Document for the Reconstruction of the 1862 wagon train Roster

John Knox KENNEDY, Capt
Pat Packard and Marjorie Ellis Miles, IGS
Original published Apr. 1993, Vol. 36 No. 2 by Yakima Valley Genealogical Society

?Additions and Corrections?
By Ella Jane ALLISON McCarley
Gt. Gt. Granddaughter of John K. KENNEDY

We are trying to continue to complete the Roster of those that were actually on the train, and new information will be added to the Roster as it is received. Names in Boldface were on the Train.

The nucleus of the Kennedy Company was Iowa farm families, bound for northeastern Oregon, Walla Walla or the Powder River gold mines. They were among the earliest Companies whose destination was the Oregon country east of the Cascades. More important than plows and gold pans in those covered wagons the Kennedy Company brought the structure of civilization and a sense of History. On August 9th, 1862 they were four miles behind two smaller trains attacked by Indians at what became known as Massacre Rocks, Idaho. They came to the rescue at the cost of two lives and several wounded, something not all wagon trains would have done. The Kennedy Company understood that civilization doesn?t come cheap.

In later years, most former emigrants recorded themselves simply as having crossed the plains Veterans of the Kennedy Company, added ?with the John K. Kennedy Company? making this wagon train easier to reconstruct than most. Three immigrants of the Kennedy train kept journals (two journals still exist in the entirety). An unusual number later wrote reminiscence and more journals were kept in other trains that traveled with the Kennedy Company in the larger consolidated train that crossed southern Idaho together for protection against Indians. This has to be among the best recorded of the Wagon Trains.

On Jun 10 the there were 88 men, 46 women and 86 children, totaling 220 immigrants in the Kennedy Company. They traveled with 52 wagons, 315 cattle and 38 horses and mules. (Scott Journal). More joined as they crossed the plains. The 170 persons identified, or partially so below have been recorded as traveling with the Kennedy Company at one time or another

Framework of the reconstruction came from a list of family names written, or perhaps copied by Hattie Barns, daughter of Woodson Cummins and attached to her copy of the Scott Journal and others have been added from the Diaries and Family records.

Ella Jane Allison McCarley, Everall Cummins and Marti Ellis are doing further research for this ongoing project. Detailed information about the Kennedy, Cummins and Ellis families can be obtained from them. Goldie Mae Raley Caviness supplied material on the Raley Party.

Additional information is requested from other descendents of the Kennedy Train.


Arthing7 From Fremont, Mahaska Co., IA
Bailey, G. W5 -See Raley Party
Bailey Family7
Bailey, Tim5
Bailey, Mrs. Tim5
Bailey Children:
Infant: b. 17 June 1862
A day west of Chimney Rock5

Beck, Lewis31
From Femont, Mahaska Co. Iowa

Bovee Family
Bovee, George
From Jefferson Co. Iowa
From Wapello Co., Iowa
d. 4 July 1862 when his gun accidentally discharged3,5
Bovee, Mrs.17
Son age 5/617
(2 or 3 children?)17



Bullwinkle, Charles1
Was a member of the Kennedy train. He became impatient and disregarding any advice concerning the Indian danger, left the train July 25. Moving on in advance of the group he finally joined up with the Adams train who were intending to wait for the Kennedy train. The Kennedy train had not reached them when they were attacked by Indians. Mr. Bullwinkle was shot 8 times.1

Clark ? See Raley Party

Collins, Dr. DY.3,9
No family but a wagon with a fine team.

Coons, W.H3

Creamer, J. W.3
Orderly Sergeant of Kennedy Comp.

