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My Name is Martha and I will be your guide to local historical and genealogical resources.
I do not live in Oregon, but am an experienced researcher and just might be able to find that elusive puzzle piece for you.
Until Lane County is adopted, I can be contacted via email: Please use this link


Marriage Records
The links below are all for folks, 'Born in Lane County or Oregon in general'
Records are from FS or Ancestry

Alabama Marriages, 1809-1950 & 1816-1857 [2 FS Dbs]
Arkansas Marriages, 1837-1944 &1837-1957[2 FS Dbs]
California County Marriages, 1850-1952[FS]
Idaho Church Marriages, 1864-1976[FS]
Illinois County Marriages, 1810-1940[FS]
Illinois, Cook Co., Marriages, 1871-1920[FS]
Kansas Marriages, 1811-1935, [3 FS Dbs]
Kentucky Marriages, 1785-1979[FS]
Massachusetts Marriages 1626-2001 [4 FS Dbs]
Minnesota Marriages 1849-1950 & 1860-1949 [2 FS Dbs]
Nebraska Marriages, 1855-1908[Anc]
Pennsylvania Co., Marriages, 1845-1963[Anc] & FS, 1709-1950
Texas, Select Co., Marriage Records, 1837-2015[Anc]
Virginia Marriages, 1745-1940[FS]
Vermont Marriage Records, 1909-2008[Anc]

There are three Washington State Marriage Databases on FS
Basic Vital Records
B ~ M ~ D
All can be found in many online sources, but begin with Family Search, as it is free - If you do not have an account, be sure and sign up.

When  you have harvested all you can, then use the FS Catalog and look for specific types of records such as Church Records and Genealogical Society Publications.

Your local library might also have a subscription to World Vital Records.

Finally, if you have a subscription to Ancestry go there, or go to your local public library where they might have access to the Library edition.
Check your local FHL - they have access.


 Note: Due to privacy concerns, all of the records here have a birth cut-off year of 1935.
Death & Burial Records

Alabama Deaths & Burials 1908-1974 & 1881-1952 [2 FS Dbs]
Arkansas Deaths & Burials 1882-1963 [FS 2Dbs]
Idaho Deaths & Burials, 1907-1965 [FS]
Idaho, Co., Birth & Death Records, 1863-1967 [Anc]
Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1964 [Anc]
Michigan Death Certificates, 1921-1952 [FS]
New York, NY City, Municipal Deaths, 1795-1949 [FS]

California Death Index, 1940-1997 [FS]
[Born in Oregon, Died in San Luis Obispo Co., CA - Possible Obit & D/C Lookups]

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia City D/C's, 1803-1915 [FS]
Vermont Deaths & Burials, 1871-1965 [FS]

Family Search has a huge collection of Obits gleaned from Genealogy Bank.
I have access to some old newspapers and might be able to do lookups.
Access the FS Database here.

California: Oakland, Alameda Co., Newspaper Record Collection, 1985-2011 [FS]
California, Fresno & Napa Co's., Obituaries, 1974-1997 [FS]
Genealogy Bank: Born OR, Residence: San Luis Obispo Co., CA [FS]
Idaho Obituary Collection, 1868-2013 [Anc]


Please check RAOGK for help as well.
Miscellaneous Vital Records
Family Search has a collection of DAR Records on Film,
Use this link, Scroll down - Look for the little camera icon to the right. Click on the ones of interest

New Baptisms: LDS Film 857036
1875 > 1895
There are 8 pages to the file,
the index pages are 6, 7, & 8

Oregon Mortality Schedules
'The Espy Files'
Mortuary, Funeral Home & Coroner Records

Smith-Lund-Mills  is a Mortuary and Funeral Home, but they have Genealogical data on Site.

Arizona County Coroner & Death Records, 1881-1971[Anc]

San Francisco Area, CA, Funeral Home Records, 1850-1931 [Anc] & 1824-1997 [FS]


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