Covered Wagon Women Vol. 6

Covered Wagon
Diaries from the Western Trail 1850
Edited and compiled by Kenneth L. Holmes
These are names from the index of "Covered Wagon Women," Volumes I and II. If there is a * in the column marked "More info available," Tami will be happy to do lookups for you. Contact Tami Caldwell only if there is a * in this column, as there is no more information available unless marked.
Last Name First Name Year of info. From State Ref. Page # More info available
Bashaw Joseph & Mary 1854 Canada 22 Was a French Canadian who became a Marion Co. settler. Married Mary Marlatt after her husband William died while on the trail.
Carter Joseph & Laura Ann (Stewart) 1854 IL 17 Laura Ann b. Apr. 14, 1829. Listed in the 1860 & 1870 censuses of Polk Co. Had 3 small children during the crossing and had 6 more later in OR.
Chapman William & Mary Ann 1854 England, IL, OR 21 Both born in Devonshire, England. Arrived in the US in May 1841 and settled in Cass Co., IL. Granted citizenship in Oct 1849. Settled in Josephine Co. OR. They raised livestock.
Cook Jacob "Missouri" & Jane Ann 1854 VA, MO, OR 21 He traveled from Rockingham Co., VA to Dale Co., MO. They were married December 23, 1845. Had 3 children w/them on the crossing, one being a tiny baby. Settled on a claim Feb. 14, 1855 in Lane Co.
Cook Thomas L. & Harriett 1854 Cass Co., IL 21 Married Sept. 13, 1850 in Cass Co., IL. Traveled w/their 2 little boys on the crossing. They arrived on Oct 1, 1854 and settled a claim in Polk Co., June 8, 1855. They farmed for 25 years and had 10 children.
Curry Thomas & Mary Emily (Sutton) 1854 IL, OR 19 She was 11 years old in 1854 when she came to OR. Married in Jackson Co., OR Oct. 15, 1863.
Dunbar William 1854 OR 21 NO ADDT'L INFO
Gaines Governor John P. 1854 OR 21 Appointed by Zachary Taylor to be the 2nd Governor of OR. Territory. He served 3 years.
Gray Joseph & Mary 1854 Morgan Co., IL, OR 21 He was 20 and she was 17 when they traveled west. They settled on a claim in Polk Co. Sept. 29, 1854.
Hollister Colonel W.W. 1854 OH, OR 10 Herded sheep from OH to OR.
Holmes Horatio Nelson Viscount 1854 OR 16 Was a neighbor to the east of John Sutton in Salem, Polk Co.
Kimball Elizar & Melinda A. (Sutton) 1854 IL, OR 20 Melinda listed on the 1860 Jackson Co. census as 20 years old. Married in Polk Co., Jan 23, 1856, they soon moved to Jackson Co.
Kimball Ira, Henry 1854 OR 27, 30 Neighbors of the Suttons. Possibly all brothers.
Lockwood Reuben Thurston & Mary B. 1854 OH, OR 21-22, 62 *
Lockwood Nancy 1854 OR 22 *
Marlatt William 1854 OR 22 Died on the trail. Was married to Mary (SEE: Bashaw)
Miller Benjamin Franklin & Margaret Jane (Sutton) 1854 OR 19, 52 Margaret b. Dec 1838 d. Oct 24, 1904, Jackson Co. Married May 14, 1857 Polk Co. He was a nurseryman. Moved to the Rogue River Valley. They had 6 children, 3 died at an early age.
Reynolds John & Susan (Stewart) 1854 IL, OR 18 Susan b. Feb. 5, 1845. He was a house painter in Portland. "They were never well off. She died in poverty"
Smith John F. & Hanna Jane (Stewart) 1854 IL, OR 18 Hanna b. Aug. 22, 1841, IL. He was a Bavarian farmer. Listed in the 1870 Marion Co. census. They had a large family
Smith Samuel & Melissa (Stewart) 1854 OR 18 Melissa b. Jan 20, 1840. Married April 6, 1856 Marion Co. They lived in Portland.
