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The Heppner Gazette, Special Edition, January 1902

"Business Directory"

Following is a complete business directory of the city of Heppner:

(*died in 1903 Heppner Flood according to notes made on document)

First National Bank of Heppner
Minor & Co., department stores
*A. C. Giger, The Fair, dept. stores
Rhea & Welch, gen'l merchandise
*T. R. Howard, gen'l merchandise
Thomson & Ewing, gen'l merchandise
Gilliam & Bisbee, hardware
M. Lichtenthal, general shoe store
Frank Roberts, Belvedere saloon
H. E. Warren, groceries
Hart & Blake, groceries
Slocum Drug co., druggists
The Palace Hotel, J. W. Morrow
Palace Bar, J. W. Morrow
The Palm, Crawford Bros., confectionary, tobaccos, oyster parlors
Hotel Heppner, Daniel Garrison
H. A. Thompson, livery stable
Wills & Paterson, lumber dealers
D. W. Hornor, saddle maker
A. Smith, jeweler
*A. Abrahamsick, merchant tailor
Geo. Hamilton, bicycles, repairing
John Lazer tailor
W. P. Scrivener, blacksmith
Wm. Gordon, feed stable
J. B. Dawber, cigars and tobacco
Benj. Matthews, meat market
Patterson & Son, druggists
Mrs. L. J. Estes, millinery
J. L. Gibson, barber
Arthur Clarke, jeweler
H. D. Wood & co., candies, tobaccos, wholesale and retail.
Conser & Ayers, druggists
Heppner Bazaar, J. L. Hockett
M. B. Galloway, photographer
Central Meat Market, J. H. Kinsman
J. R. Simons, & Son, blacksmiths
Chas. Bode, tailor
Brewery Saloon, Frank Natter
Willis Stewart, livery stable
Wells & Co., furniture, stoves
P. O. Borg, jewelry, silverware
City Bakery, g. W. Crabtree
McAtee & Swaggart, saloon
Gem Saloon, Matlock Bros
J. Chris Borchers, saloon
Noble & co., saddles and harness
S. P. Garrigues, implement dealer
J. L. Yeager, furniture
Miss Leach, milliner
Mrs. Wm. Estes, restaurant
Sam Meadows, blacksmith
*A. M. Gunn, blacksmith
A. M. Slocum, planing mill
I. N. Basey, lodging house
D. E. Gilman, real estate
J. K. McGregor, real estate
Mrs. Morrison, boarding
Henry Heppner, warehouseman
Morrow County Land & Trust Co., warehouse and commission business, R. F. Hynd, manager
Gentry & Henderson, barbers
D. P. Doherty, confectionary, cigars
Mrs. Frank Kenton, dressmaker
Mrs. B. Burroughs, dressmaker
*Sam McBride, wagonmaker
J. W. Cowins, ice and soda works
O. Sprinkles, general delivery
Heppner Transfer Co., dryage
E. E. Beaman, wood and coal
*J. M. Kernan, agent O. R. & N Co., and Pacific Express Co.
Jones & Roberts, contractors
Johnson & Carr, contractors
*John Jenkens, stone mason
Heppner Blackman, stenographer
Miss Julia Hart, music teacher and stenographer
J. J. Harris, plumber and tinner
A. T. McNay, general drayage
Wm. Mikesell, transfer
A. Mallory, U. S. Commissioner
Eugene Slocum, steam wood saw
Mabel Leezer, operator for Pacific States Telephone Co.
Two Chinese restaurants
Park Garrigues owner opera house
*B. F. Vaughan, postmaster
Heppner Gazette
Heppner Times


*B. F. Vaughan, dentist
Earl E. Wilson, dentist
G. W. Phelps, attorney-at-law
C. E. Redfield, attorney-at-law
G. W. Rea, attorney-at-law
J. W. Morrow, attorney-at-law, U. S. Commissioner
*McSwords & Kistner, physicians and surgeons
E. R. Swinburne, physician and surgeon
J. E. Taylor, physician and surgeon

Heppner Churches:

Episcopal Church, W. E. Potwine, pastor
M. E. Church, south, F. M. Canfield, pastor
Catholic Church, Father Kelly
M.E. Church, H. L. Beightol, pastor
Christian Church, Victor Carlson, pastor

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