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Scarth, Robert
Lincoln County paper, 10/21/1904

Robert Scarth died on October 14th of cholera at the age of three. He was the son of Mr and Mrs William Scarth and was buried in Toledo.

Schipley, AD
Lincoln County paper, 07/21/1899

AD Shipley was found dead Friday, a bachelor living near Harlan.

Schlupe, Nora I.
Lincoln County paper, 04/28/1899

Miss Nora Ida Schlupe died at Ontario, Oregon on April 9, 1899 at the age of 15 years. She was the daughter of Mr. and mrs. B. Schlupe, formerly of Lincoln County.

Scott, Soloman
Lincoln County paper, 01/10/1895

Solomon Scott died near the Alsea settlement on the 5th. He was an old Indian and was returning from the Agency where he went to get his issue.

Shinar, Mary
Lincoln County paper, 01/22/1904

Mary Shinar died of pheumonia on January 17th. She was the daughter of Mr and Mrs Lawrence Shinar, who was born in Portland on August 27, 1898, and the youngest of five siblings. Interment was in Toledo.

Simpson, Owen C.
Lincoln County paper, 09/15/1899

Owen C. Simpson died at his parents home in Elk City on Saturday, September 9, 1899 at the age of 36 years old of bronchial catarrh and lagrippe. He was a pioneer of this area and his last work was that of carrying the U.S. mail from Elk City to Glen three times a week. He was born in Birch Creek, Umatilla County, Oregon on November 6, 1863. He came to Elk City in 1866. Remains were laid to rest in the Elk City cemetery last Sunday.

Smith, Charles
Lincoln County paper, 06/03/1899

Charles Smith died in Corvallis of heart failure on Thursday. He married the daughter of Charles Schmidt and was laid to rest in Newport beside his wife.

Smith, FD
Lincoln County paper, 02/24/1894

FD Smith died from the effects of amputation of a broken limb. He is formerly of Wagner.

Smith, JH
The Lincoln County leader, 17 Apr 1908

Died at Euclid, Oregon, on Friday, April 10, Mr. JH Smith. Mr. Smith was born in Pennsylvania. He removed from Newberg Oregon to Euclid, three years ago. He leaves a young wife who is the duaghter of Mr. and Mrs. Weidman of Euclid, and four small children. His father and two brothers also survive him. Mr. Smith was improving a homestead and in sawing down a tree the tree fell sooner than was expected striking him and injuring him internally also breaking both of his legs below the knees. He died from his injuries thirty-six hours after tha aaccident. In a railroad accident ten years ago he had both legs broken below the knees.

Transcribed by Jeannette Harper

Smith, Louisa
Lincoln County paper, 02/26/1904

Louisa Smith died at home in Siletz on February 18th and was buried at the upper farm cemetery.

Solomon, Mildred
Lincoln County paper, 05/20/1904

Miss Mildred Solomon died on May 12th on the upper farm.

Spencer child
Lincoln County paper, 09/30/1904

Boy Spencer died in Siletz, the little son of Mr and Mrs John Spencer.

Springer, Springer
Lincoln County paper, 12/06/1894

Nicholas Springer died at the age of 19 years old. He is the son of N. Springer of Albany.

Stevens, Annah
Lincoln County paper, 10/26/1893

Annah Stevens died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. JT Vincent in this city on Saturday, 21 October 1893 at the age of 83 years. She was the wife of Wm. Stevens. The deceased was born in Steuben, Maine on 21 Jul 1810 and was married to Wm. Stevens on 20 Mar 1834. She leaves a husband and one daughter to mourn her loss.

Stevens, Captain NP
Lincoln County paper, 06/15/1901

Captain NP Stevens died at the residence of his nephew, Austin Rosebrook on June 13, 1901 of kidney trouble. The deceased was born in Steuben, Maine on November 16, 1818. He died at 82 years, and 6 months. He was married to Miss Marion Cross in 1843. In 1847 he retired from the sea and moved ot Wisconsin, and then to Chillicothe, Missouri, until 1874, when he came to Corvallis. In 1883, he moved to Toledo on the Yaquina River. Mrs. Stevens died some years ago. He is survived by his first wife's children: Dr. Byron Stevens of Chillicothe, Missouri; WB Stevens of Albany, Oregon; Mrs. LS Webber and Hubert Stevens of Medford, Oregon.

Stevens, William B.
Lincoln County paper, 08/19/1898

Wm. B Stevens died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. JT Vincent in Toledo on Saturday, August 13, 1898 at the age of 88 years, 4 months, and 5 days. Capt. Wm. Stevens was born in Washington County, Maine on April 8, 1810. in 1847, he moved to Fondulac County, Wisconsin and in 1873 he moved to Benton County. He was laid to rest in the toledo cemetery on Sunday.

Stewart, Nancy S.
Lincoln County paper, 01/25/1895

Nancy S Stewart died at her home in Gosper county, Nebraske on Wednesday, 19 Dec 1894, aged 67 years, 6 months and 14 days. Her husband, George N Stewart died on 28 May 1878. To them were born 12 children, 7 boys and 5 girls.

