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Source: "Arlington Record" , Newspaper Vol. vxv no. 13, Issue Date: 29 March 1906,   J. W. MAGUIRE born at Rutland Ohio in 1852; settled in Gilliam County 22 years ago; left Arlington for Seattle three years ago; but has been in Arlington since last fall. J. W. Maguire died at Hot Lake, Wednesday March 21. His body will be taken to Seattle for internment. A wife and three children survive him.

Ron Johnson May 4, 2009
In the picture at:  (relating to Four-Mile School) who are Nellie PEEBLER and Miss Peebler? Who are their parents? 

William P. Stoker March 23, 2009
I am tracing my wife's relatives Andrew BLACK born 1879, Montreal Quebec, Canada and Helen Matilda Gillespie MEKIE Born 1877. Edinburgh, Scotland. I have found a record of miss Mekie crossing the Canada/USA border in June1911 destination Condon Oregon. I think she may have been  in route to visit Andrew Black last from Winnipeg Manitoba, whom she subsequently married and who may have been employed in your area in farming or mining. Will be grateful for any information you may provide.

Linda  February 26, 2009
I am looking for any information on Robert (also known as RB) GILBRETH who owned property in Condon in the early 1900's. He died in 1907 and in his will he left property that he owned in Condon to his wife. I am trying to locate any land deeds for the property before we come that way later this year. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kathie Hardy  February 13, 2009
My great-great grandfather, Lewis Cass MONTAGUE and his family, arrived in Gilliam County in the late 1800's from Kansas. They lived in Willow Creek & Eight Mile as well as owning and operating a mercantile store across the river in Washington. He also had three brothers, John, Ellis and George Montague, who lived in the same towns.

Jack Kapp January 25, 2009
I trying to find information about Anna KEENEY, a sculptuist , that was raised in Condon ,Oregon-I think she was born in 1898.

Gene Davis December 2, 2008
My wife's great grandfather was Thomas Jefferson TEETERS. His wife was Martha Jackson Teeters. We know Thomas lived in and around the Arlington area in the 1800s and 1900s, and he and Martha and family were residing in Walla Walla at the time of the 1880 census, where his occupation is listed as "engineer." Further, we have found both their graves in the cemetery at Arlington.
   I just came across a death notice that ran in the January 9, 1899 Portland newspaper, reporting the death of Mrs. T.J. Teeters, wife of Postmaster Teeters of Castle Rock. The notice states Mrs. Teeters was a resident of Castle Rock for 15 years, and that her body had been removed to Arlington for burial.
   We had never ever heard or read of Thomas Teeters being postmaster at Castle Rock, but this death notice almost certainly relates to him and to his wife Martha. It is a giant step forward for my wife and her cousins in their quest for information about this branch of their family. Can you point me in the direction of local Morrow County resources that might verify and enlarge upon this new-found clue? I did find an article on the GenWeb page that listed post offices in the county, and when they were established and who their first postmaster was; but T.J. Teeters probably was not the first postmaster at Castle Rock, and he is not mentioned in the article. Any help will be truly appreciated.

Alice>  July 13, 2008
I am trying to find out when and who was arrested for burning down the Mayville Hotel which happened around 1920.

Julie Nelson  July 21, 2008
I am looking for any information on J F Reisacher. I have a saddle that belonged to my grandfather that was made by J F Reisacher. The saddle was probably made in the early 1900's or late 1800's. It has a stamp on it that says J F Reisacher and under the name it says Condon, Oregon. I found your name while trying to find out something about this man or his saddle making company. I did find that there is a building in Condon called the "Reisacher Building (Country Flower) 1905". Any info you might be able to pass on to me would be appreciated, thank you.

Carol  May 31, 2008
Looking for death dates of my ancestors Byron and Jerusha Walton who moved to Gilliam County about 1880 and are buried in Mayville Cemetery. 

Gillian Nelson  April 28, 2008
Looking for more information on graves from BLALOCK Oregon that were reburied in the Arlington cemetery in January 1962. I would like to get more info on the HILLIS baby grave.

Lise' Ohlson February 22, 2008
I am trying to obtain any ancestral information you may have on David B. TRIMBLE / TREMBLE.  He is reported to have been born between 1846 - 1850 in Clackamas County, Oregon Territory.  He died between 1885-1941.  I do not know where he died, nor where he is buried.  His wife, Eliza, died on April 16, 1920 is is buried in Condon, Gilliam County, Oregon. He is reported to have been the first Postmaster of Gilliam County in July 1884.  David B. Trimble/Tremble is my 3rd great-grandfather. David B. Trimble/Tremble - married Eliza Surrena Scott on March 07, 1880 in Creswell, Lane County, Oregon.