Culberson/Cubberson, Ed Rev.3
Lt. Orderly of Kennedy Comp. Captain of splitter company after Green River, 20 Jul 1862

Cummins Family7,28
Started with the Kennedy train then joined the Culberson Train 31 Jul. From Mahaska Co. Iowa. Traveled with ox drawn wagon, arrived in Washington on 28 Sep. and settled first southeast of Walla Walla on Russell Creek.
Cummins, Robert7
b. 21 Apr 1830, Monroe Co., WVA. Son of Woodson Cummins and Nancy Ellison d. 8 May 1915 Touchet, Walla Walla, WA. Judge of Kennedy Train.28
m. 1 Lucretia Meyers20,28
12 May 1851 in IN.
Children who made trip:
Jessie b. 17 Jan 1853
Mahaska Co., IA20,28
Woodson b. 6 Jul 1855
Mahaska Co., IA d. 194120,28
m. Jemina Jane Weaver20,28
William Henderson
b. 27 Feb 1857 Mahaska,20
Co. IA m. Delilah Jane Cummins, dau. of Daniel Cummins of Touchet, said not to be related.20
James Madison b. 6 Jan 1858 Mahaska Co., IA
m.1 Adelaide Byme 14 Sep 1878 m. 2 Olive Colwel Lee20
Nancy b. 28 Oct 1861 Mahaska, Co., IA20 m. Cyrus Jacobs.20
Robert Cummins then married:
m2. Harriet Ann Fletcher Files, widow of Robert Files who was also on the trip.28 (See Files Family)
m.3 Cynthia Cherry20
m.4 Frances J. Swope (div)20
m.5 Susannah Myers Ritchie a sister of first wife.20

Cummire, Jordoff R.3
Justice of Peace of the Kennedy Company..





Ellis Family7,26,27
Sarah Jane Farmer Ellis
b. 10 Gr 1805 Hampshire, Co. VA d. 23 Apr 1873 Walla Walla, WA. Widow of David Ellis.27
Children on the 1862 Train
Susan France Ellis Zaring
b. 1 Jan 1831 Hampshire Co. VA Widow of Eli Zaring d. 1860 Mahaska Co., IA.27
(See Zaring Family for children)
Ellis, Samuel G. b. 27 Sep 1832 Hampshire Co., VA
d. 8 Feb 1904, Dayton, Columbia Co., WA26
m. 8 May 1856 Mahaska Co., IA26
Rhoda Ann Kennedy b. 15 Apr 183624 Hancock Co., IN dau. of Capt. John K. Kennedy & Sarah Steele Kennedy24
Children on the 1862 Train
John Morris b. 23 Jun 1857 Mahaska Co., IA26
Mary Rosetta b. 24 Dec 1861 Mahaska, Co., IA26
Ellis, Ellis Ebenezer b. 13 Jun 1836 Hampshire Co., VA d. 2 Dec. 192027 m. Eliza Jane Zaring (sister of Eli Zaring)27
Children on 1862 Train
John Rogers b. 19 Nov 1861 Mahaska Co., IA d. 19 Aug 1863 Walla Walla, WA27 Charles Francis b. 13 Jul 1862 at Lander?s Cutoff, Sweetwater River.3,27
Ellis, Hiram Lee b. 7 Oct 1830 Allegany, MD.27
Ellis, Sarah C. b. 7 Dec 1841 Allegany, MD27
Ellis, Henry Clay b. 5 Mar 1844 Allegany, MD27


Files Family7,11
Files, Robert b. 12 May 1835, Iowa
b. 12 May 1835 Iowa11
m. Harriet Ann Fletcher 7 May 1855, Oskaloosa, Iowa20
m.2 Robert Cummins d. 34 Dec
1893 Milton, OR20
Children on 1862 train:
George b. 8 Feb 1861, Iowa20

Forebush/Farbush, George7,31



Hale/Hall, Buckskin5,3 Captain after Kennedy resigned. (This may be Mesac Hale, husband of John K. Kennedy?s siter Jane Kennedyas we know they came to OR.)24


Hill, Stephen7

Hillman/Hilman, John C.3,7
(later addition) His name is included in Cummins list, but he wrote a letter Aug 11 and it appears he was with the Bristol Comp. He may have traveled with both trains.

