Polk County Death


Wm Tate
Male    White
DOB:  1835
Birthplace: MO
Occupation:   Farmer
Informant:  Wm S. Cary, MD
DOD:  September 10, 1903
Cause:  Organic Disease of Heart
  Died suddenly without previous illness
Buried:  Dallas, OR Sept. 11, 1903

William Starr
Male   White
Age: 23 years
Birthplace:  Polk Co.
DOD:  Sept 11, 1903  2am
Cause:   Typhoid Fever, extreme Tympaniatis, with internal hemmorage
Duration 20 days
B.H. McCallon MD
Buried in:  Dallas Sept 13, 1903

Zennie Lect
Female   White
Age: 56 years
DOD:  Sept. 13, 1903  2am
Cause:  Brights Disease
B.H. McCleallon
Buried:  Marion Co.

Ernest Snyder
Male   White
Age: 4 or 5 months
Birthplace:  Newberg, OR
Father:  Burt Snyder
Birthplace:  Buena Vista, OR
Mother:  Carrie Lucke
Birthplace:  Independence
DOD:  Sept. 14, 1903
Cause:  Cholera
EL Ketchum, MD
Buried:  IooF Cemetery  Sept 15, 1903
Undertaker:  Josse & Bice, Independence

Falls City
Ole Sampson
Male    White
DOB:  July 18, 1830
Birthplace:  Norway
Father:  Sampson
Birthplace:  Norway
Mother:  Unknown
Birthplace:  Norway
DOD:  Sept 21, 1903   5:30PM
Cause:  Organic heart disease
L. Pfandhoefer, MD,  Falls City, OR

Abbe Harris
Female   White
DOB:  1890
Birthplace:  Polk Co.
Father:  Newton Harris
DOD:  Sept. 30, 1903  4pm
Cause:  Apendecitus following 6 days after evacuating pus from abdomen
Duration: 20 days
B. H. McCallon, Dallas, OR
Buried:  Dallas
Undertaker:  Ch. H. Chapman, Dallas, OR

Lois Finley
Female    White
Age:  25
Informant:  Sylvester Finley,  Salem
DOD:  Oct 1, 1903
Cause:  Consumption probable cause of death
J. A. Richardson, MD, Salem

John Thomas Elkins
Male     White
DOB:  April 27, 1852
Birthplace:  Polk Co., OR
Father:  James Edward Elkins
Birthplace, Cullpepper Co., VA
Mother:  Lucy Jane Zumwalt
Birthplace:  Warren Co., MO
Occupation:  Farmer
Informant:  J.E. Elkins, Independence, OR
DOD:  Oct. 3, 1903  6:00am
Cause:  Tuberculosis
Duration:  2 years
Otis D. Burten, MD,  Independence

Orson Wallace Densmore
Male    Whige
DOB:  1859
Birthplace:  WI
Occupation:  Stock Buyer
DOD:  Oct, 9, 1903
Cause:  Accidental Drowining
Wm S. Cary, MD,  Dallas, OR
Buried:  Albany, OR

Geo Brown
Male   White
Age:  80
Occupation:  Farmer
DOD:  Oct 26, 1903 10:00am
Cause:  Paralysis
B.H. McCallon, Dallas, OR

Hazel Wormer
Female   White
DOB:  Sept. 12, 1893
Birthplace:  Benton Co.
Father:  Alva Wormer
Birthplace:  Center Co., PA
Mother:  Emma Mitchell
Birthplace:   Dane Co., WI
DOD:  Oct 30, 1903  6:oopm
Cause:  Typhoid Fever
N. R. Luther, MD, Kings Valley
Buried:  Addition to the Edwards Grave Yard

Clara Gaynor
Female   White
DOB:  Aug. 24, 1877
Birthplace:   Dallas, OR
Father:  Abel Uglow
Birthplace:   England
Mother:  Margaret Hunter
Birthplace:  OH
Informant:  Robert Gaynor, Dallas, OR
DOD:  Nov. 18, 1903
Cause:  Tuberculisis
Buried:  IOOF Cemetery Dallas
Undertaker R.L. Chapman, Dallas

William McMillen
Male   White
DOB:  June 14, 1825
Birthplace:   Glassco, Scotland
Father:  William McMillen
Birthplace:  Scotland
Mother:  ???Geanttey
Birthplace:  Scotland
DOD:  Nov 21, 1903  11:00am
Cause:   Inflamation of stomach and bowles
Duration:  3 years
Buried:  K.P.C. Monmouth

Florence A. Adams
Female   White
DOB:  August 10, 1846
Birthplace:  IN
Father:  Silas Beutley
Birthplace:  Mass
Mother:  ???Smith
Birthplace:  Mass
DOD:  Dec. 3, 1903  7:00am
Cause:  Septicaemia
Duration 21 days
Contributory:  Eczema
Duration:  9 months
J. C. Taylor MD, Dallas, OR

Isaac Mattison
Male   White
DOB:  Oct. 24, 1822
Birthplace:  Oswego, NY
Father:  Alfred Mattison
Birthplace:  NY
Mother:  Colly Duboise
Birthplace: NY
Occupation:  Cooper
DOD:  Dec. 4, 1903  7:00am
Cause:  Cancer of Stomach
E.L. Sketchum MD
Buried:   IOOF Cemetery
Undertaker:  Josse & Bice, Independence

Berincmendes Brown
Female    White
DOB:  Aug. 8, 1902
Birthplace:  CO
Father:  George Brown
Birthplace:  Norfolk Co. England
Mother:  Fannie C. Moore
Birthplace:  St. Clair Co. , MO
Informants:  Geo. J. & Fannie C. Brown, Salem, OR
DOD:  Dec. 16, 1903  4:00pm
Cause Hemmorage
Duration 1 day
Contributory:  Catanrel Pneumonia
Duration 1 day
Buried:  Eleno Cemetery
Undertaker:  W.T. Rigdon, Salem, OR

Oak Grove
Bessie Broom
Female   White
Age:  16
Birthplace:  MO
Father:  George Broom
DOD:  Dec. 16, 1903

Mary B. Fenie
Female    White
DOB:  Aug 8, 1876
Birthplace:  Ontario Canada
Father:  William Fenie
Birthplace:  Ontario Canada
Mother:  Lissabeths Balzer
Birthplace:  Onterio, Canada
DOD:   Dec. 28, 1903  12:15pm
Buried:  Portland

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