Covered Wagon Women Vol. 6

Covered Wagon
Diaries from the Western Trail 1850
Edited and compiled by Kenneth L. Holmes
These are names from the index of "Covered Wagon Women," Volumes I and II. If there is a * in the column marked "More info available," Tami will be happy to do lookups for you. Contact Tami Caldwell only if there is a * in this column, as there is no more information available unless marked.
Last Name First Name Year of info. From State Ref. Page # More info available
Blake Augustus 1853 WI, OR 153, 166 In 1853 was age 28 when he left to cross the plains. Can be found in the 1854 census of OR, living w/ the Taylor family. Worked his way across to OR with the Taylor family driving one of their wagons.
Brimley Eliza 1853 IN, OR 153 SEE: Noble
Bryant Wesley & Mary, family 1853 NY, OR 86 They were from Wyoming Co., NY. Settled near present day Lake Oswego and had 2 children Alta and Lee. They lived to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. He is reputed to have brought the first red clover to OR. On May 22, 1853 "wagon ran over Mrs Bryant's foot".
Burt Ellen, Omar 1853 OR 168 Ellen traveled with her father Omar at the age of 13 in 1853. They became pioneer settlers of Glide. She did write a diary and a copy is available at Western Orgeon State College. A descendent of Ellen's is a Marsha (Melvin) Ruhn.
Butler Family 1830's KY, IL, OR 15-31 *
Carl Wilson 1853 Yamhill Co, OR 47 A single man and wagoneer for the Knight family. He settled in Yamhill Co., was an accomplished carpenter. Some say the town of Carlton was named for him. On may 26, 1856 he married Mary Stout. The Knight family named a child b. 1853 after him, Wilson Carl Knight.
Crosby John 1850 IRE, OR 128 Was listed in the 1850 census as a "Dr. of Medicine" born in Oreland. His land claim was in Clackmas Co. He signed it with an "X". He was evidently a highly educated "physician". He had a wife Rachel and 2 children.
Davidson Mary Ann 1835 Monmouth, IL, OR 15, 16 Wife of Ira F.M. Butler. Married August 5, 1835. Had 5 children who traveled with them in 1835; Newton 16, Paradine 14, Asa 10, Augustus 8, Margaret 1. Ira was a member of the OR Legislature for 3 terms; speaker of the House of Rep. 1857-8 and Polk Co. Judge 1878-82. Active in the founding of Monmouth, OR. and a college in the area.
Davidson Carter & Elizabeth 1852 Monmouth, IL, OR 15 April 16, 1852 headed west to OR.
Davidson Margaret 1852 Monmouth, IL, OR 15 Married to William Mason. Started on journey April 16, 1852.
Dryer Nancy 1853 OR 129 SEE; Thomas Jefferson
Ducker Maria 1853 OR 176 Was the daughter of William & Sarah Ducker, settlers in Jackson Co.
Durham Albert Alonzo & Marianda (White) 1847 NY, OR 129 Were founders of Oswego, OR. IT was named for a county in their native NY. He was a pioneer lumberman, ran a sawmill. They traveled to OR in 1847.
Ebey George 1811 OH, IL 160 He was the younger brother of Barbara Royal, wife of William Royal. George was b. 1811 in OH, d. July 13, 1889 IL
Franke John 1872 Germany, OH 80 *
Fuller Joel, family 1853 OR 74 Born 1803. Wife is Rebecca married Jan 1, 1824. Brought several children w/them. Settled on Claim #3148 Marion, Co.
Goodman Philip 1853 IL, OR 153 No info available
Grant Richard 1853 OR 110 Hudson Bay Co trader. Had just retired, had been in charge of Ft. Hall for 10 years and was planning to set up an an independent trader at Ft Loring.
Gray William H. 1853 OR 119 Prior to 1853 had already made 2 trips to OR. Made the 1853 trip w/a large flock of sheep. He planned to take the sheep to Astoria but the vessel capsized and he lost the whole flock in the Columbia River
Grey (Gray) Rev. John 1853 OR 172 Was a "superanuate preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church", with his wife Flora took up claim #153 in Jackson Co.
Greenman Jennie Fitts 1871 OR 152 Married to David Hobart Taylor in 1871
Ground (s) Edward, Eliza (Butler), family 1834 IL, OR 17 *
Haley Bedford & Mary 1853 OR 23 Along w/his brother Patrick crossed in 1853 and settled SW of Independence, Polk, Co.
Haley Patrick R & Jane 1853 OR 23 SEE ABOVE
Hendricks Samuel E. & Sarah Cordelia 1852 KY, OR 21 Traveled to OR in 1852 settled in the Salem area. His bp was Warren Co., KY.
Hines FAMILY 1853 NY, OR 77-134 *
Holcomb Thomas & Susan 1854 OR 108 Arrived in OR in Sept. 1853, settled on claim #4181 in Polk Co. on April 15, 1854. They were from NC.
Hutchinson Thomas & Elizabeth (Butler) & family 1853 IL, OR 17-31 *
Johnston Laurence 1853 OR 168 From Sweden
Jones Sarah 1853 NY, IA, OR 136-147 SEE; Perkins
Judson Holden A., Phoebe, Labonte 1853 OR 130-134 *
Kingsley Calvin S. 1853 OR 80, 129 *
Knight FAMILY 1853 OR 37-66 *
Lambert Joseph H & Mary 1853 OR 75 Lived near Milwaukie, OR on the west bank of the Willamette several miles se of Portland. He was a noted nurseryman and originated the Lambert Cherry.
