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This cemetary is not open for the public, it is on private land, but I will be more than happy to answer all the questions regarding the folks who reside there.
Name    Dates    Inscriptions/Notes
----    -------    ----------------------
Henry Hubner          6-1-1896 / 11-2-1909      son of J.F. and Anna Hubner

Sam Johnson           1882-1960
and Violet Johnson    1890-1992

Garnet Snider         1912-1986
and Mary J.Snider     1915-(living)

William F. Richards   1861-1946

Mary F. Richards      1862-1954

Goldy Pearl Richards  1-10-1887 / 4-14-1903

Archie F. Richards    9-4-1885 / 6-27-1886

Betty Richards Cook   1920-1991

Paul Cook             1923-1990

Adolphe Straube       5-8-1859 / 8-26-1927

Emil Straube          1861-1948

Katie C. Straube      5-10-1877 / 3-11-1910

Rosa C. Straube       10-27-1865 / 12-8-1893

Fredrick Straube      1893-1947

John Foppiano         11-20-1891 (date of death)

Mary A. Foppiano      1857-1941

James Asty Wilson     1862-1951

Ruby Foppiano Sucher  1887-1987

Edna Foppiano         4-30-1883 / 5-24-1885

Victor E. Sucher      1885-1966

Lily Foppiano Collins 3-14-1884 / 1981

James R. Collins      1875-1933
We hope to not add any new names in the near future. If I can provide any personal input, about who married whom, let me know. Katie and Rosa were nieces of John (Giovanni) Foppiano, his sister's daughters. They were Curillos. They both married Emil Straube and both died in childbirth.

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