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While I work on new resources, some of the ones I have for Oregon in general can be found in the directories below. All of the indexes were gleaned from either FS or Ancestry.

Marriages ~ Deaths
Military ~ Odds ~ Obituaries

Oregon Donation Land Index
The Donation Land Certificates can be found in the FS Catalog.
I have all 4 Vols here at home and can send them, they are big files.

All of the indexes are searchable pdf's

Brief History of Benton County  Benton County Wiki

Benton County Neighbors:

Lane ~ Linn ~ Lincoln ~ Polk
And shares a corner with Marion

Historical Data Indexes
Early Orgonians: 1800-1860

The Oregon Native Son 
1899 - 1900, Vols I & II

Native Son Publishing Company

If you have a connection to Oregon and wish to be a County Coordinator,
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My name is Martha and will be your resource for all things: Benton County.
I do not live in Oregon, but have family connections that make it interesting to my family.
I can be contacted via email with questions about resources. I will not do your research for you, but will endeavour to locate obscure resources that could prove fruitful.
Please contact me using this link: Martha

I wish to thank the Benton Genealogical Society, former County Coordinators and Volunteers for the data they contributed. The Resources are as follows:
Cemeteries ~ WPA Project ~ Family Bibles
A note about the above directories and links:
The comments, links, etc have been left in place for archival purposes. It is unknown at this time if the Benton Genealogical Society will do any more work on the WPA Project.
Benton County has been completely recreated. The new sites will be found using the buttons to the left.
 The Odds & Ends Site will contain those resources that are not easily put into a catagory. There is a lot of interesting information online that will be of value to visiting researchers, please check back on a regular basis.

Volunteers for lookups are welcome, if you have a local resource, books, public domain publications or are able to do 'on the ground - or on site' research, please consider volunteering.
Contact Martha for further information

Lookups: Archival Newspapers
USGW Archives ~ SOS Archival Records

Trails West,  Mining History & Ghost Towns
Overland Trail ~ Oregon Trail
Oregon Mining Maps ~ Stone Quarries and Beyond
'Ghost Towns in Oregon'
Ghost Towns, Mining Camps and Historical Sites
The Volcano's of Oregon

National Historic Register for Benton County, Oregon
"People from Corvallis, Oregon"

Benton County, Oregon
Including It's
Geology, Topography, Soil and Productions,
Together With
The Early History of the Pacific Coast, Compiled From The Most Authentic Sources;
A Full Political History, Comprising A Tabular Statement of Officers
Of The County Since It's Formation; Incidents of Pioneer
Life and Biographical Sketches of EarlyAnd Prominent Citizens;
Containing The History of The
Cities, Towns, Churches, Schools, Secret Societies, Etc.
Published By
David D Fagan
Portland, Oregon:
A G Walling, Printer, Lithographer, Etc
The Biographical Index can be found here.
Read Online or Download

More Historical Information may be found on the 'History & Military' Site.
I was able to find several early City Directories and 4 Oregon Chapters in the Pacific Coast Directories.

Benton County Cities, Census Places & Unincorporated Areas
Cities Census-Places Unincorporated Areas
Adair Village Alpine Alder
Albany (part) Alsea Dawson
Corvallis (county seat) Bellfountain Dry Creek
Monroe Blodgett Flynn
Philomath Kings Valley Glenbrook
Summit Greenberry

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