Hoover Family7
Hoover, Mr.7
Hoover, Mrs.5

Hunter, A.7 (later addition) Scott speaks of him only as A. Hunter: he may be Andrew J. Hunder who traveled with adjacent Adams, Smart and Jack Trains or a different man belonging to the Kennedy Company. If it is Andrew Hunter, he was from Iowa City, Iowa and died near Massacre Rocks, 9 Aug 1862 in the Indian attack and he is buried there.

James, Joseph W. ? a youth5,7

Jones, Lem31

Kennedy Outfit3,5,7,31
This party left Mahaska Co., Iowa on 5 May with provisions for four months: distination LaGrande, OR. 9 family members (includes Rhoda Ann Kennedy Ellis, wife of Samuel Ellis traveling with the Ellis party), a hired hand (name unknown). There were 9 other families with the Kennedy outfit that was formed in Mahaska Co., Iowa. Known are families of: Ellis Ellis, Samuel Ellis, John McGuire, Paul Family.15
Kennedy Family
The outfit included: 2 wagons, 1 drawn by mules, 1 by oxen. At the beginning of the trip all of the daughter?s had saddle horses but they died so the girls walked the rest of the way.15
Kennedy, John Knox Captain
b. 29 May 1811 Greene Co., TN son of Samuel & Francis Kennedy.24
To Hancock Co., IN 1831, Morgan Co., IL 1840, Wapello Co., IA 1849, Mahaska Co., IA 1853 and over the Oregon Trail in 1862.25 m. 17 Oct 1830 Sarah Sally)Steele who d. Aug 1845 Morgan Co., IL24
Children on 1862 train.
Ellis, Rhoda Ann Kennedy b. 15 Apr. 1836 Hancock Co., IN 24 m. Samuel G. Ellis (See Ellis family for more information)
Kennedy, Mary Elizabeth b. 25 May 1842 Morgan Co., IL 24 m. Alanson/Alfred Allison 25 Dec 1862, Baker City, Baker, OR.24 m.2 19 April 1849 Wapello Co., IA24 Sarah McGuire Stotts (the the sister of John McGuire and widow of John Stotts.)25 b. in KY and Midwife of the Kennedy Comp. Train.

Children by John Stotts on train.
Stotts, Cassie15
Stotts, Margaret A. b. 19 Mar 1846 Wapello, IA15
m.1 Will Ewing 1864 Walla Walla, WA15 m. 2. F.W. Theil 188415
Stotts, Susan Jane15
m. Tim Neely 25 Dec. 1862 Baker City, OR25
Son of Sarah McGuire Stotts and John K. Kennedy
Kennedy, John Henry
b. 1 Apr 1850 Wapello Co., IA24
Graduated Willamette University in 1871 with a MD degree.25 m. 1 Mary Jane Sheets25
3 children died infants25 m.2 Nancy Ann Steen Halpenny25
Children: Faith, Ruby, Bliss25


Macky/Mackay, Thomas7

Mahffrey Family30
Mahffey, Margaret McAdoo
b. 13 Dec 1813 TN dua of Finley Stewart McAdoo and Harriet Mater.
m. John Lincoln Mahaffey 18 Feb 1834 Parke Co., IN29 who d. 23 Aug 1857 Mahaska Co. IA.29
Children on Train. They settled in Union Co., OR30
Mahaffey, Samuel b. 2 Aug 1845 served Civil War m. Martha Alberson 22 Nov 1869 La Grande, Union Co., OR.30
Mahaffey, Pierce A. b. 25 Jan 1834 d. 18 Feb 1888 m. unknown and 1 child29 NFK
Mahaffey, Margaret A. b. 29 Jan 1850 d. 21 Aug 1889 Mahaska Co., Iowa age 12 in 1882. m. Judge L.O. Sterns.29
Margaret moved back to Iowa in 1890 to live with her son Robert who did not make the trip until her death 26 Jan 1902.29



McClung, John Scott3
From Dahlonega, Wapello Co., Iowa leaving there 24Apr. 1862. Wrote the McClung Diary.3 Died age 48 unmarried in a mining accident in Butte MT.23

