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Finding the right location

Have a community or place that you can't find? Start here, you will find Communities, towns, populated places, post offices, or census designated locations all taken from the GNIS database.
If you don't find what area you are looking for above, visit GNIS. Type the town name for "Feature Name" and pick "Oregon" as the state. Choose "Populated Place" and it will tell you which Oregon county you're looking for.
~ or, you can put in a name of a place (ie. Soda Springs) and pick the state, leave everything else alone and it will show you every place in Oregon with that name.
You can also request help finding a location at Oregon Unknown County Board
The Unknown County Queries Board can accessed here. If you have a query about someone who came from Oregon, but you're not sure what county, this is the place to post it.
You can contact Jan Bony who will try to help. Postings can be placed on this site at the Unknown County Queries page
If you have an obituary you would like to share, but you don't know what Oregon county is involved, please post it to the Obituaries Board.

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