Lee Reverend Jason, Lucy, Lucy Ann 1853 OR 78 Lucy Ann was an 11 year old orphan. Her parents were Methodist Missionaries.
Leonard Joseph & Mary 1853 OR 81-82 Settled in Linn Co. He was a shoe maker, plasterer, farmer.
Lucas Sarah 1852 Monmouth, IL, OR 15 Married to Elijah Butler. Headed to OR April 16, 1852. Arrived in mid Aug. to the Willamette Valley.
Lucas Thomas & Sarah 1850 Monmouth, IL, OR 15 Arrived in Polk Co. August 1850. Settled a claim on Davidson Settlement.
McArthur Neil 1851-1854 OR 106 Managed Fort Hall for the Hudson's Bay Co. from 1851-1854.
McTimmonds Lambert 1845, 1870 IRE, MO,OR 21 Was a 56 year old Scotsman farmer in 1853. B. in IRE, had a wife Ann. They arrived in OR from MO in 1845. 1870 census lists them as having 7 children.
Mason William & Margaret (Davidson) 1852 Monmouth IL, OR 15 April 16, 1852 traveled to OR. Arrived in the Willamette Valley in mid August.
Mensch Benjamin & Rachel (Taylor) 1870 OR 150 Married Rachel after her husband John Wheller died. Married on June 23, 1870 at Grant's Pass. They had 2 children.
Miller Henry 1854 OH, OR 53 Settled on a claim in Coos Co. on June 10, 1854. He was single at the time and 21 years old.
Minor B. & J.A. 1853 OR 86 NO ADDITIONAL INFO
Murphy John E. & Frances 1852 IL, OR 15-16, 20 On April 6, 1852 traveled from Monmouth, IL to the Willamette Valley. They arrived mid Aug. The Monmouth, "Illinois Atlas" printed several letters by John.
Newell Robert "Doc" 1853 OR 124 Famous trapper, "Doc", had a knack for helping those w/health problems using natural herbs.
Noble Orrin & Eliza (Brimley) 1853 IN, OR 153 Orrin age 35 Eliza 33, traveled from IN to Fall Creek, Lane Co. in 1853. He was a farmer.
Owen (Owens) John 1843 OR 174 He crossed the plains in 1843 from MO. Surveyed the southern trails in 1846. Settled on claim #92 in Jackson Co. in Dec. 1853. He later abandoned it to become an Indian Agent.
Patterson W.B. & Almira ? OR 36 W.B. was married to Almira Knight.
Pearcy Nathan & Frances, family 1865 VA, OR 36 *
Perkins Eli & Sarah (Jones), family 1853 NY, IA, OR 136-147 *Elizabeth, George, Harriet, Joel, John, William
Prescott Mary Ann 1853 OR 152 Married to Stephen Clark Taylor.
Ramsey Thomas L. 1853 OR 139 Settled in Lane Co. Land claim indicates he arrived Sept. 25, 1853. Most likely from IN.
Randall U. & Elizabeth 1860 OR 140 Listed in the 1860 census in Yamhill Co. He was a master saddler.
Ritchie Family 1848 IA, OR 121 *
Rowley Henry & Rosetta P. 1853 OH, OR 111 From OH. Arrived in OR in Oct., settled on claim # 1557 in Clackamas Co. on Jan 10, 1855.
Royal Family 1853 OR 150-179 *
Sells William M. 1853 OH, OR 160 Dec. 27, 1854 settled claim #6228 in Jackson Co. Arrived in OR Oct 28, 1853. Born June 5, 1828 in Franklin Co., OH.
Shipley Adam Randolph & Celinda (Hines) 1853 OR 79-80, 81 *
Smith Issac & Margaret B. (Butler) 1853 IL, OR 17-19, 22-24, 29 *
Stateler Lerner B. & Melinda 1853 OR 82 He was a Reverend and they were teachers at the Shawnee Methodist Mission.
Stearns David & Fidelia 1853 OR 172 Were founders of Phoenix, OR. More info "Centennial History of Oregon" pp. 568-9.
Stratton Curtis P. & Lavinia, family 1853 OR 168 Settled in Douglas Co. Children; Riley E. Chief Justice of Oreg.; Carroll C., President of the Univ of the Pacific, Stockton, CA.; Julius A., Superintendent of the Oreg. State Penitentiary.
Taylor Family 1853 OR 149-182 *
Wells Charles & Elizabeth 1852 OR 21 Made the trip in 1852 and settled in Benton Co.
Wells Giles & Elizabeth 1853 OR 140 Arrived Aug. 30, 1853 settled in Jackson Co. with 8 children.
Wharton Capt. Henry W. 1851-1857 OR 89 6th Infantry. Was in command of Ft. Kearny 1851-1857. Served "with distinction".
Wheeler John Court & Rachel 1854 OR 150, 152 John was a farmer from NY. Married Rachel Taylor in Phoenix, OR, Oct 12, 1854. John had come to OR in 1850. They had 3 children before his death Oct. 16, 1868.
Whitman Squire S. & Elizabeth 1850 IL, OR 15 From Monmouth, IL. Went west in 1850 settled in Polk Co., in August.
Williams Thomas K. 1853 OR 122 An agent at the Umatilla Agency. It was a Methodist mission.
Wintler John Jacob & Lucy Jane (Knight) 1857 OR 36 Married in 1865 and had 6 children before her death in 1877. He was Swiss. A steamboatman and boat builder. He came via the Panama Canal in 1857.

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