McCormick Family7
Mr. McCormick7
Mrs. McCormick7
Small boy McCormick(?)3

McGuire Family5
From Fremont, Mahaska Co., IA. 5Ten family members trip.
2 Wagons, 1 with Ox team, 1 with Mule team and cows for change off. Settled near Walla Walla, Wa on Russell Creek.9,11,13
McGuire, John Garrett b. KY, brother of Sarah McGuire Stotts Kennedy, the wife of John K. Kennedy.25 McGuire was the organizer of the Kennedy party and it?s 2nd Lt.23
m. Martha Kirkpatrick who d. 8 May 1856.22
Children of John & Martha on 1862 Train. There is no mention in any of the Diaries or resources of the 2 eldest sons of John and Martha being on the train but we are sure they were.
McGuire, William Harvey b. 14 Apr 1843 m. 1869 Samantha Roberts, Walla Walla, WA.23
Son McGuire age 1923
Son McGuire age 1623
McGuire, Solomon Anderson b. 8 Oct 1846 m. 1877 Mary Roberts23
McGuire, Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) b. 9 Mar. 184923
McGuire, Martha Jane b. 14 Nov 1852 Ottumwa, Wapello Co. Iowa9 m. Charles W. Fitzsimmons, 7 Nov 1875 Walla Walla, WA9
m.2 abt. 18539
Mary Jane Fitzimmons Paul who was b. PA. She was the widow of John Paul who died about 1850.
Children of John and Mary Jane Paul who were with the McGuire23 Family were.
Paul, Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) b. 9 Oct. 1849 Mahaska Co. IA d. 12 Apr 184612 age 94 Walla Walla, WA m. 18 Jul 1864 Samuel R. Maxon.12
Paul, Luellenn/Ellen b. 24 Nov 1852 in Dahlonga, IA m. John J. Garlington.11
Paul, Eveline/Eve b. abt 1854 In IA m. A. B. Robley 11Son of John G. McGuire and Mary Jane Fitzsimmons Paul McGuire9
McGuire, John Wesley b. 17 Oct 1859 Mahaska Co., Iowa9,23

Miller Family7 (later addition)
From Fremont, Mahaska Co., Iowa. Drove a wagon and ox team in the beginning. A horse and cow in the end. Settled in Umitlla Co., OR.15,34
Miller, Abram Augustus ?Abe?
b. 30 Apr 1836 Henry Co., IN d. 31 May 1913 buried Pilot Rock Cemetery, Umitilla, OR18,34
m. 1 Jan 1860 Libertyville, IA Nancy Moore b. 11 May 1840 d. 17 Jan 1890, buried Pilot Rock Cemetery, Umitilla, OR18,34 1 child on train.
Auta/Aistie A. Miller m. John Arrasmith18,34

Neely, Tim(?)7
(Although no first name is mentioned, I believe this be be Tim Neely who married Susan Jane Stotts in Dec. 1862 after they arrived in OR. Double wedding with step sister Mary Elizabeth Kennedy.)

Newman Family7
Newman, Tom d. 10 Aug near Massacre Rocks, Power Co., ID in the Indian battle. His body was not recovered.2
Newman, Mrs.15
5 Newman children unnamed.15



