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Heppner Gazette-Times
          Only one month past by in Morrow County last year in which Dan Cupid failed to get in his good work.  That month was September.  However Mr. Dan had been working overtime and thought September a very good month in which to rest.  He resumed work immediately after the first of October.  Here is given the list of Benedicts for the year:

  Laxton McMurray and Jane E. Page
 Henry S. Crump and Della Northrup
  Martin E. Johnson and Adeline L. Anderson
J. H. Deardorff and May A. Gray
W. H. Turner and Kate E. Boblit
James F. Furlong and Sarah Jones
Clarence J. Potter and Lydia Ray
Bernie Gaunt and Alta McFerrin
Lee W. White and Margaret E. Gould
E. E. Gilliam and May E. Perry
Arthur E. Pierce and Anna B. Smith
Harvey Theodore Walpole and Lenore Corey
Jesse Beardsley and Edith Pearl Slocum
Arthur Keene and Annie M. Campbell
Victor F. Wigglesworth and Maud J. Irwin
Robert Burroughs and Grace Ethel Brown
R. Vernon Jones and Ruby D. Maxwell
John Marshall and Anna Mulligan
Andrew L. Tucker and Effie May Akers
Edward McDaniel and Vena Sweek
Otheo G. Crawford and Viola Marie Dice
J. D. Moyers and Flora Mead
Harry Dinges and Bertha S. Gibson
Archie D. McMurdo and Ruth H. Hager
John A. Ries and Mabel L. Davidson
Jackson Eads and Grace Davidson
Fred Kelly and Jesse M. Maxwell
Edward E. Rugg and Maude Wright
Harold T. Allison and Olive J. Lockwood
Joseph E. Cannon and Nettie Denison
Henry J. Durst and Pearl Sweek
Arthur Beymer and Mertie White
H. E. VanDyke and Susie Munkers
LeRoy A. Jones and Janet C. Crawford
Eugene H. Slocum and Cora E. Thorley


Heppner Gazette Feb. 9, 1928


     Among the pioneer organizations of Morrow Co. is Rawlins Post No. 81, G.A.R Department of Oregon.  For many years, the post maintained its organization, and only ceased to function some two years ago, when the membership had been reduced by the answer to the final roll call of the veterans whose names appeared on the roster to the number of four, and these so scattered that it was not possible to hold meetings any more.
      Rawlins Post was organized at Lexington on October 15, 1889 with 15 charter members.  These were:

Josiah S. Boothby, 7th Mo. Inf.;
Franklin Willis, 10 Iowa Inf.;
G. W. Smith, 4th Ind. Cav.;
Isaiah Brown, 34th Iowa Inf,;
Louis J. Shaner, 12the Iowa Inf.;
Walter Brenson 1st N.Y. Art,
Edwin R. Beach, 84th Ill. Inf.;
Cyrus C. Boone, 6th Ill. Inf.;
Wm. C. Owens, 159th Ill. Inf.;
Jacob Shaner, 5th Iowa Cav.;
J. T. MCMillan, 8th Tenn. Inf.;
C. C. Stanley, 25th Iowa Inf.;
Thomas W. Owens, 14th Wis. Inf.;
Frederick Beirsner, 15th Iowa Inc.;
S. L. Leffler, 25th Mo. Inf.

   The first commander was J.S. Boothby and meetings were held at Lexington until 1898, then the headquarters were removed to Heppner, and continued to hold the meetings at this point until 1926, when the charter was surrendered.  The roster contained the names of 60 members at one time during the 90's.  John C. Ball of  Heppner was adjutant of the post for 20 years.

   The survivors now residing in the county are:

B. F. DeVore, Co. D, 6th Iowa Inc.;
Clinton C. Low, 142nd N.Y. Co. A;
Silas A. Harris, 3rd Iowa Cav.;
John C. Ball, 113th Ohio Inf, Co. F;

Mr. DeVore resides at Hardman, Mr. Low at Ione, Mr. Harris and Mr. Ball at Heppner.

Photo from Morrow County Museum, Photo Archives
Heppner, Oregon


Heppner Gazette Times
Jan. 2, 1901


   The first white men began locating around in the Heppner Hills 38 years ago, and among the earliest and those
who came in the next 12 years were:

C.A. Rhea           John Jordan
Henry Heppner      P.C. Looney
Abe Wells             J. A. Adkins
Felix Johnson          Dr. A. J. Shobe
M. Quaid          John Hinton
Tom Quaid          Chas. Hinton
Pat Quaid              Sanford Bros.
Wm. Penland     Wm. Rush
J. P. Rhea           T. A. Rhea
J. L. Morrow        E. Minor
Jas. Stewart          Wm. Cecil
A. W. Herren           Chas. Cochran
D. A. Herren           T. W. Ayers
W. H. Herren           Geo Herren
Jim Straight           Nelse Jones
Sperry Bros           Ben Munkers
Marlatt Bros.          J. L. Cason
Wm. Wigle           Markis Bros.
E. R. Bishop           Jasper Purdy       
Walkeen Miller           Frank Maddock
Crockett  Kirk           Wm. Walbridge
Jas. Neville            O. H. Hallock
Jas. Gerguson           E. G. Sloan
Wm. Gilliam          Matteson Bros.
O. Tupper              F. Goble
Chase Bros.           D. Leatherman
M. D. Hayman           J. Cason
G. W. Harrington           Gray Bros.
J. Pettyjohn           O. Welch
T.J. Matlock           John Brown
Ed Matlock           Jas. Ferguson