Various Oregon Trail Routes

Recorded deaths along the trail

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Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is a misnomer promulgated by our history books; a single trail west starting in  St. Louis, MO and traveled westward to Oregon.

At Salt Lake City the main trail branched into two trails, one to California and the other to Oregon.

The Oregon Trail we see here was the northern trail through Boise, ID and ended at Vale, OR.

From that point wagon masters followed several trails; north to Walla Wall and Oregon City, and  west to what is now Eugene, OR.



The Trail West

Misnomer again comes into play. On the map we  see three tributary trails from Missouri and Iowa joining at Pawnee, Nebraska.

From there the trail moved through Wyoming into Utah where it branched southwest toward California and northwest toward Oregon.

Within a few years were more trails, to the south a trail west to Los Angeles, CA and to the north a trail west through the Dakotas to Seattle, WA.

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