Morrow Co, OR City of Heppner

The original Heppner page was lost sometime in the past. I have glued together as much info as I currently have found, and will add to it as I find more.

Heppner was designated the temporary county seat at the time the county was created and narrowly defeated Lexington in the election held in 1886 to determine the permanent county seat. Heppner was originally called Standsbury Flat for George W. Standsbury, one of the first white settlers in the area. The settlement's name was changed to Heppner in 1873, in honor of Henry Heppner who in partnership with Jackson Morrow had established a store in the town a year earlier.

The first courthouse was a frame structure completed shortly after Heppner was confirmed as the county seat. In 1902, the wooden courthouse was torn down and replaced the following year by the present courthouse, which is constructed of native bluestone with sandstone trim.

Heppner was almost destroyed by a flood on June 14, 1903. The flood was precipitated by a sudden cloudburst and accompanying hail that caused a dam collapse and flash flooding. A wall of water and debris swept down the creeks and canyons and through the town. It has been estimated that 247 people were drowned. Property damage was reported at nearly $1,000,000. The nearby towns of Ione and Lexington also sustained significant damage. See the Heppner Flood page for more information

Information from Oregon Secretary of State office.