Stewart Alexander Franklin "Frank" & Laura R. 1854 Cass Co., IL, OR 18, 24 *
Stewart Amos Kendall "Doc" 1854 OR 17-18, 24, 28 Born March 24, 1836. Nicknamed "Doc". 1860 Polk Co. census listed as a farm worker. 1870 census he was living w/his brother Frank in Port Orford, Curry Co., keeping saloon.
Stewart Ann Elizabeth 1854 OR 17 b. Oct 3, 1832. Listed as single in the OR 1860 census.
Stewart Hanna Jane 1854 IL, OR 18 SEE: John F. Smith
Stewart Harriet Augusta 1854 IL, OR 15, 18 SEE: Aaron Zahniser
Stewart Joel & Sarah (Sutton) 1854 IL, OR 15-77 *
Stewart Laura Ann 1854 IL. OR 17 SEE: Joseph Carter
Stewart Melissa 1854 IL, OR 18 SEE: Samuel Smith
Stewart Susan 1854 IL, OR 18 SEE: John Reynolds
Sutton Asahel "Asa" 1854 IL, OR 16, 19 Son of John & Sarah. Listed as 16 in the 1850 Cass Co., IL census. He went to OR in 1851 w/his father and brothers. Father & one brother returned home to get the rest of the family. Upon their return in Oct. 1854 they found that Asa had died in July.
Sutton James McCall 1854 IL, OR 16, 18-19, 24-25, 29, 48, 66 b. June 29, 1830 d. Oct 21, 1878 Ashland, OR. Went west in 1851 w/his brothers and father and returned to IL w/his father to get the rest of the family. Married Mary Jane Shook in Jacksonville, OR Feb 14, 1876.
Sutton John Pierce 1854 IL, OR 15, 26, 28, 48 Married to Nancy McCall and had 4 children. She died and he married Sarah Stewart. They had one child together, Walter.
Sutton Margaret Jane 1854 IL, OR 19, 25 SEE: Benjamin Miller
Sutton Mary Emily 1854 IL, OR 19 SEE: Thomas Curry
Sutton Melinda 1854 IL, OR 20, 24 SEE: Elizar Kimball
Sutton Sarah 1854 IL, OR 15-77 *
Sutton Solomon Henry 1854 IL, OR 16, 19 Was19 when he went w/his father in 1851 to OR. His later years were spent in MT. He died in Stanford, MT, July 25, 1916
Sutton Walter & Louisa 1854 IL, OR 15, 20, 26 b. Dec. 20, 1849 Cass Co., IL Louisa was from IA and of German descent. Married Feb 14, 1877. He was a well known newspaper editor and publisher
Tipton Meshach & Elizabeth 1854 TN, OR 22, 72-76 Both born in TN. Traveled overland w/"5 strapping sons". Settled in Douglas Co.
Turnham W. 1854 OR 22, 33, 39, 52 NO ADDT'L INFO
Waldo John B. & Avarila 1854 SC, OR 22-23, 74 *
Zahniser Aaron & Harriet Augusta (Stewart) 1854 IL, OR 18 Harriet b. Apr. 13, 1838. Married in Marion Co., OR April 9, 1855. He was b. in PA. He worked as a tanner. They had a leather shop in Portland in later years.

NOTE: The Stewart, Sutton families quite confusing. Sarah married Joel Stewart they had 8 children. He died June 1, 1847 in IL., and she married John Pierce Sutton. John Pierce Sutton had been married to a Nancy McCall and they had four children before she died. Sarah married John sometime in 1848. They had one child together, Walter. The children of Joel and Sarah were; Laura Ann, Ann Elizabeth, Amos Kendall, Harriet Augusta, Melissa, Hanna Jane, Alexander Franklin & Susan. John and Nancy's children were; James McCall, Solomon Henry, Asahel, Margaret Jane, Mary Emily, Melinda (Malinda).

The rest of the people mentioned on the list were all members of the party that traveled with the Sutton family to OR in 1854.

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