Paul Outfit7
From Fremont, Mahaska Co., IA. Leaving thereon May 1. Settled in Walla Walla, WA on Dry Creek. Zaring, Kennedy and other relatives may have outfitted them.9
Paul, Joseph Rev.
b. abt. 1806 in WVA d. Spring 1886 age 7919
Pastor of Kennedy Train. M. 25 Aug 182411
Mary/Polly Cummins 19 b. 6 Dec 1805 dau of Robert Cummins and Delphia Ballard. 23 D. 13 Feb 1887 Walla Walla, WA. Mt. View Cemetery.23
Children of Rev. Joseph and Mary Cummins on 1862 Train
Zaring, Mercy Paul.m. Alvin Zaring shortly before crossing the plains. (see Zaring family).
Paul, Thomas Rev. b. 9 Dec 1828 Monroe Co., VA.
m.1 in 1849
Elizabeth Mortimore 19 She died in childbirth 27 Jul 1862 near Wagner Pass and was buried there.5 Children of Thomas and Elizabeth on 1862 Train.
Louisa Jane A15,34 age 12 b. 1849 m. Thomas Easter23
Mary Melvina b. 1851 m. Reason W. Doke23
Isaac Edwin age 7 b. 1853 IA 23 m.1 Amanda Cope m.2 Elizaba Wood23
Harriet Eleanor b. 1854 IA m. J. Leanard Reed23,
Martha Alice/Patsy b. 1856 IA m. George Stowell23
Lucinda Arietta age 2 b. 1860 IA m. James K.H. Storey.23
Elizabeth b. 25 Jul 1862 near Wagners Pass23,31 d. 3 Aug 1862 at Lane?s Grove, near Gray?s Lake Idaho.23,31
McGuire, Mary Jane Fitzimmons Paul widow of their son John Paul, deceased. She m.2 John G. McGuire. See McGuire family for their children.9

Rayburn, Mary2,13
Traveling with the Paul family to join brother in Oregon.


Raley Party22
From Nebraska City, Nebraska. Four wagons drwn by mule and horse teams. Joined Kennedy Company along the way.

Bailey Family5
Bailey, G. W.5
Bailey, G. W. Mrs.22
Bailey Children:
3 names unknown22

Clark Family22
Clark, Fred22
Clark, Mrs. Fred22
Clark, Infant22

Raley Family 7,22
Left home in March 1862 with two horses and mule drawn wagons. Went to Portland, OR then settled in Umitilla Co. 18645,18,22,36
Raley, Rebecca d. 1863 Portland OR the widow of William Raley who died bef. 1862. She was the leader of Raley Party. 22
Raley, Jonathan age, 33 son of and Rebecca Raley d. 25 Apr 1877 Umitilla Co., OR body transferred to Waitsburg, WA cemetery. 22,36
m. Rachel (?) age 2918
Children on Train:
Benjamin Franklin ?Ben?
Age 1010,36
James H. b. 20 Jan 1855 NE4,10,17,36 m. Minnie A. Pruitt
Alice, Infant22
Raley, Andrew22 young son of Rebecca and William
Moore, Mary Jane Rebecca Raley?s orphaned granddaughter.22

Rayburn ? See Thomas Paul Family

Possibly the William Redhener, part of whose journal was published in Washington Statesman, Walla Walla, WA 4 Oct. 1862

Rounceville Family (as Ronsevills)7
Rounceville, Nathan 7
m. Nancy Cummins Harvey
m.1 Harvey
m.2 Nathan Rounceville
(Said to be sister of Polly Cummins, but did not find her in the family records.)


Scott (are these brothers?)7
From Fremont, Mahaska Co., IA. Began journey Apr.24
Scott, Hamilton7,5,31
Hamilton is the keeper of Scott Journal and was headed for Eastern Oregon mines.5
Scott, Wilson31
Scott, Robert31
Robert Scott?s journal is found in the Manuscripts? archive collection of the Idaho Historical Society. It appears that Robert Scott returned to Iowa.




Stanfield Family7
Stanfield, Ardly1,3,8
Stanfield, James
2nd Sargeant, Corporal and Constabele of Kennedy Comp.1,3,8

Stott/Stotts ? See John K. Kennedy Family

Taylor Outfit77
From Mahaska Co., IA. Ten family members and two hired men, not identified. 2 covered wagons and ox teams. Settled near Walla Walla, WA

Taylor Family7
Taylor, Ephram10
Taylor, Nancy (his wife)10
Children of Ephram & Nancy
Ezra age 910
Christina age 510
m. J. M Chamer
Martha Jane10
John Wesley10
James Madison10
William B.10
Ephraim Jr.10

Townsend Family3
From Monroe, Jasper Co., IA. Drove wagon with ox team and had a hired man.5
Townsend, Mr.1,3,8
Townsend, Nancy2
d. 3 Aug 1862 when she was ran over by the family wagon during a stampede.3
Boy Townsend ? 18 mo3
Girl Townsend ? 3 years3

Vennerns, Thomas2,3
Married but his wife not with him. Died before 6 Sept. 1862.


