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Most of the cemetery information below is taken from the U.S. Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), which is the United States' official repository of domestic geographic names information. There is credible documentary evidence that some GNIS dates are wrong, e.g.,for the Pine Grove and Shelley Cemeteries, and where this is true the documentary evidence and its source is used.

In the chart below t
he name field contains the proper name of the cemetery as established by the federal government, followed by other names by which the cemetery has been known. The year given is the year the cemetery was established or death date of the oldest burial. In this era of global positioning instruments, the latitude and longitude may be helpful to some, and for those who prefer to work from maps the USGS map name is given in the last column.

Please note: We welcome documented corrections and additions to the data shown here, as well as contacts/lookup volunteers for each of the cemeteries. Also, if you would like to donate your time transcribing the tombstones of any of these cemeteries, please contact the county coordinator.

Feature Name        
Location Latitude
USGS 7.5' Quadrangle Map
Cascade Locks Cemetery
Off US 30 in Cascade Locks on Lakeside Drive.  500-2000 graves, moderately tended. 454020N 1215315W Bonneville Dam
Cushman's Pasture Cemetery Located in section 26 or 27, along Westcliff Drive west from the community of Hood River. Reportedly 4 graves are present between 1881 and 1890. Unknown
Hood River
Frankton Cemetery, aka Backus Cemetery, Old Pioneer Cemetery, Smith Burial Ground                
Located near Frankton, along the right bank of Phelps Creek, west of Frankton Road near its junction with Country Club Road. Established as the first white cemetery in Hood River County. The cemetery was badly vandalized in 1973. 27 burials were reported in 1978. Tombstone transcriptions for this cemetery can be found at  the USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project.
454228N 1213333W Hood River
Freddie Masterson Grave
Established in 1878. Unknown
Bonneville Dam
George W Weart Grave No further GNIS information 
Harry Wollam Grave No further GNIS information Unknown
Hood River
Homesteader Grave No further GNIS information Unknown
Idlewilde Cemetery, aka A.O.U.W Riverside #68 Cemetery,  I.O.O.F. Idlewilde #107 Cemetery, Idelwilde Cemetery, Idlewood Cemetery
Located 3.2 km (2 mi) south of the Hood River on Tucker Road. Established about 1894 and maintained by the Masons. About 6,500 burials were reported in 1986. 980 Tucker Road Hood River, Oregon  97031 Phone (541) 386-2599. 7500+ graves, full time staff, will do lookups. 454132N 1213122W Hood River
Jackson Family Cemetery
Located on the west side of Fir Mountain Road, 0.8 km (0.5 mi) south of the junction with Wells Drive. Established about 1885; 11 or 12 burials were reported in 1987. Contact for this cemetery is Betty Jackson Foxley. Also knowledgeable about this cemetery is Janelle Jackson. Betty is a grandaughter and Janelle a great-grandaughter of Francis Marion and Elizabeth L. (Thurmon) Jackson.
453800N 1212952W White Salmon
John G Fischer Grave Located in the north 1/2 of the southeast 1/4 of secton 31. Unknown
McIsaac Ranch Cemetery No further GNIS information Unknown
Mount Hood Community Cemetery, aka Fredenburg Cemetery, Friedenburg Cemetery Located in the south 1/2 of the southeast 1/4 of section 21. Four burials reported. Established between 1891 and 1895. Unknown
Mountain View Memorial Cemetery, aka Hood River County Cemetery (part), Knights of Pythias Cemetery (part)
Located 4 km (2.5 mi) southwest of the Hood River on Tucker Road, adjacent and south of Saint Mary's Cemetery. Established in the 1870s; 518 burials were reported in 1987. 454107N 1213136W Hood River
Oak Grove Cemetery Located in section 16 or 17, near Oak Grove School, 8 km (5 mi) southwest of the community of Hood River. Established in 1906. Unknown
Pine Grove Butte Cemetery, aka Butte Cemetery, Neal Family Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery
Sue Moore, retired Secretary of Pine Grove Butte Cemetery, Inc., has provided the following historical information: "Pine Grove Butte Cemetery originated as a private cemetery in 1862 on the Jerome Winchell land and became a community cemetery in 1889. This information comes from History of Your Pine Grove Butte Cemetery written by Arline Winchell Moore, previous secretary for the Butte Cemetery Association and granddaughter of Jerome Winchell." The cemetery consists of 4.91 acres of well-tended grounds with a beautiful view of Mt. Hood. To reach the cemetery travel approximately 4.5 miles south of Hood River on Hwy. 35, then turn left on Van Horn Drive and continue across railroad tracks and up a hill until you see the cemetery on your right (south).
8/28/2013 ~ We were saddened to hear about the death of Judi Kane earlier this year. Our condolences to her family and friends.
Heidi Ochsner, the current secretary, is more than happy to answer questions either  by email or phone (541) 490-7117.

