Morrow County’s First War Census

Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Ore.,  June 14, 1917

"The war census of Morrow county made on June 5, 1917 has been furnished this paper for publication by County Clerk Waters."
Names appear as spelled by the Heppner Gazette Times.

No. 15 South Ione (All of Ione unless otherwise noted.)
Brenner, John E.
Backlund, John F.
Buckless, Roy W.
Buell, William C.
Barlow, Floyd Lincoln
Ball, Elmer
Barlow, Ora L.
Biddle, Otis P.
Buschke, Max F.
Biddle, Clarence N.
Christenson, Frank L.
Cortright, Arthur B.
Craig, Joe G.
Corley, Walter Roy
Cason, Walter G.
Curtis, Leonie
Cronan, Frank E.
Dane, Charles Stoddard
Davidson, Frank C.
Duncan, George W.
Doak, Ervin A.
Dobyns, Walter C.
Emerson, Glenn H.
Frank, Holms C.
Feller, Alfred Edward
Griffith, Fred W.
Griffin, Fred Leslie
Griffith, Elmer
Gambell, John Moses
Griffin, Philip S.
Griffin, Francis W.
Grabill, Orem G.
Hayes, William A.
Holeman, Rheuben H.
Hennig, Albert
Haguewood, Herbert R.
Hosner, John
Hopkins, Frank J.
Johnson, Karl A.
Jennings, Grey
Lusk, Ray
Leeson, Harvey E.
Larson, Erick W.
Loy, Joseph Ernest
McMurray, Fred L.
Moore, Abner M.
Mason, Joe
McCurdy, Harlan D.
Martin, William John
McNabb, Fay L.
Nichoson, Fred J.
Peterson, Ture Ephriam
Peterson, Carl John
Puyear, Earl Virgil
Ritchie, George W.
Robison, Isaac Raymond
Ritchie, Lonnie E.
Ritchie, Everett Pierce
Swift, John Clyde
Shiglett, Winfred L.
Sperry, Robert W.
Troge, Theodore
Vischer, Lucius A.
Wood, Henry Clay
Whitcombe, Cecil F.

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