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1900 Marriages

Adamson, James E.
Frazier, Anna M.
March 4, 1900
Mrs. J.M. Mansfield, George E. Ribilin
J.M Mansfield's home
Anderson, John W.
Frieze, Louisa A.
March 14, 1900
Gilliam Co.
Benton Frieze, James Ramsy
L.W. Frieze's home
Boyd, James A.
Lewis, Elsie
Oct. 21, 1900
J.M. Mansfield, Mrs. S.A. Ross
Charles Lewis' home
Cross, Samuel
Bradley, Julia
Aug. 26, 1900
Wheeler Co.
F.J. Spray, J.A. Prophet
Samuel Cross' home
Hawk, George W.
Moore, Belle
Nov. 4, 1900
Wheeler Co.
Sara Lawson, P.L. Keeton
J.M. Lawson's home
Hayden, George H.
Carsner, Maud
Dec. 24, 1900
W.W. Gates, L.H. Donivan

Horn, Ed F.
Moore, Annie A.
Sept. 12, 1900
Wheeler Co.
William S. Moore, Sarah E. Moore
W. S. Moore's home
Hughes, Ellis
Bare, Emma
July 27, 1900
L.M. Ramsay, David Gibson
Mr. Bares on Hoover Creek
Jackson, Alva
Stierwalt, Leona
Nov. 7, 1900
W. Arthur Robbins, G.O. Butler
Arthur Robbins' home
Johnson, Martin
Schunk, Annie
Oct. 24, 1900
Wheeler Co.
Willie Schunk, Anna Beard
August Schunk's home
Jones, Clarence A.
VanHorn, Iva Gertrude
Dec. 24, 1900
B.K. Searcy, Lillie Search
home of John W. VanHorn
Jones, Claude D.
VanHorn, Mary Esther
Dec. 24, 1900
B.K. Searcy, Lillie Search
home of John W. VanHorn
Kelsay, Gillis
Brown, Edith C.
Sept. 12, 1900
William W. Hoover, Lorna C. Kelsay

Kerr, John H.
Evans, Clara
Aug. 5, 1900
Wheeler Co.
John Stewart, Laura J. Evans
Mrs. Laura J. Evan's home
McCallum, Frank I.
Waterman, Anna
May 16, 1900
John Day, OR
Rena Waterman, Hanley Watermanbr H.A. Waterman's home
Mires, H.F.
Burt, Pearl
July 5, 1900
Condon, OR
C.J. Mires, C.J. Pinkham
C.J. Pinkham's home
Morgan, John M.
Brown, Cora
July 5, 1900
Condon, OR
C.J. Mires, C.J. Pinkham
C.J. Pinkham's home
Mortimore, H.R.
Welch, Lizzie
June 17, 1900
Wheeler Co.
Maude Reed, Maggie Hawson

Parrish, George E.
Hinshaw, Estella L.
April 2, 1900
W.M. Goodwin, J.A. Dickey
Sanford Hinshaw's home
Pearson, Montie
Holman, Bertie
July 22, 1900
Joseph G. Fontaine, Fred Looney
Mrs. F. Gage's home
Shown, C.K. (Kemp)
Thomas, Estella
July 3, 1900
R.W. Johnson, Emma Keyes
R.R. Keyes' home
Shown, Nat D.
Shown, Emily J.
Feb. 18, 1900
Wheeler Co.
R.W. Johnson, Minnie Price
Isaac F. Shown's home
Tucker, John C.
Fuller, Lizzie M.
April 30, 1900
Wheeler Co.
George J. Metteer, Miss E.L. Gates
G.R. Archer's home
Whitcomb, Carl W.
Frizzel, Grace
Aug. 22, 1900
Wheeler Co.
Mattie B. Shaw, Mrs. T.J. Smith
Joseph Frizzel's home
Wilks, Irvin C.
Wick, E.I.
April 1, 1900
R.W. Wilks, A.C. Wilks
Amos C. Wilks' home
Wilson, John P.
Laughmiller, Sarah C.
Nov. 8, 1900
Mary E. Childers, W.A. Wilson
home of Wm. L. Laughmiller
Woodfin, David
Hawk, Rosa M.
Jan. 14, 1900
Wheeler Co.
G.W. Hawk, Belle Moore
George Hawk's home

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