Taylor, Fanny
Lincoln County paper, 03/03/1901

Mrs. Fanny Taylor drowned on Feb 24, 1901 while visiting Oyster City. The deceased died as a result of e overturning of the boat on the bay. She leaves a daughter, Zena, and husband, and five children.

Thayer, E.
Lincoln County paper, 02/09/1901

E. Thayer died at his resident in Siletz on Feb 6, 1901 at the age of 60 years, 5 months and 22 days. He was born in Dunkirk, New York and crossed the plains when he was 19 years old. The deceased served in the Signal Corps under Generals Sherman and Thomas, and was a member of the GAR and Masons. He leaves a wife and five sons. Interment will be in Toledo.

Thompson, Mrs. Jim
Lincoln County paper, 12/27/1894

Mrs. Jim Thompson died on 24 December 1894.

Towner, Clara
Lincoln County paper, 01/22/1904

Mrs. Clara Towner died at home at the age of twenty-four. She leaves a husband who is the industrial teacher at the Indian Training School and three children.

Towner, Malinda
Lincoln County paper, 02/07/1906

Mrs. Malinda Towner passed away at her home in toledo on Saturday January 24 at the age of 22 years of tuberculosis. Mrs. Towner had been in poor health all winter as a result of an attack of pneumonia. She was married in the fall of 1905 to William Towner at Siletz where they had resided until about a year ago when the moved to Toledo. Mrs. Towner was born on the Siletz, being the daughter of Pete Collins. Her sister, Miss Alvena Collins died at Silets on Monday, January 20. Mrs. Towner was laid to rest in the Siletz cemetery on Sunday, January 26. The husband and children have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement.

Towner, Willie
The Lincoln County leader, 02 Mar 1900

Willie Towner, aged 10 months, died at his home in Siletz February 19, 1900. He was taken sick Sunday night and everything was done for him, but in vain, and he is now "Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast." The family have the sympathy of the entire community. A very large number attended the service held in the chapel. The school attended in a body and formed in open ranks for the procession to pass through. The pall bearers were four boys from the school. Special songs had been prepared by the choir and the service was very impressive. The little one was laid to rest in Siletz cemetery.

Transcribed by Jeannette Harper

Tyee, John
Lincoln County paper, 10/02/1903

John Tyee died in Siletz.

Umatata, Rosa
Lincoln County paper, 05/05/1899

Rosa Umatata died on April 28, 1899 of whooping cough. She was the daughter of Wm. Umatata.

Vincent, Judith T.
Lincoln County paper, 10/16/1903

Mrs. JT Vincent died on October 10th at the age of 67 years, 8 months and 19 days. She was born Judith T Stephens in Steuben, Maine on 21 Jan 1835, and married Dr. HW Vincent in 1865. They came to Oregon in 1874, and later to the Yaquina Bay in 1883. She leaves her husband and three children: Dr. FW Vincent of Pendleton, Frank Vincent of Salk Lake, and Mrs. Lee Wade of Toledo. She was buried in the toledo cemetery.

Wade, Seth
Lincoln County paper, 12/09/1898

Seth Wade died in Salem on Sunday, December 4, 1898 of fatty degeneration of the heart at the age of 39 years old. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. WJ Wade of Toledo and the brother of Lee, Dy and Ed.

Washington child
Lincoln County paper, 08/12/1904

Boy Washington died on August 2nd at home. he was the son of Ike Washington and laid to rest on the bank of the Siletz River near Oscar Wood's place.

Waugh, Daisy
Lincoln County paper, 03/25/1898

Mrs. Daisy Waugh died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. JA Arnold of this place on Sunday March 20, 1898 at the age of 23 years old. She was the wife of Albert Waugh whom she married in 1893 and is survived by two girls. A son died last October. The deceased was born in Shelby County, Minnesota on February 15, 1875 and moved to Yaquina By with her parents when less than a year old. The funeral services were held in the ME Church on Monday and the body was laid to rest in the Toledo cemetery.

Weber, Mrs. AW
Lincoln County paper, 05/01/1903

Mrs. AW Weber died in Ona on April 24th. She leaves a husband, one son and three daughters.

White, Paul
Lincoln County paper, 03/27/1903

Paul White died at the age of 17 years old at the home of George Harris of Siletz on March 21st, and laid to rest in the Rock Creek cemetery.

Whitney, GA
Lincoln County paper, 02/24/1894

GA Whitney died at his home in Newport on 10 March 1894 at the age of 51 years old. He was a physician and his death was due to the effects of grippe. He was buried at Newport by the G.A.R. post.

Wiles, Louis
Lincoln County paper, 08/19/1898

Louis Ross Wiles died in Newport while digging a well in a sand cave. He was thirteen years of age and lived in Silverton, Oregon. He is survived by his father, Roy Wiles of Silverton Oregon; mother, Mrs. Rena Stinson-Wiles of Portland; grandmother, Mrs. AL Stinson of Salem Oregon.

Wilhoit, Simeon J.
Lincoln County paper, 11/10/1894

Simeon J. Wilhoit died at, the home of his parents, Henry C. and Mary F. Wilhoit, o Gopher Creek, on 24 October 1894 at the age of 23 years. The remains were interred in the new cemetery above Gopher Creek. His death was de to a fever.

