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Washington County Neighbors:
[All in Oregon]

Clackamas ~ Clatsop ~ Columbia
Multnomah & Tillamook

Be sure to check Washington County 'Neighbors' for Vital Records, remembering that folks did travel between Counties.


'Cyber Gleanings''
There is a huge amount of Vital Record Databases on 'Cyber Gleanings'
Basic Search parameter used was 'Born in Oregon as well as Clackamas, Tillamook and Washington Counties.

Some Samples:
Montana, Divorce Records,
1943-1986, Anc
POB: States & Counties as Listed
'Any Event' = Place of Marriage

Obituaries from the Kern Co., CA
'Clan Digger'

Vital Records from CA Vital Search

North Carolina Death Certificates
South Carolina Death Certificates


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This page will contain Vital Record Resources,
and other Records that may be of interest.

For General Vital Record Research, begin with Family Search.
'Creative Searching' can be done using just a couple of simple parameters.
In the 'Search' Section, simply enter the place of Birth as Washington County, Oregon
Nothing else, unless you want to bracket years.
Then, at the top of the page is a word " Collections", click on that and a number of databases comes up. Check the ones you wish to see and you are well on your way to discovery!

These two Indexes were created using the above technique:
Marriages and Deaths
The General Section for Oregon is here

From the LDS Catalog: Search using the film Number,
the chart below gives the range numbers - Records from the Oregon Statesman

LDS #857034 OR Statesman
Chron Range Marr & Dea
Mar 1851> Dec1854 Image #s
1851 34 > 46
1852 47 > 58
1853 58 > 70
1854 71 > 83

LDS Film 857037
This film contains Marriage and Death records that, as far as I know are not indexed on Family Search. The time frame is 1864 > 1880
Use the linked chart, then access the film through the FS Catalog.

I live in San Luis Obispo County in California.
This is an index of folks born in Oregon, but who might have died here.
I will do obit lookups and take a trip to the County Clerk for Death Records.
Contact Martha

Obituaries of folks who died in Idaho, but born in Oregon
More Idaho Obits [Ancestry]
>>>Obits from the old Wa Co, OR Files

Coroner Records, SF Funeral Home Records
These have a lot of vital information
Passports also have vital record info.

From the LDS Catalog: Rigdon Mortuary [Marion County]
Search using the film Number,
the chart below gives the range numbers

LDS #857036 Rigdon Mortuary
Alpha Range Image #s
A > Bya 1 > 10
Ca > Cut 10 > 15
Da > Fab 15 > 20
Fab > Gw 20 > 26
Haa > Is 26 > 31
Ja > Ky 32 > 36
La > Mc 36 > 39
Mc > My 39 > 46
Na > Ra 47 > 52
Ra > Smith 53 > 60
Smith > Vo 61 > 67
Wa > Zw 67 > 73

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