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The Oregon Fur Trade

History.com's This Day In History: article for 9 Sept 2017 for 9 Sept. 1810 on the founding of Astoria & the Pacific Fur Company

The Oregon History Project:Subtopic : Euro-American Adaptation and Importation: 1800-1850: Early Exploration and Fur-Trading Outposts, created by the Oregon Historical Society

Beaver Skin
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Oregon California Texas Acquisition by O. Ned Eddins from the site The Fur Trapper

The Sinclair Emigration from Red River, Canada. James Sinclair 's list of emigrants for the Columbia in 1841:

Henry Buxton ,wife and 1 child
James Birston , wife and 3 children
John Cunningham wife and 1 child
John Tait
Julien Bernier, wife and 2 stout boys
Horatio Calder, wife and 7 children, 3 grown up
William Flett, Mother and 4 children
John Spence, wife and 4 children
James Flett, wfie and 4 children
John Flett, wife and 4 children
David Flett, wife and 2 children
Joseph Klyne, wife
Toussaint Joyale, wife and 4 children
Francois Gagnon, wife and 5 children
Baptist Rhelle, wife and 1 child
Pierre St. Germain, wife and 5 children
Charles McKay, wife and 4 children
Francois Jacques, wife and 4 children (Plourde dit Jacques)
Alexander Birston, wife and 4 children
Gonracque Zastre, wife and 6 children
Pierre Larocque, wife and 3 children
Louis Larocque, wife and 3 children
Archd Spence, wife and 7 children.

This troop traveled overland across Canada by canoe and ox cart and eventually on foot, ending up at Fort Nasqually. A lot of information about the metis [people of mixed blood, Native American and other] of the Pacific Northwest can be found in "Children of the Fur Trade: Forgotten Metis of the Pacific Northwest" by John C. Jackson, Mountain Press Publishing Company, Inc., ISBN 0-87842-339-7.

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