Lincoln County - Cemeteries

This is a list of cemeteries in Lincoln County, with addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, directions, if necessary, and any other relevant information. If you know of a cemetery in Lincoln County not listed here, please send me a note with as much as possible of the above information for inclusion here. I'm also including links to any on-line databases, so please let me know if there are other links to add.
Name Location Latitude
Agate Beach Cemeter
(aka Foulweather Cemetery)
Turn west off Hwy 101 onto Lighthouse Drive, then right onto Rocky Way. It is on private property, behind a house about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way up. It is actually just above Izzy's. Thanks to Michael Eastman for these detailed directions. 444035N 1240343W
Alder Grove Cemetery (Eckman Creek)
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Located near Waldport.
Directions: Travel east on Hwy 34. Just east of Waldport, turn right (northbound) at Eckman Creek Road, then right (westbound) onto Aldergrove Cemetery Road. Cemetery is always open. Earliest grave is 1895.
Director/Sexton: (541) 563-2301. See pictures here.
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442340N 1240226W
Carson Cemetery Unknown Yachats - Lincoln City 441739N 1240033W
Chitwood Cemetery Unknown Eddyville 443915N 1234851W
Eddy Cemetery Unknown Eddyville 443837N 1234709W
Elk City Cemetery Located on private property near the farmhouse of Evelyn Schriver. 443745N 1235203W
Eureka Cemetery Located at 917 NE Yaquina Heights Dr., PO Box 1762, Newport, OR 97365;
(541) 265-7282.
See pictures here.
443817N 1240214W
Fern Ridge Cemetery
Is located on a gravel road two miles east of Hwy 101 on Cross St. in Seal Rock. The Lincoln Grange cares for fencing and mowing. 442923N 1240302W
Harlan Cemetery
Unknown - Harlan 443219N 1234109W
Josephine Young Memorial Park Unknown - Lincoln City 445501N 1240109W
Leslie Cemetery Unknown - Marys Peak 443408N 1233700W
Little Elk Cemetery Located a short distance east of the Eddyville store on the right side of Hwy 20, uphill through a gate.    
Memorial Home Cemetery Unknown - Waldport 442503N 1240359W
Mulkey Cemetery Unknown - Marys Peak 443449N 1233714W
Old Eddyville Cemetery Located west of Eddyville on the Yaquina River bank, possibly on private property. 443757N 1234627W
Pacific View Memorial Gardens Located on East Devils Lake Rd (on east side) about milepost 2 (two miles from Hwy 101 from the south end) and near 20th St., in Lincoln City.
See pictures here.
445851N 1235904W
Paul Washington Cemetery Located on Siletz Indian Reservation land at Logsden Rd and Cemetery Rd. 444317N 1235433W
Pioneer Cemetery
Located on the east side of Hwy 101 in Lincoln City just north of the Salishan RV Park. Cemetery is always open.
See pictures here.
445611N 1240122W
River View Cemetery
(aka Riverside VFW
Located two miles east of Siletz on Logsden Rd. The Siletz VFW maintains the cemetery contact the Quartermaster, John Miller at 541-444-2058, for information about burials. 444322N 1235209W
South Beach Cemetery
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Located between Hwy 101 and Abalone St on the west side of Hwy 101, south of the Yaquina Bay bridge on the south end of Newport. 4436961N 12403199W
Strouts Cemetery Located on the Nashville side of Summit, just .7 miles from the Summit Store. Traveling toward Nashville from Summit the road makes a sharp left turn under the railroad underpass. One-tenth mile from the underpass and on the right is a metal farm gate across the entrance to a narrow graveled road. Road angles uphill to the cemetery. No markings to indicate cemetery or entrance.    
Tidewater Cemetery
(Off site)

Alt transcription
About a mile east of Tidewater and just west of the Post Office off of Hwy 34 at milepost 17. From the north side of the highway, take a gravel road up a hill about 1/4 mile to the cemetery. The cemetery may have been fenced at one time, but possibly not now.
Contact: Gary Nyhus, (541) 528-7103 or Vicki Eley, (541) 528-7541 or Bateman's Funeral Home in Newport, OR for current contact information.
442426N 1235344W
Toledo Cemetery Located east of the junction of Wagon Rd and Arcadia Rd.
See pictures here.
443807N 1235559W
Waldport Memorial Cemetery
(aka Memorial Home Cemetery)
(Off site)
Located in Waldport on the west side of Crestline Dr between Park Dr and Range Dr and about one mile south of the high school.
See pictures here.
Yachats Cemetery
Located on the east side of Hwy 101 just north of King St.
See pictures here.
441910N 1240558W