Morrow County’s First War Census

Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Ore.,  June 14, 1917

"The war census of Morrow county made on June 5, 1917 has been furnished this paper for publication by County Clerk Waters."
Names appear as spelled by the Heppner Gazette Times.

No. 6 Gooseberry
Anderson, August Gooseberry
Ball, Edgar Jay Ione
Burger, Calvin H. Gooseberry
Bergstrom, William E. Gooseberry
Ball, Glenn A. gooseberry
Bergstrom, Carl F. Gooseberry
Baker, Lestes Vernon Ione
Billings, Lewis Melvin Gooseberry
Brannon, Perry W. Gooseberry
Christopherson, Charley W., Gooseberry
Christopherson, John H. Gooseberry
Drake, Raymond Gooseberry
Drake, Cleo L. Gooseberry
Drake, Leo Grant Gooseberry
Ford, Ambros C. Ione
Holboke, Frank Joseph Gooseberry
Hatch, Ernest J. Gooseberry
Jackson, Marshall Howard Gooseberry
King, Joseph Newson Gooseberry
McElligott, Charles Thomas Gooseberry
McElligott, Arthur J. Gooseberry
Nilson, Ivan E. Gooseberry
Nilson, Clarence A. Gooseberry
Sargent,, Cecil Gooseberry
Windmayer, Harry W. Ione

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