
Yachats Lincoln
Yachats Post Office Lincoln
Yainax Post Office (historical) Klamath
Yam Hill Post Office (historical) Yamhill
Yamada Post Office (historical) Lincoln
Yamhill Yamhill
Yamhill Post Office Yamhill
Yamsay Post Office (historical) Klamath
Yankton Columbia
Yankton Post Office (historical) Columbia
Yaquina Lincoln
Yaquina Post Office (historical) Lincoln
Yeoville Post Office (historical) Grant
Yocum (historical) Lake
Yocum Post Office (historical) Lake
Yoder Clackamas
Yoncalla Douglas
Yoncalla Post Office Douglas
Yonna Klamath
Yonna Post Office (historical) Klamath
Young Marion
Youngs Post Office (historical) Jefferson
Zena Polk
Zena Post Office (historical) Polk
Ziegler Post Office (historical) Yamhill
Zigzag Clackamas
Zigzag Post Office Clackamas
Zion Post Office (historical) Lane
Zumwalt Wallowa
Zumwalt Post Office (historical) Wallowa

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