New itemTo see a listing of the 1,757 burials that have taken place from the cemetery's inception through June 6, 2006, go here.
453912N 1213007W Hood River
Saint Mark the Evangelist Church Columbarium              
Located in the community of Hood River at the corner of Eugene Street and 11th Street. Established in 1992.
454223N 1213116W Hood River
Saint Mary's Cemetery, aka Catholic Cemetery, Knights of Pythias Cemetery (part) Located just north and adjacent to Mount View Cemetery on Tucker Road. In 1906 Saint Mary's Cemetery was established from a portion of the Knights of Pythias Cemetery (now Mountain View Cemetery). Pre-1906 burials remained in Saint Mary's Cemetery. 288 burials were reported in 1986 and date to 1875. 454108N 1213140W Hood River
Shelley Family Cemetery    
Although on the USGS Parkdale map, this cemetery is closer to the Odell community than to Parkdale.The remains of the following family members were moved from the Shelley Family Cemetery to Pine Grove Butte Cemetery on July 26, 2004:  Nell Pence Shelley, David Pence, Annie Hope Rathbone, Elaine Shelley, Carol Shelley, Carolyn Shelley, Troy Shelley, Annie Shelley, Rosalie Talmage, and Phillip Walter. It appears the removals included all who were interred at Shelley Family Cemetery. The earliest burials here were Carol and Carolyn Shelley, who have death and burial dates listed as January 1892 on the disinterment permits. The next death/burial date is that of Phillip Walter, in September 1910.  The most recent burial was that of Nell Shelley Pence, who died on April 17, 1959 and was interred on April 21, 1959. Our thanks go out to Sue Moore, Secretary of Pine Grove Butte Cemetery, Inc., for providing the death/burial dates and removal information. 453717N 1213102W Parkdale
Upper Valley Cemetery, aka I.O.O.F. Cemetery, McKamey Cemetery, Mt Hood Cemetery, Parkdale Cemetery
Proceed 0.8 km (0.5 mi) north of Parkdale on Allen Road, turn to the east for 0.56 km (0.25 mi) on Parkdale Cemetery Road. Established 1896/1897; there were 367 burials reported in February 1987. 453137N 1213500W Parkdale
Viento Cemetery
Established in July 1906; Viento was the name of a railroad stop between the communities of Hood River and Wyeth. Unknown
Mount Defiance
Wyeth Cemetery It has been reported that fourteen burials were made here, with the latest in the 1920s. As of this writing (6 Sep 2007), five stones and one memorial  still exist and have been photographed, with one of them (Kenneth Loren Woodward) showing a 2007 death date. Thanks to Garey Fouts of Portland for this information, as well as the lattitude and longitude information. See pictures here. 454124N
Hood River

Anderson Tribute Center (formerly Anderson Funeral Home)
1401 Belmont Avenue
Hood River, Oregon  97031
Phone (541) 386-1000
Anderson Tribute Center's Jack Trumbull has written to say that they are willing and able to help with research related to records they hold. Their web site has a wonderful history of the mortuary business from its beginnings in Hood River County through the present. If you go to visit that site, you can use your browser's back button to return here.

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