Old Methodist Church of Farmington, Oregon


County land records suggest an old Methodist Church occupied the corner of Farmington Road and River Road opposite the bar and restaurant there now. Christy Johnson walked this site and woods behind the site and took the photos below, but found no evidence of burials on the site or remnants of a church that once stood there.

Thank you Christy.

Old Church Site


If anyone who grew up around here knows anything about that church, please let us know. Admin

Judy Goldman reports that the founders of this church came across the plains by wagon tranins between 1847 and 1852 

They settled on farms around this place and built their first church out of logs. In 1882 they built the church to the right, and called it Church of Christ.


It seems the congregation of this church changed at least once as the church denomination was one time known as Church of Christ.

There are reportedly two burials to the rear right of the church, but names unknown and probably not church members. The people could have drowned in the river and were buried here. We do not yet know where the deceased church members were buried. We assume another cemetery nearby, but where?

There is a record of the names of the people who founded this church, and a bit about their activities, like conducting baptisms in the Tualatin River nearby. The first bridge over the river at this location was built by one of the church members.

To read more about this church, GOTO http://ncbible.org/nwh/OrWash.html#farmington

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