Bend Genealogical Society, Deschutes County, Oregon

Bend Genealogical Society

Deschutes County, Oregon

Early Pioneer Certificate

The Bend Genealogical Society issues certificates to persons who are directly descended from pioneers who settled in Central Oregon (i.e., counties of Deschutes, Crook, Jefferson, Wasco, Klamath or Lake) before 1950.  

Applicants must prove direct line of descent and prove that the ancestor settled in Central Oregon.

Applicants may apply for certificates issued to them-selves or to other persons. The person to whom the certificate is issued does not need to currently live in Oregon.

The purpose of the program is to recognize families of the pioneers, encourage people to undertake genealogical research and provide genealogical resources for researchers in our library.

Cost of the Certificate:

$10.00 plus $2.00 S&H

No S&H if picked up at the library

The certificate, sequentially serialized,  is printed on
8 1/2” x 11” parchment and suitable for framing.

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Early Pioneer Certificate.

Early Pioneers in Central Oregon

• 1905 Pioneer – Robert Augustus Puett

   He came to Bend, Deschutes Co., OR from Ellensburg, Kittitas Co., WA.

   Descendant: Philip Lee Puett

• 1915 Pioneer – Frank S. Leithauser

   He came to Sisters, Deschutes Co., OR from British Columbia, Canada.             Descendant: Peter Frank Leithauser

• 1916 Pioneer – Irene Elect Abbott  

She came to Lamonta, Crook Co., OR from Hillsboro, Washington Co., OR in 1916.  Descendant:  Wilma Irene Watrous

• 1920 Pioneer – Vadabell Brumblay

Vadabell (Dodson) Williams Brumblay was born in Bend, Deschutes Co., OR in 1920.  Her parents moved to Bend from Eugene, OR in 1917.  She is still residing in Bend in 2010.

• 1923 Pioneer – John Madison Sellers (“Mat” Sellers)

He came to Bend, Deschutes Co., OR  from Spokane, Spokane Co., WA

Descendant: Susan Jane Sellers Swindell

• 1924 Pioneer – Frank Edward Bockman

Franciscus Eduard Bockman came to Bend, Deschutes Co., OR from Libby, Lincoln Co., MT.  Descendant:  Susan Jane Sellers Swindell

• 1924 Pioneer – Ronald Day Hicks

He settled in La Pine, Deschutes County, in 1924.

• 1948 Pioneer – Sigvald Skavlan, Jr.

He moved to Bend, OR from Portland, Multnomah Co., OR in 1948.

Descendants: Susan Marie Skavlan  and Sigvald Skavlan IV

• 1913 Pioneer – Mary A. Rooney

She settled in Millican, Deschutes County.

Descendant: Martin D. Rooney