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How to contact the coordinator

I'm Bob Jenkins, the temporary coordinator for Morrow GenWeb. You may
 click here or use the Contact link at the top of the page for my email information. Please email me with any broken links, or if you would like to add information to this site.

I am in the process of updating the entire web site, and adding new information. Please be patient if a page looks like you haven't opened a new link, I just haven't gotten there yet. See below for the log of updates, which are happening daily. (Almost)


In memory of those who lost their lives, and  those who suffered with the loss of homes, livelihood and loved ones.

News & Updates

9/18/2013 Have updated the Alumni page.
9/15/2013 Greatly expanded the Resources Page including adding links
to Morrow Co. Mailing List, updating and fixing links to the Biographies.
9/13/2013 Have been working on transfering old pages to new format. Included
now is a history to the community of Heppner. Have updated
links to more information on the Communities & Resources pages.
Worked on Chronicles cleaning pages and code for readability
Finished Flood pages cleaning pages and code for readability
Completed updating Heppner Flood pages
8/21/2013 Began updating the website


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