Morrow County’s First War Census

Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Ore.,  June 14, 1917

"The war census of Morrow county made on June 5, 1917 has been furnished this paper for publication by County Clerk Waters."
Names appear as spelled by the Heppner Gazette Times.

No. 7 Heppner    (All live in Heppner unless otherwise noted.)
Budden, William H.
Barr, Leonard Madole
Booman, Earnest
Brady, Philip
Bryant, Glenn Dale
Cox, Percy Claude
Christensen, Earnest
Collins, Basil Bert
Connell, James
Cox, Bejamen
Cason, Geo. Layton
Culick, William Gates
Dexter, Jacob
Dykstra, Valley N.
Dykstra, Charles Sumner
Driskell, George F.
Ewing, Charles B.
Elder, Fred
Fulford, John Madison
Florence, Norman Geo.
Gilman, Mead
Gunster, Francis
Gabler, Frank Morice
Hug, Andrew Elick
Hayes, Elra Webb
Jewett, Clandy
Jarred, Arthur H.
Justus, Ralph R.
Krebs, Henry
Krebs, George C.
Luper, James Rhea
Murphy, L. B.
Mason, Waverly Willis
Mulholland, Patrick
McNamee, John
McCartan, Frank
McMillin, James Edmuch
Mason, Pearl Chester
McNerney, Hugh
Mulligan, Edward
McIntyre, Peter
O'Conner, Michael
Rood, Harry
Scrivner, Clarence M.
Sprinkel, Lee Austin
Shurte, Guyle E.
Snyder, Harry
Swaggert, Wilbur Geo.
Taylor, Roy Mark
Wood, David B.
Ward, Willie
Wood, Henry B.
Ward, Patrick

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