Dick Caldwell  February 12, 2008
My grandparents, William CALDWELL and Helen TOPPER Caldwell, lived in Condon from 1890 through 1907 where my father and his four siblings were born. William Caldwell died there Christmas Day 1907 and is said to be buried in Mt. Mariah Cemetery. I am seeking obituary or other official notice of my grandfather?s death.

Sharon Cozad  February 2, 2008
I hope you can help me locate an obituary for the following individual: Cynthia (HOSFORD) Taylor who was residing in Arlington, Oregon. She was killed in an automobile accident July 1968 while driving to Council Bluffs, Iowa to attend our 10 year class reunion.
       The Abraham Lincoln High School class of 1958 is in the process of planning our 50 year class reunion and want to honor our classmates who have passed on. If you find Cynthia?s obituary, we would appreciate you forwarding to us a copy. If there any charges for this service, please so indicate. Sharon Cozad, 2434 Lockwood Place, Council Bluffs, IA 51503, 712-328-3655

Rose Schaer January 13, 2008
Looking for John W. SCRIBNER family beyond the 1920 census. John W. Scribner born 1862 in Missouri; wife Minnie Ollie CHANCE 1870 in Iowa; son Bertie lee Aug 1887 Oregon; Myrtle E. 1890 in Oregon. It is believed John & Minnie Ollie married & died in Gilliam county. Can anyone verify death date, burial place. And a marriage if possible? I believe Bertie Lee was married to a lady name Della.
     The Scribner name has been spelled and misspelled a dozen different ways so I have had trouble tracking them but would really like to find this family and descendents.

Georga Foster  November 5, 2007 and March 9, 2009
I have been researching my mothers family from Mayville and Condon for seven years now and still have a "mystery" person that I can't locate anywhere except in a 1900 census record. Moms family where the David C. Shaw family, her grandfather and her parents were Frank and Lula Crews SHAW. They were related to many other townsfolk including the Lillies, Smiths, Lewellens, Millers . the name "Eve Jackson " appears on the 1900 census record with the David Shaw family. She was born in 1889 in Oregon and listed as niece. Have been unable to find anyone in the families named Jackson. If you have any info on this little girl, please let me know.
   My mother Mary Shaw Morris was born in 1906 in Mayville . It was on Beecher flat. Her parents were Frank and Lula Shaw . He took over the farm from his father David Shaw. Does anyone know who owns the property now. We would like to visit this summer.

Marty Bertera November 5, 2007
I am now in the process of writing another book on the civil war. A member of the regiment Henry PETRE or sometimes spelled Petrie move to your area after the war. Would you have any information on him at all? Photos, Letters? Below is what I have on the him for you records. Thanks for your help.  "Petre, Henry, Steuben, Indiana. Enlisted in Company K, Fourth Infantry, June 20, 1861, at Adrian, for 3 years, age 19. Mustered June 20, 1861. Wounded in action at Gaines? Mill, Virginia, June 27, 1862. Gun shot through right shoulder and lung, lodging in spine, causing paralysis in left arm. Also shot in left foot. Mustered out at expiration of term of service at Detroit, Michigan, June 29, 1864. In 1860 he was listed as a ?Ward? to Lawyer Nelson Predune, residing with his family. Resided in Arlington, Oregon after war. Died in 1896 Tillamook, Oregon. Born in Indiana."

Terry L. Harmon October 26, 2007
I am looking for any information available concerning the death of my great, great-granduncle, Abaraham Lincoln WALLACE (b. January 5, 1880 in Johnson Co., TN; d. December 21, 1912 in Gilliam Co., OR). He was shot and killed, and supposedly a coroner ruled his death a suicide. I would like to locate his death record, newspaper article about his death, and the location of his grave. Any help would be appreciated. Terry L. Harmon
637 Fletcher Branch Road, Vilas, NC 28692

Barbara Humphreys July 9, 2007
I was born in Condon, Oregon in 1936, and recently attended the Kinzua Reunion in Fossil. I have a 1900 census record that shows a town of Idea, Oregon, I think it would be near Condon. It maybe near the town of Ajaz, which I found on a 1915 Gilliam Co. Lets share our info...
My roots in Condon are: HIGH, YARDLEY,  DALZELL,  RICE

Bill and Sandra Ihrig April 16, 2006
IHRIG Information

Pat Diaz  August 29, 2005
I just received from the National Archives the land papers for my great-great uncle Frank Liberty. He settled in an area called Contention, OR in 1889. I was wondering if you happened to have any info, photos, etc., regarding the town and my ancestor. I've been to central Oregon many times but have never heard of this town! I couldn't find it on any of the Gilliam Co. website pages either. I would be so grateful for any help you can give me! Thank you so much!

