Morrow County’s First War Census

Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Ore.,  June 14, 1917

"The war census of Morrow county made on June 5, 1917 has been furnished this paper for publication by County Clerk Waters."
Names appear as spelled by the Heppner Gazette Times.

No. 1 Alpine

Ashinhurst, William A.   Lexington
Bohan, Patric   Heppner
Brander, Alexander   Echo
Brady, James   Lexington
Berry, Jay E.   Lexington
Cook, George W.   Lexington
Clark, George H.  Lexington
Curran, Pat   Echo
Daly, James   Heppner
Duvall, Harry L.   Lexington
Duvall, David C.   Lexington
Finley, Ralph P.   Lexington
Judd, Jesse Willis   Lexington
Kierman, Patric   Lexington
Kierman, John   Lexington
McLennan, Evan   Lexington
Quinn, Patric J.   Echo
Root, Albert   Lexington
Reilly, Micheal   Echo
Reilly, Micheal J.   Echo
Reily, Phill  Echo
Robertson, Orval F.   Lexington
Smith, James A.   Lexington
Towne, Smith J.   Lexington
White, Lee W.  Lexington

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