Zaring Family4,5,7
From Fremont, Mahaska Co., IA. Settled near Walla Walla, WA on Dry Creek, Touchet, WA3,4,5,8,20
Zaring, Alvin3,4,5,8,20
b. 5 Dec. 1837 Hendricks Co., IN
m.1 21 Oct. 1857 Mahaska, Co., IA Paul, Mercy the youngest daughter of Joseph & Mary Cummins Paul.13
Children on 1862 Train
Ezra Eli b. 23 Dec 1859 Mahaska Co. IA13
Luella ?Ella? b. 10 Sep. 1861 Mahaska Co., IA
Zaring, Susan J. Ellis b. 1831 Hampshire Co., VA, the daughter of David and Sarah Jane Ellis. d. 7 May 1916.17
She was the widow of Eli Zaring b. 30 Oct. 1830 and d. 31 Oct. 1859 Fremont, Mahaska, Co., IA.
He m. 1 23 Sep. 1852 Mahaska, IA Nancy Paul, daughter of Joseph and Mary E. Paul who d. 185417
Child of Eliz Zaring and Nancy Paul was Nancy Jane b. 1854 who stayed in Mahaska, Co., with her Zaring Grandparents.
Children of Eli and Susan on the Train.
Sarah Alice b. 1856 m. Joshua A. Howard.32
August Alverna/Verni (Elina) b. 1859 d. age 5.32
m. 2 Thomas Paul 1863 after the trip.12

Doubtful Kennedy Company
These Families and Names were found in journals in connections with the Kennedy Company but probably belong to adjacent wagon trains that the Kennedy Company met up with or were joined with for a short period of time for protection.

Cassady/Sassady, A. J.38
May be Bristol Company, statement is ambiguous.

Gift. Rev.3,5
Methodist minister. May have visited Kennedy Comp. From another company.

Luper/Leper/Seaper, George3 From Marion Co., IA d. 10 Aug near Massacre Rocks, Idaho, buried there . May have belonged to Adams or Smart Companies instead of Kennedy. Name may also be Sherpari.

Motes/Moess, William1,3 From Washington Co., Iowa d. 10 Aug 1862 near Massacre Rocks.

William7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39 Deaths in the Kennedy Company Train during the trip.

Mr. George Bovee3
d. 4 Jul 1862 buried near Independence Rock ? Gun discharged accidentally.

Elizabeth Paul3,5(wife of Thomas
Paul) d. Jul 1862 age 32 yrs. 7 mos, 27 da.
? Complications of Childbirth. In Memory of
Elizabeth Paul, from McClung Diary (author J. S.?? or a quote.??

Friends nor Physicians could not
save this mortal body from the
grave Nor or can the brave confine
it here when God demands it to appear

For tho it was her lot to die here
among the Mountains high
Yet when Gabriel trumpet sail
sound Among the blest she will be

And while she rests beneath this
tree May holy angels watch and see
That naught disturbs her peaceful
day until the dawning of that day.

Mrs. Nancy Townsend d. 3 Aug
1862 ran over by a wagon the day
before. Age 21

Elizabeth Paul d. 3 Aug 1862
Infant daughter of Thomas &
Elizabeth Paul. Nancy Townsend and the Paul infant were buried side
by side.

Other Wagon trains Emigrants met along the way that are mentioned in the diaries.
Rev. Mr. Miarity5
Mr. McComic5
June 20 1862 Rev Paul married I Mr. Chester Snider and Miss E. Fickard.5
Mr R. Young3,5 ? convicted of murder by the Kennedy train and executed Newman Train: met Aug 9
Adams Train: met Aug 10 South of American Falls, Idaho
Smart Train: met Aug 10 South of American Falls, Idaho (Horse Train) headed by Capt Bnstol.
(Indian?s had attacked both Adams Smart trains and the member?s of Kennedy train came to rescue them On Aug 11th.
200 more wagons camped with the KennedyTrain for protection.

