Fielding Denny and Jane Hicklin Denny

Will Transcription

Sheila Kell is the County Coordinator with INGenWeb for Jennings County, Indiana, and has kindly provided the following: Some of our early settlers moved to Oregon in the late 1840’s and early 1850’s among them was a family named Denny/Denney some of whom ended up in your area. This is a transcription of the will of the father of a number of these people. I have not seen it on any Oregon sites so thought you might be able to use it. I do quite a bit of research on the Anti-Slavery activities here prior to the Civil War and these people were very involved. If you would like anything else on the families from here just let me know.

Fielding Denny and Jane Hicklin Denny had at least 7 children – the ones who ended up in Washington County (from what I have found) were Lucy who married Samuel A Stott here in 1838, Thomas, Rebecca Jane who married Augustus Fanno after she came to Washington their daughter Elizabeth married James McGuire Stott and they ended up in Multnomah County, Oregon, and Aaron H Denny who died in Polk County, Oregon.

Fielding Denny-will written October 1, 1841-I do hereby give and bequeath to my son Thomas Denny all the lands owned by me on the south side of the south fork (a creek that divides the lands on which I now live) also my interest in the mill stone quarry on the said lands above granted. I do hereby give and bequeath all the remainder of my lands (it lying on the) north side of said creek and including the homestead be the same more or less in equal proportions as to value to my other Six Children to wit Mary, Lucy, Rebecca Jane, Elizabeth, Aaron & Robert and in case of the said six children not being able to agree among themselves as to a division of said lands or a sale of their respective interests to each other. Then and in that case I do hereby enjoin and require my executors hereby and herein named to sell the said ? of land for the best possible price and the following terms one third part cash in hand one third part in one year one third part in two years with ten percent interest on all unpaid sums from the day of sale until paid and said Executors are hereby required to divide all money as received equally among my last six named children.

In consequence of services rendered me and my family in the raising of my younger children it is my will and I do hereby give and bequeath to my daughter Mary out of my personal property before any division there of her choice of one bedstead and perfect bedding for the same also one Sorrell mare now two years old known by the name of Pat? The residue of my personal estate after paying funeral expenses and any claims due and owing from the estate. I do hereby will and direct my said Executors to divide the same equally among my seven children, Mary included with the other six. But in said division it is my wish that Rebecca and Elizabeth if they choose to do so select each a bed bedstead & furniture out of my bedding (after Mary shall have made her Choice) each in the same manner as (Mary, without valuation).

My father having created me his Executor and in his last will having willed and bequeathed to two of his grandsons one hundred and twenty dollars should they ever call for the same, then to remain in the hands of the present Testor as his proper bequest, it is hereby made a part and parcel of my will and bequest that should Whitfield Townsend or Edward Townsend the said Grand children of my father or either of them ever call for the same that my said Executor pay to the said Whitfield Townsend sixty dollars the sum willed to him by my father in his lifetime and the like sum of sixty dollars to Edward Townsend should he ever call for the sum to be collected or rufunded in equal proportions by each of my seven children and in order to secure the payments of said money if ever called for. I do hereby direct my executors to take an obligation of each of my seven children at the time of paying any portions of the above bequests to refund their proper proportions or dividends of an sum hereafter demanded on account of money entitled to Whitfield or Edward Townsend.