Williams child
Lincoln County paper, 09/20/1904

The infant daughter of Mr and Mrs Dave Williams was buried in the Newport cemetery.

Williams, Eve
Lincoln County paper, 06 Mar 1903

Eva Williams died from burn received on February 5th. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williams. The funeral was held in the home of Mrs. Benjamin King, parents of Mrs. Williams. She was buried in the Toledo Cemetery.

Williams, Mrs. Chas.
Lincoln County paper, 07/23/1896

Mrs. Chas. Williams died at her home in Newport on Monday, 20 July 1896. The deceased was the wife of Mr. Chas. Williams and both ere early settlers of Newport. The remains were interred in the Newport cemetery on Wednesday.

Wilson, Charley
Lincoln County paper, 07/02/1896

Charley Wilson died last Saturday as a result of drowning in a nearby slough at the age of eleven years old. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, two brothers and a sister survive him. He was buried in near Philomath.

Wilson, Elsie
Lincoln County paper, 06/2/1898

Elsie Wilson died a the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. JE Wilson of Chitwood on Thursday, June 23, 1898 aged about 16 years, of consumption. She was laid to rest in the Chitwood cemetery.

Wilson, George W.
Lincoln County paper, 07/22/1898

Georgie W Wilson died on Drift Creek on Sunday July 17, 1898 of inflammation of the bowels at the age of 6 years and 4 months old. He leaves a mother, Mrs. Chas. C. Brown.

Wilson, William M.
Lincoln County paper, 04/22/1898

William M. Wilson died at his home on Little Elk on Tuesday, April 1, 1898 of consumption. The deceased was a blacksmith and leaves a wife and one child who is only a few days old.

Wolfe, James P
Lincoln Leader, 07/26/1912

James P. Wolfe died at Newport on Wednesday, July 24, 1912 of valvular heart diesease. He was 47 years, 3 months and 15 days old.

Lincoln Leader, 08/02/1912

In Memorey - died at Newport, Oregon on Juy 24, 1912 of valvular heart disease, James Prentis Wolfe aged 47 years, 3 months and 15 days. Mr. Wolfe came to the Alsea Bay about 23 years ago and located a homestead at the Yachats river with his wife Bulah. He leaves a wife and two boys, and a daughter and 3 brothers and his aged father. he was buried in the cemetery at Yaquina Point.

Wood, Mollie
Lincoln County paper, 05/06/1904

Mrs Mollie Wood died on April 30th in Siletz at the age of twenty-five at the home of Rev. EH Bryant. She was married six years to Leo D. Wood. The body was removed to the valley.

Wooding, Huldie
Lincoln County Leader, 02 Apr 1896

Mrs. Huldie Wooding, the beloved wife of Charles Wooding, departed this life March 20, 1896, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Dobson, on Wright's creek. The fata disease, consumption, has done its work in taking from our midst one so young, and one whome to know was to love. She was of a family of nine children, five boys and four girls, only one of which, Mrs. John Smith, now survives. The parents of the deceased have lived on the Bay for nine years, Mrs. Wooding growing into womanhood here. She was known as a lovely character, highly esteemed by all who knew her. During her illness she was cheerful, patient and affectionate, and in her loss we feel that "death loves a shining Mark." Everything was done that loving hearts and willing hands could do, and never was a husband more attentive than was hers. Yet we truly feel that our loss is her eternal gain. She was at peace with God and felt her Savior's presence near her. At the last moment she had a glimpse into that heavenly land of rest and exclaimed that she saw One clothed in white. A sweet smile was on her face, as of an angel. to those whose hearts are torn we can only commend them to the One who wept at the tomb of Lazarus, and pray that they may find peace. The neighbors were very kind, and considering the inconvenience of the place and condition of roads the funeral was well attended, there being about forty present.

Transcribed by Jeannette Harper

Wooding, Huldie
Lincoln County paper, 04/02/1896

Mrs. Huldie Wooding died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Dobson on Wright's creek on 30 March 1896 of consumption. Her husband, Charles Wooding survives her as well as a sister, Mrs. John Smith.

Woodruff, Claude
Lincoln County paper, 07/16/1896

Claude Woodruff died on Tuesday, 7 Muly 1896, in Kernville at the age of 16 months, infant son of Mr. John Woodruff. He was buried on Wednesday, 8 July 1896. A brother survives him.

Wright, OF
Lincoln County paper, 08/12/1898

OF Wright died in Waldport on August 10, 1898 as he was washed off rocks near yachats and drowned. The deceased lived in Harrisburg, Oregon and is survived by his wife and a daughter. Mr. Wright was born in Indiana and was 41 years old. He was a previous coroner at Linn County, Oregon. A brother, Walter lives in Spokane.

Wright, Ralph
Lincoln County paper, 08/12/1898

Ralph Wright died in Waldport on August 10, 1898 as he was washed off rocks near Yachats and drowned. He is survived by his mother and sister who live in Harrisburgh, Oregon.