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From time to time, the Lincoln County website will be revised. For a quick 'at a glance' view of just what has changed, this is the place to visit.

    If there is something YOU would like to see added or, maybe revised, send us a message!  I'll see what I can do!

Date of Change Page Changed Requested By
01/01/2020 Updated copyright date to 2020 Webmaster
08/30/2019 Obituary information now has three pages: A - J Surnames; K - R Surnames; S - W Surnames Webmaster
08/30/2019 Added the Marriage listing web page Art Kelly
08/30/2019 Updated the Marriage Announcement web page Art Kelly
04/07/2019 Updated the Obituaries web page Art Kelly
04/07/2019 Added Lincoln Co Marriages - 1904 Art Kelly
04/06/2019 1936 Special Election Poll Book Art Kelly
04/05/2019 Added Taft High School Alumni Art Kelly
08/16/2018 Started adding WWI Draft Registration card transcriptions Webmaster
03/16/2018 Rolled out final revision. Webmaster
03/01/2018 Started revising pages for 'final' revision. Webmaster
01/31/2018 Added page for obituaries and a page for marriage announcements. Webmaster
01/01/2018 Rolled out new website; 75% completed. Webmaster
10/19/2017 Started revising website Webmaster
09/18/2017 Took over as CC/Webmaster Webmaster