Gene Powell November 20, 2003
I'm looking for relatives or descendants of the of the DANNEMAN family from Clem, Oregon. I found Bessie Danneman's Pharmacy degree in an old picture frame and would  like to return it to her family. When I called the historian at OSU I was sent the following information,
"Bessie Gus Danneman earned a pharmacy certificate from OAC in 1908. According to the 1925 alumni directory, she was married to C.A. Cole and living in Portland.  According to the 1939/40 pharmacy alumni directory, she was living in Salem at 1630 N 19th.  Bessie was from Clem, Oregon (Gilliam County).
Also from Clem.......
Carrie Agnes Danneman graduated in 1901 in domestic science -- she married C.T. McDevitt and in 1922 was the Deputy County Clerk here in Corvallis. As of 1925, she still lived here in Corvallis.  Mary Cecil Danneman graduated with a BS in 1905.  She married John Laue and lived in Portland (180 Floral Avenue) according to the 1925 alumni directory."
I can be reached at, (503) 546-3932 or (503) 281-8783 or email

Julie  November 13, 2003
I am looking for information about a Charles O. PORTER who claimed the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter of Section 33, Township 3 North, Range 18 East, on Dec. 2, 1907. this location is next to the John Day River a couple of miles upstream from its confluence with the Columbia River.

LP Masters  March 30, 2003
My father and uncle during their childhood, were good friends of the MOORE family in Morrow/Gilliam County Oregon. The children were Josephine Moore, Brian Moore, Mary Moore, and Lee Moore. The family later moved to Milton Freewater, Oregon. I have photographs taken circa 1917 of this family. I would like to send these photographs to descendants.
     Among my family photographs are two 5x7 woodcuts of either candidates or elected officials likely officers in Gilliam or Morrow County Oregon. They are John T. Daniel, County Clerk and Josh B. Thomas, Deputy County Clerk. These probably would have been men serving possibly as early as the 1890's and before 1920.  If you can establish that you are a descendant of either of these men, I will send you the appropriate woodcut. Please e-mail me at ljmasters at networld dot com. 
      Searching for descendants of Jack DAVIS who owned Fairview Farms in the early 20th Century in Northern Gilliam County. His wife had a sister whose name may have been Nina.  Jack DAVIS and his wife and her sister, Nina lived in the area of Morrow/Gilliam County Oregon. They owned Fairview and farms all over the area. They gave a family picture to my grandmother, Hattie Logan. I would like to mail this original photo to descendants. Please contact me at ljmasters at networld dot com.
     Searching for descendants of Mr. and Mrs. MOORE who lived at Four-Mile in Gilliam County early in the 20th Century. The children attended Four- Mile School. They moved to Milton-Freewater. Josephine was the name of the mother. The children were Mary, Lee and Brian. ljmasters at networld dot com

Leslie Campbell  (Previous Gilliam Co. Pioneer listing)
Hans Nicholi ANDERSON & Inger Marie JACOBSEN, Condon 1883.
Samuel MALEY & Elizabeth Smith FARRAR, Condon 1881.
Edmund Alphonso STINCHFIELD & Phoebe PERRIN MCCONNELL Mayville after 1867.

Jan Gilliam Reynolds  (Previous Gilliam Co. Pioneer listing)
James Pulliam CASON & Mary E. MARSH, Shutler Flat near Arlington 1882.

Kathy Fuller (Previous Gilliam Co. Pioneer listing)
Hugh HENDRICKS & Nancy Jane GILKENSON & Robert Eben HENDRICKS & Angie SMITH, Condon 1882.

LaVelle Nott (Previous Gilliam Co. Pioneer listing)
Dr. B.F. NOTT was the first dentist in central Oregon! He may have been called Dr. Ben or Dr. Frank Nott.

Sally Harris (Previous Gilliam Co. Pioneer listing)

Texann Yarbrough Johnson  (Previous Gilliam Co. Pioneer listing)
Andrew JACKSON & Nancy Elmira WOODFIN YARBROUGH of Arlington.
Thomas SNELSON & Nancy Jane PIERCE WOODFIN of Arlington.
James EDWARD & Laura Maybelle WARD YARBROUGH of Arlington.

Jay Jones (Previous Gilliam Co. Pioneer listing)
Jesse Berryman & Julia Bell JONES Section 24, near Olex 1882.

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