In February of 1875, six Dutch families arrived in Portland, Oregon from De Pere, Wisconsin. These six families were among those who established a small Catholic Colony near Forest Grove, Oregon in the early spring of 1875. The colony was later named "Verboort," in honor of Reverend William Augustine Verboort who joined the colony in September of the same year.
  • windmill  Johannes (John) Verboort and his wife Theodora de Rayt, with their oldest son Johannes (John) Verboort (junior). Reverend William Augustine Verboort was one of Johannes and Theodora’s sons.
  • windmill  Albertus (Albert) Verboort and his wife Antonetta Jansen. Albertus and Antonetta were accompanied by their 2 children.
  • windmill  John (Adrian) van der Velden and his wife Angeline Kuene. They had 1 child (Anna).
  • Windmill  Anthony Krieger, who was accomanied by his wife (Mary Martin) and their 3 children. Mary’s father, Peter, also arrived with did Anthony’s brother, John).
  • Windmill  Martin Hermens and his wife Theodora Verboort, as well as their 5 children.
  • windmill  Hendrina Jansen, a widow, who was traveling with her son (Peter) and his wife (Johanna Hendricks).