Morrow County’s First War Census

Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Ore.,  June 14, 1917

"The war census of Morrow county made on June 5, 1917 has been furnished this paper for publication by County Clerk Waters."
Names appear as spelled by the Heppner Gazette Times.

No. 13 North Ione  (All of Ione unless otherwise noted.)
Benedict, Theodore M.   Morgan
Belgard, Frederick W.
Brown, Orvel
Calkins, Carl Eugene
Fehmerling, Nick Herman
Gorger, Henry Bernard
Gorger, George Barney
Harris, Newton Humphrey
Haas, Herbert Henry
Juday, Benjamin Ernest
McCauley, Chandler M.
Houghton, Michael
Holmes, Robert Ray
Nolan, John Francis
O'Neill, Charles Leo
Pierce, Arthur Earl
Rivers, Alfred Earl
Rohlf, Howard Edward
Read, Gustavus C.
Rietmann, Werner
Rietmann, Walter
Rietmann, Otto
Rietmann, Omar
Scholes, Charles Earl
Stiles, Sterling McClelland
Stoops, William Edward
Shutt, Lawrence Gilmore
Troedson, Carl Frederick
Turner, Raymond Howard
Warfield, Robert Jesse
Warfield, Chester Wesley
Winter, Ralph James
Warfield, James Edward
Wiles Tebie Lenkford
Zinc, George Edward

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