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From "The Times-herald., August 09, 1919, Image 3

  Wonder Burner Kerosene attachment fro cook stoves - exclusive right in your county for $150. Net profit on 15 sales pays for your investment. 50 sold in Jefferson County. Address, N. O. Hobson, Hobson Cafe, Madras, Jefferson County Oregon (8-2)

From Capital journal., April 19, 1920 Page three, Image 3

  Articles of incorporation have been filed with the corporation here by the Marshfield Mill & Timber company of Marshfield, capitalized at $50,000. The in corporators are A. Y. Meyers, Jas. E. Mongomery and Ben S. Fisher.

  Other corporations and associations filing articles Saturday were:
The Sahalee club, Madras, Jefferson county, $100; Fannie J. Kane, May B. Arney and L. May Turner.

  Leland Lumber company, Grants Pass, $2500; E. A. Murphy, C. C. Howard and O. E. Blanchard.

From Capital journal., May 06, 1922, Page seven, Image 7
New Corporations.

  The Goldendale Irrigation company of Portland, capitalized at $100,000 filed articles of incorporation with the state corporation department here Wednesday. The incorporators are L. A. Duncan, W.W. McCredie, Hugh McCredie, Jr., and Wendell K. Phillips.

  Other corporations filing articles were:

  Jefferson County Farmers' Cooperative assocation, Madras; capital nil; E. G. Sanders and ten others.

  Masonic Bar PLacer company, Medford; $10,000; Dr. J.J. Emmons, George T. Collins and W. B. Robinson.

  Hubbard Garage Co., Hubbard; $4500; L. T. Hodge, W. F. Gifford and B.E. Hodge.

  Resolutions of dissolution were filed by the Twin Rocks Land company and Rushlight & Penney, both of Portland.

  The Brookhurst Orchard company of Portland, capitalized at $75,000 filed articles of incorporation with the state corporation department here Tuesday. The incorporators are Sam, Catherine and O. B. Morrow.

  Other articles have been filed with the department as follows:

  Businessmen's Social Club, Salem; $1500; H. B. Rupert, R. E. Anderson and J. M. Rupert.

  John Sloss Post, NO. 79, American Legion, Madras, Jefferson county; $50; Geo. T. Pearce, A. Louis Lambert, W. B. Gard and Elmon A. Adams.

From The Gazette-Times.(Heppner, OR), July 01, 1920, Image 1
repeat of same article: Capital Journal., June 28, 1920, Image 1
One Sixth of State's Quota for Budget Raised

  Approximately $15,000.00 or one-sixth of the state's quota outside of Portland has be subscribed toward the budget sought by the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce in its expansion movement.

  Springfield, Marshfield and Bend were the three first towns to go "over the top" in the order named, in raising their quota. Other towns that have subscribed their quotas are Eugene, Newport, Redmond, Madras and Jefferson county, and Maupin. Madras' quota was raised in less than twenty-four hours.

  C.E. Roush, Chairmann of the Madras and Jefferson county committee, in a letter to President Charles Hall of the Oregon State Chamber of commerce, reporting the success of Madras and Jefferson county canvass, said:

  "This section of the state is greatly interested in raising the Greater Oregon fund, and we want to see every other section of the state support this movement heartly. This applies especially to Portland. Portland has a great opportunity at this time to prove to the outlying sections of Oregon, which comprise her trade territory, that she is willing and ready to reciprocate in the solution of our problems, and we don't expect her to fail."

  The intensive canvass is now in progress at Prineville, Coquille, Myrtle Point, Klamath Falls, Lakeview, Wallowa, Elgin, Lebanon, and Wapinita.

  It is scheduled to begin in the following towns during the week of June 28th: Cottage Grove, Ashland, Brownsville, Harrisburg, Bandon, Gardiner, Newberg, McMinnville, Sheridan, LaGrande, Wasco and Morro.

From The Hood River Glacier.(Hood River, OR), April 14, 1921, Image 1
The Dalles-California Road Located

  Location of the north end of The Dalles-Cailfornia highway between The Dalles and Madras was made by the State Highway Commission last week. It will probably cost $1,500,000 to build the road, of which about 100 miles will be new construction, and hard construction at that.

  To Sherman county the commission addes a new road - Sherman highway - running from Biggs, on the Columbia river highway, south to Shaniko. A connection will be built from Shaniko to Criterion on The Dalles-California highway. Wasco County also proposes to project a connection from the main highway at or near Maupin to the forest boundary so that it can link up with the Mount Hood loop. Development of this big road program is largely contingent on the passage of a proposed $800.000 road bond issue in Wasco county. Sherman county stands ready to meet the highway commission on its new road on a 50-50 basis.

  As located by the commission, The Dalles-California highway starts from The Dalles, goes to Dufur, Kingsley, Tygh Valley, Maupin, Criterion down Cow Creek canyon, missing Gateway by a few miles and landing at Madras in Jefferson county. From Madras to the California line the highway has been located and considerable work has been preformed on it.

  The highway will penetrate some of the strangest scenery in Oregon and will require considerable engineering. It will drop 1000 feet into the Deschutes canyon, when crossing that place, and will climb to 3200 elevation on the so-called Shaniko plain, near Criterion.

  For Sherman highway the commission has not been so specific in the location. It names the termini as Biggs and Shaniko. The road will start at Biggs, on the Columbia river highway, climb Spanish gulch to Wasco, then go in the vicinity of DeMoss, touch Moro, go through Grass Valley to the head of Cow Creek canyon and will be at or near Kent, thence to Shaniko. This road will be connected with The Dalles-California highway by crossing Buck Hollow canyon to Criterion. These locations are not official, but in a general way the highway commission is expected to follow the present north and south road through Sherman county. This Sherman highway is a sort of compensation to Sherman county.

  Wasco county has $60,000 on hand and $100,000 in old road bonds. It plans to supplement these with $800,000 in bonds if the people will vote them in the special June election. The highway commission will cooperate in so far as state funds are available without jepordizing the claims of other counties. The Wasco county court has requested that work start on the north end of the highway. As for Sherman county, it has $250,000 on hand with which to cooperate.

From Daily Capital Jounal.(Salem, OR), April 26, 1916, Image 2
Would Remove County Seat From Culver to Madras in Jefferson

  Secretary of State Olcott has recieved from the "Madras for County Seat" club, M.C. Mason, president; Perry Henderson, vice-president, and P.W.Ashley, secretary- treasurer, by W.S. U'Ren and initiative petition for a proposed local law for county of Jefferson to remove the county seat frm the city of Culver and to establish the same at the city of Madras in said Jefferson county, purporting to contain 552 signatures of legal voters of the county of Jefferson, state of Oregon.

  The initiative petition will be checked up and, if found in order, filed as the law provides

From The Gazette-Times.(HHeppner, OR), October 18, 1917, Image 7
  The Supreme Court of the state has handed down a decision which permanently locates the county seat of Jefferson county at Madras. This marks the end of fight that has been going between Madras and Culver for the county seat since 1914.