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Heppner Gazette-Times, May 7, 1914

The Morrow County Pioneer's Association Was Formed Last September - Pioneer's Day Will be Held During Fair Week This Year.

     During the First annual fair held in Heppner last September, the Morrow County Pioneer Association was formed.  This pioneer or home-coming feature was stressed a great deal at the time and on Pioneer's Day Judge Stephen A. Lowell of Pendleton delivered a masterly address in which he praised the builders of this Western Empire.  He aroused a lot of enthusiasm and as a result a strong association was formed.
     Since this time, however, there seems to have been little done, and it is now time that our people were becoming interested  and getting ready for the fall celebration.  The date of the Morrow County Fair will be the 17th, 18th and 19th of September.  This is not far away and in order to make a success of Pioneer's Day, steps should be taken at once to prepare for it.  A splendid celebration can be had and it is due our pioneers and old people to give them just the very best time possible and establish this as one of the best features of our splendid fair.
     We give here a full list of the pioneers of the county, taken from the roster in the hands of Secretary J.L. Yeager.  This shows the year when they located in the territory now included in Morrow County:

1879 I. R. Esteb, Eight Mile
1869 Mrs. Joseph Mason, Ione
1881 Nettie L. Mason, Ione
1883 Mrs. F. P. Vaughn, Heppner
1882 Mrs. F. L. Hunt, Heppner
1871 W. O. Minor, Heppner
1890 Mabel Mason, Ione
1883 A. E. Anderson, Eight Mile
1887 Joseph Mason, Ione
1882 Millie Rood, Heppner
1882 Mrs. A.H. Smith, Ione
1886 Ben Anderson, Eight Mile
1888 Ture Peterson, Eight Mile
1880 Mrs. M. E. Barton, Heppner
1882 Mrs. Effie Charmichael, Lexington
1882 Mrs. N. A. Gentry, Heppner
1880 W. W. Smead, Heppner
1880 Mrs. W. W. Smead, Heppner
1872 W. A. Richardson, Heppner
1883 Frank Anderson, Heppner
1884 Wm. Kummerland, Heppner
1884 Mrs. Theodore Anderson, Eight Mile
1874 Andrew Rood, Heppner
1876 Mrs. E. Willingham, Heppner
1864 Mrs. H. E. Hinton, Ione
1868 J. J. Adkins, Heppner
1870 Mrs. Melim Clark, Heppner
1875 Mrs. J. J. Adkins, Heppner
1863 Mrs. C. Ayers, Heppner
1864 O. J. Cox, Heppner
1883 E. J. Cox, Heppner
1872 Geo. Noble, Heppner
1865 Lucinda Elder, Heppner
1878 Daniel Rice, Heppner
1864 H. E. Clark, Heppner
1882 Herman Nielson, Hardman
1886 John Iler, Heppner
1878 J. C. Brown, Heppner
1884 Hiram Tash, Heppner
1876 Elisha C. Watkins, Heppner
1880 Ruth E. French, Heppner
1880 Hannah F. Briggs, Heppner
1883 Mrs. W. G. McCarty, Heppner
1883 W. G. McCarty, Heppner
1883 John Byland, Heppner
1882 Amos Missildine, Heppner
1889 Theo. Anderson, Eight Mile
1885 H. D. Mikesell, Heppner
1885 Clara A. Mikesell, Heppner
1872 S. A. Wright, Heppner
1879 Mrs. S. A. Wright, Heppner
1879 J. C. Ball, Heppner
1879 M. P. Ball, Heppner
1877 T. S. Leatherman, Heppner
1884 E. J. Merrill, Hardman
1882 Mrs. Adella Duran, Lexington
1882 Harry Cummings, Heppner
1882 Fred Ashbaugh, Hardman
1886 Mrs. C.E. Jones, Eight Mile
1889 E. S. Duran, Lexington
1882 C. E. Jones, Eight Mile
1882 Mrs. Fred Ashbaugh, Hardman
1883 William Bram Ewing, Cecil
1889 J. H. Ewing, Cecil
1882 Harvey S. Ewing, Cecil
1885 Mrs. Carrie Ewing, Cecil
1885 Sarah Kintzley Ewing, Cecil
1883 Mrs. B. F. Swaggart, Lexington
1886 E. A. Gammell, Heppner
1886 J. H. Gammell, Heppner
1886 A. W. Gammell, Lexington
1877 E. Cave, Heppner
1881 Enoch Cave, Heppner
1877 Bert Mason, Ione
1880 Annie Williams, Heppner
1880 A. J. Cook, Heppner
1872 Mrs. E. J. Ayers, Heppner
1878 J. H. Pearson, Heppner
1882 Mrs. J. H. Pearson, Heppner
1886 Mrs. Etta Rasmus, Heppner
1870 B. F. Swaggart, Lexington
1868 A. C. Petteys, Ione
1873 Katie Petteys, Ione
1879 Olive Campbell, Heppner
1880 Charlotte Scherzinger, Heppner
1877 H. Scherzinger, Heppner
1882 W. E. Hiat, Heppner
1879 A. E. Hiat, Heppner
1884 Mary J. French, Heppner
1877 Mrs. Emily Sherman Kelly, Heppner
1870 W. L. Mallory, Portland
1883 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Deos, Willows
1877 J. H. Wyland, Hardman
1883 R. L. Benge, Lexington
1884 Ella Benge, Lexington
1878 Olive Pettys Engleman, Ione
1878 Florence E. Gay, Heppner
1878 Henry C. Gay, Heppner
1877 Geo M. Allyn, Lexington
1888 J. H. Troedson, Morgan
1871 F. E. Mason, Lexington
1879 C. S. Jayne, Heppner
1872 A. E. Wright, Hardman
1884 Ike Howard, Ione
1870 J. C. Kirk, Heppner
1869 W. P. Scrivner, Heppner
1884 W. O. Hill, Heppner
1868 W. C. Cason, Ione
1883 Paul Troedson, Morgan
1889 Johannes Troedson, Ella
1889 Mrs. Johannes Troedson, Ella
1870 W. E. Walbridge, Heppner
1883 J. L. Yeager, Heppner
1883 Mrs. J. L. Yeager, Heppner
1870 Frank Gilliam, Heppner
1872 Effie J. Gilliam, Heppner
1881 W. C. Lacy, Portland
1886 Mrs. John Iler, Heppner