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GOTO page 2 of Harrison Family

Names and birthdays of Harrison Family

Handwritten on note paper:

Anna M. Harrison, daughter of John & Angeline Stillwell. Born Sept. 1, 1862 at North Boston, Erie Co., N. Y. Died Oct. 5, 1949. She leaves a husband and three sons, Ralph of Chicago, Ill., Roy of Billings, Mont. And Carlisle of Beaverton, Oregon and seven grandchildren, one sister, Minnie Elliott of Fontanelle, Iowa. Has lived in Iowa 69 years and in Monona Co. 48 years and in Onawa 30 years.

Handwritten by George C. Harrison:

George C. Harrison

Born Sept 15th, 1860 Hardin Co., Iowa

Anna M. Harrison

Born at North Boston, N. Y. Sept. 1st, 1868

Ralph E. Harrison

Born July 21st, 1885

Roy M. Harrison

Born in Guthrie Co., Iowa Dec. 28th, 1886

Carlisle W. Harrison

Born in Monona Co., Iowa June 30th 1891

Dean Harrison, Sept. 15th, 1906 Woodbury, Harrison Co.

Glenn Harrison, Aug. 23, 1908 Dunlap, Harrison Co.

Seymour Stillwell, North Boston, N.Y. Oct. 2, 1852

Homer Stillwell, North Boston, N.Y. 1850

John Bell, Adams Co. (Iowa?) June 8th, 1882

Vern Bell, Adams Co. Oct 28th, 1880

Ida Bell, North Boston, N.Y., June 8, 1856

Jennie Schenck, , Dec. 15th, 1858

Lena Schenck, Adar Co., July 3rd, 1883

Edith Schenck, Fontanelle, Dec. 15th, 1888

Rosa Raper, North Boston, N.Y., Feb. 18th, 1860

Mable Merrill, Grace & Wesley

Minnie Elliott, Salem, Neb. Aug 15, 1870

Vera Elliott, Fontanelle, Dec. 19th, 1873

George C. Harrison, son of Thomas and Mary Harrison, born September 15, 1860 in Hardin County, IA. Married Anna Stillwell of Adair, IA, March 4, 1884. Born to them three brothers:

Ralph E. Harrison, Chicago, Ill.

Roy M. Harrison, Billings, Montana

Carlisle Harrison, Beaverton, Oregon (also lived in IA)

Died July 24, 1951, Co. Bluffs, Iowa (date and location written in ink by someone other than George Harrison)

Mother died about 1903 Stuart, IA, Father ? (this line also written in another hand)

2 Bros Jesse W. Harrison died about 1944 Chadron, Nebr.

John Wilson Harrison died about 1947, Santa Barbara, Cal.

1 sister Sadie Harrison died about 1900, Stuart, IA.