Killed at Massacre Rocks
From Kennedy Train:
Thomas Newman: d. 10 Aug 1862
Charles Bulliwinkle, New York City (had left Kennedy train)
From other trains:
William Moses/Motes d. 10 Aug 1882 From Washington Co., Iowa
George Sheperi, d. 10 Aug 1862 Iowa City, Iowa
Z. J. Winter, Iowa City
Masemo Lepi, St. Paul, Ml
George W. Adams, Iowa City (Captain of the Adams Train)

Wounded at Massacre Rocks
Kennedy Train
Captain John K. Kennedy
Ephrairn Taylor
Adams & Smart Trains
Miss. Elizabeth Adams ?d Aug 12 from her wounds
T. I. Adams
Thomas Bradford
James Crawford
John Walker Cassady
E. O . Sullivan
John Miller
John Paterson

Graves Found along the trail noted in J. S. Mclungs Diary although not part of the Kennedy Company Train we hope that the notation of these graves may help someone find out what happened to their ancestor
Date Name Place (if known) Information
May 30 Daniel Collard d. 1861 age 26 years
May 31 John 1. Smith d. 22 Feb 1862 kdled by Sew Indians
2 Smith Sons no names d. 22 Feb 1862
Hired Hand no name d. 22 Feb 1862
June 6 Gramberling Jacob d 25 May 1882 (grave)
June 6 Fable, Steven d. . 6th 1860 22 years
June 9 Moe, Sir. J. d. 25 Jul 1861 age 58
June 13 A. Wilson d. 1 June 1662 age 32 5 mo & lO day
June 18 Mrs B. Winters d. 1851 age 50
June 19 Mrs. W B Hamilton from Brenier Co, Iowa d. 8 Jul 1881 age 31 yrs., 1O mo. 2 days
June 19 D. S. Foster Decater Co., IN d. 20 Jun 1861 age 47 years
Elvan Ingram from Salem, Iowa d. 23 Jun 1852 age 4 yrs 6 mo.
June2 4 John Walker d. 15 Jun 1852
June 24 Josiah Walker d. 2 Jun 1852 age 32
June 25 Mr Mathew Hollen (next to grave with no marker) d 12 Jun 1862
July 7 Mr George Scott killed 5 July by R. Young d. 5 Jul 1862
July 8 Mr. R. Young (executed by Kennedy d. 8 Jul 1662
Comp for Scoffs murder)
July10 Megraw (2) Brothers in law- Killed by Indians d. 28 Jun 1862
Dog lying on graves wouldn?t leave
July 23 Matan Moarn killed by Indians d. 18 Jul 1882
July 23 Captain Q W. Geane d. 18 Jul 1859 age 50 yr 2 ma.
Aug. 12 G. W. Sanders d. 27 Jul 186233 yrs. (grave)
Elizabeth Adams was buried beside him
Aug. 12 Miss Ways d. ?52?
Aug. 14 J. M. Oley d. 31 Jul 1881 1 yr. 7mo.

We would like to Thank Family researchers for their help. They welcome queries, additions and collections to their research and would like to hear from anyone who thinks they may be connect to their families or the Wagon Train.

Family Researchers:
KENNEDY: Ella Jane Allison McCarley ?2501 SW 11th Circle, Battle Ground! WA 98604 -360-666-4853 e-mail
ELLIS: Marti Ellis Lehman 3585 ~W Lehman PL, Beaverton, OR 503-645-1070 e-mail
CUMMINS: Everall Cummins (Everall has also written an article for the Overland Journal about this trip) ? ?High Noon on the Sweetwater? The 1882 Capture, Trail and Execution of Young by the Kennedy Wagon Train. Va. 18 #1 Summer 2000 of the overland Journal
MAHAFFEY: Leila Beau
We would like to encourage allJCenter in Baker City, OR. Both are very informative and a must see for all descendents


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Other Sources

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33 Newspaper Clipping ? no name or date.
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38 McComas Journal
39 Franawas, 1990
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